The Legendary Exclusive

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Sat, Oct28, 2017 7:58am America/Phoenix
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The Legendary Exclusive
We are located in Atl. Georgia. The paparazzi hang out front of a local diner named Elliot Street Deli which is nearby the Stadium that will host the WWX grand Pay Per View, Hall of Pain. From the front of the deli one can see the Mercedes Benz Stadium. Inside Tommy Lipton is seated at a booth table wearing a Underarmor sweater and faded denim jeans. Across from him is WWX interviewer, Chris Sanders. Chris is wearing a suit and tie and he leans back in the seat as a waiter places a plate of chips on the table. 

Waiter: Are you guys knowing what you would like to eat? 

Tommy: the roast beef and cheddar sandwich looks good. 

Chris: Mad Italian for me, thanks. 

Waiter: Great guys, well enjoy your chips and we will have that food started for you momentarily.

The waiter leaves and Chris takes a drink as he looks hesitant to speak... finally words escape his mouth.

Chris: So Rex McAllister...

Tommy shakes his head. 

Tommy: My former partner has found his way into this match at Hall of Pain... He was suppose to leave this World division to me while he went after the International. I had some great plans for us in the upcoming days but those plans seem to be squashed now. 

Chris: Well, does his entry into your match bother you because he's a good wrestler and an added threat to you winning the match or is it more personal?

Tommy: Let's just say I had not expected he and I to draw gloves anytime soon. 

Chris: Well okay but...

Tommy: Rex is in... He was an awesome tag team partner and we did unbelieavable things here together. So let's drop it for now, I invited you for this exclusive interview, unlike Syndicate this interview is actually a real special presentation for the WWX Universe watching around the world. 

Chris: I am glad you could meet, and it is nice we could catch dinner and have a more casual sit down unlike our previous interviews we have had.

Tommy: My pleasure.

Chris: Let's then discuss the Universe. Tommy, good guy or bad, it's never very clear your intentions. What can we expect from you at Hall of Pain? What can the WWX Universe expect? 

Tommy: Great question Chris! My fans, the Liptonholics can expect a good hard fight, no quit and hard hitting power come the House of Horrors match. I've been training hard, I've been getting ready for the match of my life! Four  others will try to go for what I seek and I will do every thing in my power to walk away the WWX Undisputed Champion! 

Chris: Amazing Tommy and they nor myself would expect anything less. Speaking about the WWX Championship, Darkness is the current champion and he had your number the other night on Fury. What do you have to say in regards-

Tommy puts his hand up.

Tommy: I'll stop you right there. Darkness did have my number that night and he definetly bested me in front of the Liptonholics. However, more times than not I have had his number. Hall of Pain will be no different. In fact Fury was the coolest attack that man has had in recent memories. Darkness sits there day in day out talking about all his glory in past years, but Chris, I do not really recall him being much more than a hit or miss superstar. He really never was "the man" here in the WWX, a great international champ for sure I won't take that from him but 

Chris: I was about to say that.

Tommy: But a top World title contender... not so much. Maybe in the seven years I was away he had some luck at the top but I'm back, I'm here and let's face it, I am now in the World picture so his days of glory are drawing to a close. Hall of Pain no matter what happens, Darkness will not be the man walking away champion. THAT SAID, He is still an extremely talented beast and I will make sure that I watch him closely as even I have been proven wrong before which brings me to Syndicate. 

Chris: Before addressing him, I have to ask more about your and Darkness' relationship. You had said you both spoke after World Series and that you both wanted to face each other at Hall of Pain. After hearing what you said is that for you because you thought he was an easy win.

Tommy: Seconds ago was tough talk and the reality that he hadn't been top king when I was here but no, I do not think for a second he is easy pickings. I called him a hit or miss superstar because when he's game on he is one hell of a competitor but many times he's not game on... That is why in my experiance with him he was not a top guy. A top guy has to be game on all the time. But I respect the man and he knows that. We have history he and I. And unfortunately I have always brought out the best in him... So I feel he will come out swinging hard. He and I, we have had some really great show stealing matches in the past. He tends to be game on when it comes to facing me so I expect a tough Darkness to beat at Hall of Pain 2017! None of these guys will be easy though and I am very conscious to that fact. 

Chris: No they will not be, you got some tough competition.

Tommy: Which I am use to. 

Chris: So let's take a second and discuss this match, a lot of secrecy around it. 

Tommy: You are telling me. Rumors of James Ranger lurking around with Xander Adams is floating around online and I feel that only they could come up with some insane match type that leaves us all wondering. 

