The Machine vs. The Outlaw

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Sat, Jun24, 2017 6:14am America/Phoenix
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The Machine vs. The Outlaw
The scene opens on the first class flight of Delta Airlines. Xavier Pendragon's cell phone beeps. He pulls out his cell and sees the notification he gets and his eyes widen almost immediately.

XAVIER: Well I'll be damned...

A business man, who is sitting right next to Xavier notices his change in attitude.

BUSINESS MAN: You okay son? 

XAVIER: Um, yeah. I have a match against the Undisputed World Champion Syndicate.

BUSINESS MAN: You're getting a World title shot does seem like a pretty big deal.

XAVIER: It's non-title match, but it's still a big deal for me. This only the second time I've been able to test my skill against a World Champion.


The plane touches down in London and Xavier grabs his carry-on backpack, wondering around the airport.

XAVIER: Since I've got a few minutes before my next flight, I got a few minutes to talk. So our GM puts me in a match against you Syndicate. A non-title match, but a match nonetheless. The last time I was in a match of this caliber was when I faced off against Rex McAllister before he became wrapped up in his own ego thinking he was the greatest of all time. But nevermind that. This match is just me and you Syndicate. Kinda think of it, this is our actual first meeting in the ring coming up on Ravage. The only reasonable accolade I have you one-d up on is that I'm the first ever 5-time International Champion. Sure I have had other championships to my credit but you are a 3-time and the reigning Undisputed World Champion, defeating Kurtis Ray in what appeared to be the best of 3 series. Come Ravage Syndicate, I'm going all in and all out. I won't be holding anything back and be charging at you full speed ahead. I intend to not only make it showy, but make it a main event that is worthy of being a pay-per-view match, with my hand being raised as the victor of course. See you at Ravage...Outlaw

Xavier disappears into the crowd as the scene fades out.

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