The Maker's Mark Bourbon House and Lounge RP#3

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Fri, Jun30, 2017 8:47pm America/Phoenix
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The Maker's Mark Bourbon House and Lounge RP#3
[The scene opens inside of The Maker’s Mark Bourbon House & Lounge.  Highlighted by warm, rich woods, luxurious black leather banquettes, bourbon brown furnishings, wood floors, and a dramatic stacked double fireplace. Sheer draperies allow areas to become private within the lounge. The 57 foot long wood topped bar is outlined in glass and under lit with soft white lighting. It was late in the evening and the lounge was relatively empty. The sound of light summer rain hitting the roof and rain drops hitting a window pane can be faintly heard as Blayde Archer sat at the bar alone in a crimson red button up three piece suit, staring down into a glass of amber fluid. 


It can be a predictable lull that makes you sick. You know when it is coming and what to expect, yet at the same time, it can be fun stomping mudholes when playing in it. Which is exactly what I plan to do on Mayhem. 

[He takes a small sip from his glass, then swishes it around as he looks up into the camera..]

Rayne. You predictable bore. Thanks for curing my insomnia. It took me an energy drink to stay awake through that sleep inducing snoozefest and I am well aware that you will be waiting until the final hour to do it all over again one last time to get the last word.

[He stops swishing the glass and stares for a moment, before setting it down.]

This business is all about putting asses in seats. You can think you know how to work, know how to buy trunks, know how to buy boots, know how to rehearse lines. That doesn’t mean you know how to put asses in the seats. It all boils down to money. If you are in this business for any other reason, you are a fool. Some guys will never make money but the smart ones will.

[He slowly turns on the stool, so he can face the camera directly..]

Like I said, you have become predictable with your tendencies and behaviors. Even when you turned on Fill, I seen it coming a mile away. That is one of many advantages I have over you. 

[He picks up his glass, taking another sip with a sly smile..]


You don’t know what to expect from me or what will happen when we finally meet one on one to determine who will be the UNDISPUTED International Champion of WWX. I know your strengths and your weaknesses. I know your go to’s, like that sledgehammer when you realize that you are not enough of a man to get the job done yourself. You are beyond well scouted..

[Blayde Archer stands from the stool and walks towards the camera as it back tracks.]

So Rayne, you think you’re “ready” for this? Well, you better be.. because I have prepared for this moment knowing we will both be having the biggest match of my young career here.

[He approaches the stackd double fire places, feeling the warmth of the crackling flames.]

Last week you realized the passion, heart and desire I have to win. After hearing all week long that I was not ready for this, that I would be the first to go yet it was me who dealt the last blow. Even Rayne himself admitted that he underestimated me. Just like Fill and The Great Khoklov. Now? You know better to make that same mistake twice.. Or do you?

[Blayde Archer smirks as he takes another sip then feels the phone in his pocket vibrating. He checks the caller id that reads “Maxfield Stanton and hits “ignore” before sliding he device back into his pocket.]

Regardless of the back and forth war of words, I have respect for you Rayne. I really do. We are far more alike than either of us even realize. You are willing to go to any lengths, no matter how low you need to sink in order to accomplish your objective. You have already stated what I am all about so there is no need for me to repeat it again. It is good that you do not NEED championships because you will be leaving Mayhem without one. You wanted to show the Wrestling world and more so yourself that you could still hang with the big dogs and you have done just that. However hanging with and beating are two entirely different things. 

Truth is, you pissed me off by taking a short cut to the International Championship Title by using your own friendship with your then tag team partner to further your career, leap frogging more deserving talent such as myself. THAT is why you found yourself in my cross hairs. You seen Fill as an easy win and an easier path to Championship Glory with the least resistence.

You were right when stating that you are my first real challenge and that I have yet to be truly tested on this level. When I first arrived, a certain GM made the claim that anyone can be challenged so immediately I challenged the Television champion at that time. Apparently management had other plans, as we have seen Hex Girl be given that opportunity and making the most of it up until this point. So that left me looking for a new target and then you came along, making it all too easy to set my sights on you. I am fully aware that you are going to give me hell in that ring and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The brutality of violence will be off the charts, as that has become a calling card for both of us but I will not be coming to end your career or make this your last match. That is not what this is about for me.. It’s about one thing and one thing only. Victory.

[Blayde Archer plucks out three darts stuck in the dart board wall and takes several steps back.]