Chris: You wondering? You are in the match though.

Tommy: I know right!? But I still have no idea what the deal of this match is. I'm assuming it won't be Ronald Mcdonalds playland... more like something out of IT, Pennywise the Dancing Clowns playground. It will be intense, and it's probably safe to say even that's an understatement. It will be a night no fan will want to miss. Tickets are sold out so tune into the WWX Network to catch all the exciting action!

Chris: So earlier you wanted to address Syndicate, a man who is not shy to discuss his victories over you. 

Tommy: Do not make me lose my appetite before dinner arrives Chris. But yes, Syndicate has indeed beaten me. His victory over Rex and myself if you can call it that was a moment for him. Probably one of his greatest moments of his life. But it was pretty clear he cheated to win, and on top of that LX had a moment to go out and save his ass. Syndicate was a groomed Champion, a puppet of the BOD. At Hall of Pain it's game over for that kid once and for all. His days on top are done, him and Kurtis Ray bored the WWX fans more than his BTA group even did for long enough and now new competition enters the World Division. 

Chris: Some exciting competition is indeed on its way to that division, we have the race for the case match as well that will determine more than likely the next WWX Champ. 

Tommy: That is true, having that case that one can cash in when ever they feel like it, well it sure puts the odds in their favor. When I am Champion they better pick the right time to strike that is all I'm saying. 

Chris: Do you miss the tag division? It is known by all that you and Rex dropped the tag belts for a shot at the singles game and you are both now fighting in the main event of Hall of Pain. Are you still happy with your choice?

Tommy: Hah, you really want me to address the big elephant in the room. Chris, you really want to know my thoughts and opinions on my former tag partner, my brother from another mother. 

Chris: I think we all want to know if you and Rex will work as a team to make sure one of you two walk out champion? Or is there some bad blood? these past couple of weeks some have seen you two have some disagreements. Is there an issue between the two of you?

Tommy: So let's discuss Korath. The Man who stole World Series from right under everyone's noses. 

Chris: so you won't discuss Rex so yes, Korath... He won the World Series to go to main event at Hall of Pain. What are your thoughts? As he has accused you and Rex of being greedy to take a spot in this match for the WWX Undisputed Championship.

Tommy: My thoughts are this... Rex and I are clearly not selfish as we sacrificed our tag titles that clearly were never going to leave our waist to take a chance at the World Championship. We are risk takers more than being two greedy guys. We walked out of the tag division so others could have a real opportunity of holding those titles that Rex and I gave meaning to. We could and one of us for sure will leave Hall of Pain with nothing. Korath is not a dangerous man he is simply a lucky man who saw an opening at World Series in ring five and took it. I applaud the man on his victory. As for him addressing Syndicate about dangerous people and going through pain... well Korath may think he knows pain but he doesn't know it as well as I do. He also doesn't understand that the pain I will deliver him in this House of Horrors match will be uncontested to any other experience of Pain he's had before. He asks why his opponents have been silent, I am not silent Chris, currently far from it as I have agreed to give you this exclusive interview. My former partner and one hell of a dangerous man, Rex McAllister, will also not be very silent either. He most likely is taking a day or two to get into the zone before addressing his opponents and speaking to the WWX Universe. Korath, you only wish we were silent, you only wish that we weren't added to the Hall of Pain card, you only wish it wasn't the Lipton McAllister tandem entering the House of Horrors. 
Syndicate is right, we are perhaps legendary due to how successful we have been as a unit. Two men, former champs, and myself not really known for team work, but we got together and did what many thought we wouldn't be able to do. We built one hell of a bond and we built a friendship and one of the greatest tag team units that ever has been seen in the WWX. 
Korath, you want to talk about dangerous man? Syndicate do you want to talk about dangerous men? The McAllister-Lipton tandem are the most dangerous men in the WWX and you better realize that at the end of that night in that House of Horrors, it will be Tommy Lipton standing as your NEW Undisputed WWX Champion!  

Chris looks to see the waiter bringing them their dishes. The waiter places the plates in front of them. 

Waiter: I hope you two enjoy. Can I offer you any beverages or a water top up? 

Tommy: Water is fine. 

The waiter nods and walks away.

Chris: Well let's enjoy this food, it looks delicious! thank you for the interview Tommy. 

Tommy: It is no trouble at all. Chris, they just better realize... I Am Coming! 

Chris walks toward the camera and then the scene turns to black.

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