The Light (vs Darkness)

Roleplay Roleplay by KURTIS RAY
On Sun, Jun04, 2017 9:37pm America/Phoenix
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The Light (vs Darkness)
(It is completely pitch dark. The only indication that the black screen is a video is a barely audible drip of a leaking faucet and the fum of a far distant fan of some sort. Otherwise the blackness is impenetrable. After a moment, there is a crinkling rustle and the sound of a package tearing. Someone can be heard whistling a meandering tune, but still the darkness does not break. Finally there is a pop of breaking glass, and a green light casts over the room.

It reveals a table and the eerily-lit face of Kurtis Ray, who is smirking at the camera and shaking a glow stick. The feeble light it casts does little to reveal anything else about the locale, but it does bring the former champion into stark relief when he drops it on the table.)

KURTIS: Well here we are again. One year removed from my pay per view debut, here we sit. Kurtis Ray, challenging for the Crusade Cup as well as the WWX Undisputed Title. One year ago Kenny Canyon jumped on the Hype Train, and me and Xavier Pendragon rode that rail to the Tag Team Titles. And look how much things have changed in the interim. Kurtis Ray, the promising newcomer has become Kurtis Ray the former Tag Team Champion. Kurtis Ray, the former TV Champion. Kurtis Ray, the former Undisputed champion. And next week, Kurtis Ray, the Crusade Cup Winner, and the reigning WWX Undisputed champion.

(Kurtis grins, leaning back in the chair, and the light cast on his face morphs and makes his expression look that much more eerie.)

KURTIS: But lets not put carts before horses here. Although the WWX Undisputed championship is coming home with me, it's not the only title on my radar. And let's be honest, being the second EVER Crusade cup champion ever is a pin in my laurel I can be proud of. And right now the only thing standing between me and that distinction is a man who seems like he'd be more at home in a British Hair Metal band than in a wrestling ring... That man is Darkness.

(Kurtis chuckles, picking up the glow stick and rolls it through his fingers, his eyes transfixed on the light.)

KURTIS: Darkness is a funny thing. It can be intimidating, terrifying. More people are afraid of the dark than anything else, because of an inherent fear of the unknown. There can be anything in the darkness. It wraps around you, suffocates you, and it can seem insurmountable. I gotta admit, Darkness, you picked a hell of a gimmick. If you were a better wrestler, then maybe you'd be the one that was gonna walk out of Outrage carrying the company on your shoulders instead of me.

(Kurtis chuckles, juggling the light stick back and forth between his hands.)

KURTIS: The thing about darkness is, even though it seems heavy and ominous, all it takes is a glimmer of light to steal it's power. A single candle, a flashlight, the camera on my cellphone, even. Or in this case, a glow stick I picked up at a club last night. Then this pitch black room reveals it's secrets.

(Kurtis holds up the light stick, revealing more of his surroundings. It appears to be a utility room, the fan noise apparently coming from an old furnace, and the dripping coming from a large, rusty utility sink.)

KURTIS: Just a glimmer of light, Darkness. A spark of brilliance. That's all it takes, and you are reduced to nothing. When we face off at Outrage, you will be faced with someone you can't overcome, because you see this glow stick? This little glimmer of light I said would destroy you? This isn't representative of me. I am the light that will chase away your Darkness, but I'm not some flimsy glow stick. 

(Kurtis reaches over into the darkness, and with a click the whole room flares into view, revealing a fairly large boiler room.)

KURTIS: I am the cold, stark light that will destroy you completely. But I welcome you to do your best, Darkness; just don't be too surprised when it isn't enough.

(Kurtis laughs, tossing the light stick into a conveniently placed trash can. He starts to whistle again as he moves to open a door, pausing for a moment before flicking off the light and closing the door behind him. The camera pans over to the garbage can, where the light stick continues to glow ominously, until the camera gradually fades to dark.)

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