The Litmus Test

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Tue, May23, 2017 4:27pm America/Phoenix
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The Litmus Test
[The WWX cameras, filming a ‘behind the scenes’ special of the event, find Blade, taking a look around the arena in Nashville as workers rush around setting up the stage, the ring, the lighting rigs, and everything else involved with making any given WWX show a world class event. Sporting a burgundy and gold Washington Redskins #8 Kirk Cousins Jersey matched with black sweats and a pair of bright white Adidas Superstar shoes with red stripes and trim, Blade suddenly notices the camera crew. With a focused glare and pursed lips, he points in their direction.]


[He curls his index finger, coaxing them closer, an unimpressed look upon his face.]

Camera man: "Who, me?"

[Blade grows larger as he approaches the cameras.]

Yeah, you! You do not have a reporter ready? Who here can perform interviews?

-Boom Mic Guy (mumbling to the rest of the film crew)-
Guys? …anyone?

[Blade exhales hard from his nostrils.]


Pathetic. However, it is of no surprise to me. Apparently procrastination and entitlements are the new American dream. That and protesting over any and everything, including spilt milk like a bunch of whiny nipple latching babies but I digress.. For those of you who do not know what is about to happen, I will introduce myself. My name is Blayde Archer and I have arrived here in WWX to represent not only the Blade club but also those who remain on the Indian reservations of the homeland I left behind in the Navajo Nation. Our people have been wronged throughout history yet you do not see organizations and self interest groups blocking the streets in protest for us, for my people. The native tribe of brave Navajo Warriors deserve better and I am here to show them a better way to a better life, at the expense of our enemies. 

[Blade takes a casual stroll down the ramp way aisle as the cameras follow in lock step.]


I trained at several wrestling schools and I competed in numerous cities. I wrote my name simply as BLADE on each of the sign-up forms and soon talent after talent after talent… was brought crashing to their knees in the manner of which had never been witnessed before or since, Ravage was just a taste, a sample. WWX is my greatest challenge, on the biggest stage, but like a landslide, I will become unstoppable, unpreventable, I will sweep the ring and bury everything in my path to glory.

[Blade grins, wide eyed.]


When I departed from the independents, I did so with the warning sirens still whirring behind the screams of the panicked shrieking that the sky is falling. I left Indy wrestling companies, large and small, on their knees, searching in desperation for replacement talent. I do not care who… or what… I break. I do not care how, or how badly, I break them…

[Blade performs a ‘snapping-in-two’ gesture with his hands.]


I do not care how… or if… they can ever be repaired. At maximum violence, I am enough to break most men, yet it is the actions leading to the result which define my character. It is these actions which build upon my reputation and my reputation puts money into my bank account. Blade feasts on pain, on suffering, and feeds off the bloodlust of competition...

[Blade licks his lips playfully.]


The Blade Club, encourages actions of violence. We are all here to reap the rewards in the business of hurting people. It is what we do yet this is done of our own choosing. We act on our own free will and my actions are instinctual… a gift from birth. We all arrived here on the expressed assurance of WWX being one of the biggest, toughest and most violent wrestling company on Earth. 

Like a riptide, my victims will be dragged out to drown. Time, however, brings everything together and time finds you your place. So here Blade is. Here in WWX. On an empty stomach, I find myself starved for competition and presented with the biggest feast of all. Hunting down one of the greatest game in this existence. That of a WWX Legend. The chaos will unfold, like never before and Decimation will befall anybody who stands in opposition.

[Blade leans his palm against the edge of the exposed wood, to be later covered by the ring apron.]


This company has great heart, strong will, and rigid talent. It will be a true test of my capabilities. It has been said that a one on one contest is largely a bout against yourself, a bout against how much you have trained, against the power of your own will. The agenda here is simple and clear. My aim is to win wrestling matches. My goal is to demolish everything standing in my path to the top. My desire is to have my arm raised in victory. The extras, are merely things that come with the business of winning. So Tommy, you should know that you will not be dashing my hopes, because I don’t hope to beat you. I do not place my fate in the hands of hope. Hope is simply a propaganda tool to raise the spirits of the emotionally weak. So, if you want to emerge victorious at Mayhem? It will take much more than "hope." You will need to work infinitely harder than you did to retain those Tag Team Championships because you will be getting my absolute best. No Excuses.. 

[A turquoise beaded native Indian necklace containing the red hair of Redneck Rick in a see through pouch is held up to the camera.]


See, when I wake up in the morning and I look at this.. I remember Redneck Rick’s twisted body, motionless, beneath me – both literally and metaphorically. I recall the pleasure of punching the spit from his mouth, slamming the air from his lungs, and purging the will from his heart… because that is what I am here to do. To Systematically dismantle the competition. My story is told in the destruction caused and I will proudly take responsibility for the trail of broken, mutilated bodies that will be left in my wake. This is the fate that awaits you, Mr. WWX and the warpath has officially begun! You see… at Mayhem… I will defeat you. I will best you. I will show you, and the world, and the powers that be, that Blayde Archer is a big player in this company, and whether it be on Ravage or Mayhem, I am arriving with the intent of decimating whoever stands between the four corners with me. This will be Litmus test of sorts for me to see where I rank amongst the WWX top-tier talent.. I am determined to exit the ring after hearing the one, two, three and having had my arm raised by the referee, as a by-product of the brutality that I will thoroughly enjoy inflicting upon a living legend.. So with that said.. Tommy boy, let the bloodshed begin..

[Blade lowers his brow, as he stares down the barrel of the camera for five seconds before the video cuts the feed and comes to an abrupt end.] 

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