The Lies That Reveal The Truth

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Wed, Apr18, 2018 8:54pm America/Phoenix
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The Lies That Reveal The Truth
The scene pans to a rooftop of a building. It appears to be a Hotel in Vancouver, Canada. It's dark outside, but the outside building lights brighten the roof and outline the definition of the surrounding units on it. The temperature is in the low 50s. The camera soon makes it way over the whole roof. Soon a sat and relaxed Rex McAllister is shown looking out and about at the surrounding landmark buildings, the lights, the night sky. Noise can be heard which should give a good indication that it's least still moderately early in the night. Rex is dressed once again in his black trenchcoat. His hands placed in his pockets as sits upon one of the units about ten feet from the edge of the building. As he looks out, he begins to speak knowing that the cameras are now within earshot of him to be heard clearly.

Rex McAllister: Don't confuse the low level you are standing on to mine, or the side of the tracks that I tread on now. I've left a trail along a path that many like you have taken just to get to me only to be treaded on and forced back down to the very depths just beyond obscurity and straight out of this company. You've chewed up and spat out so many pretty words, and yet the only one that matters will never touch your lips after this is over, not so long as you remain down there, looking up at the likes of The Rex Master or anyone else with even the slightest ounce of intelligence enough to see past everything that makes YOU you, and can see you for the weak soul that you are.


Rex with a stoic expression simply pauses to let the word sink in a moment.

Rex McAllister: It's become as bastardized as justice or love - so many seem to have their own outlook on what power is and where it lies. Would you like to know what real power is, Korath? Power is having the strength to kill, and choosing not to. You bear your weapons so confidently upon that same old battlefield you've always fought upon, believing - no, hoping - that the score is finally settled. While I've learned from my past, you bathe in yours. You relish in every moment you conquered then. It's the only cave of sanctuary that you can reflect back and still find solace. You've spent the entirety of your career being praised, but you aren't going to be a memory in the end of it. You ARE just a memory, one that gets put to rest inside of Hell's gates.

But it could've different.

Rex McAllister: You could've already been up here where I stand, able enough to knock me off, and yet you stand down below me in every way, every bit as vulnerable weak as the rest, a caricature of what you once were. You can bare your teeth, puff out your chest, and draw your sword, but you don't have real power, do you? I could've struck her down, took the shine off her face, the twinkle out of her eyes at any point that I wished before her white night came to her rescue.

But I didn't.

That's real power.

Rex stands up to walk out closer toward the edge of the building. He stops, looks around to his right, down toward the streets, but his expression never changes.

Rex McAllister: Unlike the others you have laid to rest, I have a killer instinct. I have the power to ensure that you won't ever forgive or forget Armada. Make no mistake, I thrive on the weaknesses of others, and I can smell fear on them from miles away, but that's not what I hunger for from you. You are weak, but you do not fear. To me? You're just the instrument. You're the shining example for all others to see, Korath. I want you to fall, but I don't want to kill you, nor anyone else. I want you to live. I want you and everyone else to live in my world under my power. 

The moment the very last breath leaves your body, I rule no one, nothing.

Rex McAllister: I will be remembered, rest assured. After all, who wouldn't remember me after this? The World Wrestling Championship, the very one I will soon dawn around my waist again, it's the guiding light that will draw so many to me, that will draw you to me after you're left with nothing, no other recourse to go back to except where your next fall began at the likes of me. You will grit your teeth and spit your venom, continue to draw your sword and allow your petty pride to take over, and yet I will endure it. You hold the past and your memories of each name, and you'd better hold them close, so dearly. 

It's all you will be left with.

Rex simply shakes his head in disappointment. Eyes the camera for a slight millisecond, but then looks away to the left and then straight ahead as he continues.

Rex McAllister: It's become abundantly clear to me that you don't belong here where I stand, not anymore. You deserve to live in this world, and soon under my power you will just as the rest of those who stand at my feet and spit at me will once I've taken back what is mine. But I will make absolutely certain that you will never be the man you think yourself to be, that they believe you to be, ever again. 

Rex then turns his gaze back to the camera now, and then shifts himself fully facing the camera to speak. The bright lights of the building catching his appearance perfectly.

Rex McAllister: You've crawled from your den at the mere thought of food once more, but you will look into the eyes of the man who will look on and make you starve. You will starve. Every piece of you that brought you to me, that has made YOU you, will die here at my feet, under my power, and by my will. I will finish this. Finish what I started, and I will eat your carcass while everyone that praises you blindly looks on and sees their famed hero, their Nordic Nightmare in the dream they finally awoke from that brought them back to reality to see him for what he really was all along.

Just another man.

Another weak soul left to try and fend me off with his own useless devices.

Rex McAllister: They'll look on and know deep down in their heart of hearts what I can do. And yet, the temptation is too much. To dream of something more tangible and worth more relevancy is far too much to pass up. The world you thought you knew, the one where you believed you were the unquestioned most fierce unrelenting force that this place had ever brought to life in all it's prestigious history? The one they believed you were meant to rule...will soon be gone. When the steel descends around us and the fire that surrounds us burns brightly, you will only begin to know what's changed. 

Rex pauses, looks on again with disappointment, and then gives off a slightly soft and silent chuckle to himself.

Rex McAllister: There was a time where you and I perhaps were on a level playing field. Once upon on a time, you roared and everyone would hear you no matter where they were at, no matter what they were doing. Once upon a time.

No more.

Rex McAllister: I've pulled you out from your sanctuary, and I will cast you back there. I don't want to burn you, but I will. I don't want to leave a scar upon your person, but I will. You, just like all the other little heroes, need to fall. I want you to fall for every person to see, and then I want you out of my sight. You aren't that lion anymore, no matter how loud you roar. Cling to the past when this is over, just as you are now, or let this eat away at you. Remember who you once were at your hearts desire, and let that resonate for the rest of your meager existence.

See you soon.

The camera pans in just a little closer on Rex. He simply stares hard and coldly right back, his eyes blinking once...twice before the screen goes black.


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