The Library

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On Tue, Jan30, 2018 4:32pm America/Phoenix
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The Library
[We open to Tanno sitting in a chair in his monstrous library. The walls are packed with full bookshelves. Tanno himself is reading one, reading glasses on his face. Behind him, his wife Emily appears, wearing a long red satin robe. Tanno himself is wearing a heavy robe.]

EMILY: James Ranger called. He's furious.

TANNO: Of course he is.

EMILY: He offered you a major chance, Tanno. A shot at the Crusade Cup. You could've blazed through Tom Black.

TANNO: No, Ranger is trying to embarrass me by making me face complete nobodies. Hell, even at the next Ravage he's pairing me up with a nobody, against Jake Devine and... wait for it... a nobody. I have better things to do with my time, bigger fish to fry.

[Emily sighs and goes to sit in the chair next to Tanno. He puts his book down and looks at her.]

EMILY: Look, babe... I get that you don't like James Ranger. Actually, I think 'hate' is probably a better word. But you gotta remember... You're Tanno Friggin' Waters! You're the Raven! Think about the fans! They come to see you perform, you were advertised for the event, and you didn't show up. This isn't you, I know this isn't you.

TANNO: If Ranger wants me to perform, he has to pit me against someone worth the 10-hour trip.

EMILY: He's pitted you against Jake Devine.

TANNO: He's not exactly on my level.

EMILY: Tanno, you made the flight just to attack him twice. We all know you want to finish what you two started last year.

[Tanno lets out a deep sigh.]

TANNO: Alright, I'll head out to the match. Remind that chump why I'm still the best, the greatest, to ever grace a WWX ring.

[Emily smiles.]

EMILY: That's the spirit!

TANNO: When I was GM, he didn't deserve a belt, and I made sure of that. Today, he still doesn't. He's simply not WWX material.

[Tanno presses a button on the table next to him.]

TANNO: Thomas? Ready my jet. I'm heading to Los Angeles.

[Tanno looks at Emily.]

TANNO: Now, my love, shall we make a little trip of our own to the bedroom?

[He stands up and extends his hand, which Emily accepts. They share a long kiss and walk off.]

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