I expect to hear how you think things will go your way.. telling anyone willing to listen that you will be the one who leaves Louisville, Kentucky as the proven champion with the International strap over your shoulder and there is a chance, albeit a slim one, that you can make that happen. Afterall, nobody signs up to lose and there is your conundrum. While you have become, well you.. buying into this Arch Angel gimmick. The Blade Club and myself are bringing in a new fresh breath of air that is bringing new life into this company which is why our stock continues to rise onwards and upwards to soaring new heights. Ratings and merch sales are through the roof and WWX has the Blade Club to thank for that. 

[He aims the dart and launches it at the board, hitting the red bullseye dead center.]

What you have seen from us up until now is a small sample of what the Blade Club are capable of when we put our minds to something. Last week while the others failed to get the job done, you somehow survived and shared credit for MY victory. 

[Archer aims the second dart and hits the red circle again, slightly off center to the right..]

It’s cute how you keep track of your record like some fanboy smark but you should correct it because you did not “win” your last match against me. You survived it. The record books clearly show it as a draw where I dropped you cold onto the hood of a diesel tuck and left you laying lifeless. Your only saving grace is that I was unable to answer the 10 count as well from the savage mauling we all experienced that night but hey, you were never one to let the truth get in the way of a good story, right Rayne? 

[He throws the last dart and once again hits red, this time slightly to the left and walks away before actually seeing where it landed.]

All you are doing is making it that much more rewarding when I hand you your first Mayhem loss since your return. Curry all the favor you want. It won’t be enough because I didn't get to where I am as fast as I have by being naïve or stupid. I did it with my head. That is how I will beat Rayne because I'm better than he is right HERE [he points to his temple] and I always will be. I am bigger, stronger, younger, better looking, obvously and just as quick as you Rayne so when that bell rings? I will prove myself to be the better man in every concievable way on my way to becoming the one and only TRUE deserving Champion.

[Blayde Archer returns to the bar sitting down his now empty glass as he sits on the bar stool and orders another round.]

Mayhem will be MY night! It will be The Clubs payment for services rendered. You'd have to be living underneath a rock for the last month not to realize that we're three of the best there is at what we do...beating anyone and everyone put in front of us with talent, determination and style. I didn't get to where I am as fast as I have by being stupid, I did it with my head. What you have seen from us up until now is a small sample of what the Blade Club are capable of when we put our minds to something. Last week while the others failed to get the job done, you somehow survived and shared my victory. Even if you were dropped cold with the Blade Cutter and rendered unconscious, you still got credit for my win in the match.

[That puts a slight scowl on his face.]

Rayne earned achievements all over the world in promotions you've never even heard of. But instead of carrying himself like a professional, like a champion...he chooses to be a parody of a wrestler and ramble on about whatever inane idiocy happens to wander through his mind at any given time. Could Rayne give anyone in that locker room a run for their money? Yeah, I would have to say he could when properly motivated but when it comes to top-tier talent like myself, when it comes to legitimate superstars like me, it becomes clear that he just doesn't quite measure up.

[The bartender refills his glass and He takes a sip before he lets out a chuckle.]

You can use all the Latin lingo you want. I come from a part of the world where God didn’t seem to pay attention to human suffering but you are an interesting little case of religion gone too far Rayne. Someone who wrapped himself in the gospel good word, because he thinks it will transform him into a more talented version of the guy he was BEFORE he quoted the bible and used Latin quotes. Here's a newsflash [he shakes his head] it hasn't. Changing your appearance won’t camouflage the fact that you are still the same cruel, heartless competitor who will do whatever it takes to be the last man standing. Traits that I can actually admire. After all, a zebra doesn’t change it’s stripes.

[A lovely redhead in an sparkling blue even gown sits at the end of the bar and smiles in the direction of Blayde archer and gives a friendly wave. Archer lifts his glass up towards her and orders a drink from the bartender for the delicious piece of eye candy sitting at the end of the bar before refocusing on the camera.]

I will put the International Championship Title back in the spotlight where it deserves to be, where it belongs. There will be bloodshed, there will be carnage and neither of us would have it any other way. Just like the highlander, there can only be one. One true champion. You can tell that I am confident and have every reason to be. Momentum is on my side and I plan on riding this wave of success through you to remove that asterisk you gave me and become the one and ONLY true International Champion. No distractions. No excuses. Just you and me, Rayne. May the best man win.

That being me, of course. Cheers..

[Blayde Archer stands up and buttons his suit, lifting his drink and joining the beautiful woman at the end of the bar as the camera fades out.]

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