The Manifesto Part I

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Wed, Jan03, 2018 7:41pm America/Phoenix
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The Manifesto Part I
[The camera opens up showing “Welcome to Florence” on the sign. The camera pans through the city as it lands on a sign of “Timrod Park”. The sun has set as an orange hue can be seen in the background. The camera pans to a bench in the park overlooking the water as Rayne can be seen, looking out].

Rayne: Everyone has a story to tell. All of us want to get out points across. Over this week, you are going to be hearing all about the many things that we are going to be doing to each other, fighting for, and stand against. You are going to hear us talk about laying it all on the line, which I know without a doubt we are all going to be doing, as for most of us, this isnt just a big event, this is a lifetime in the making. We have been fighting with our counterparts for well over a month leading into this. Blood spewed, fights broken out, being arrested…

[He lets out a small laugh as he continues].

Rayne: However, for me, this is all about laying out my manifesto. I have so many things that need to be put out, and instead of grouping it all together, I felt that each and every one of you deserve alittle bit of my time. I dont want to bunch it all together, and my message not be clear. I decided that it was far more important for me to see life from your eyes, where you were, and what you developed into. What made you into who you are. The stomping grounds that you were associated with. And then, tell you where I am with you, what I think of you, and finally, what I plan to do with you. Thats what this is all about right? 

[He leans back into the bench].

Rayne: There are many places in the United States that you must look for such beauty. However, with beauty comes deceit. What you see in front of you may not really be what it is. Facades have blinded each and every person at some point in their life. We want to hold onto what was, what may have been, and refuse to accept the current that sits right in front of us. The fact of the matter comes down to we cant always go like we used to, fight with all our might like we once did. There comes a point where when you dont accept, you do everything you can to hold on...and survive. 

[Rayne turns around and looks at the camera].

Rayne: Darkness, welcome to your story. 

[Rayne slowly walks towards the camera as he continues].

Rayne: When I first came here, you were going onto a boat to fight your heart out for the WWX Championship. You were still a household name, and I was amazed at your sheer physique and awe that you showed. The poise that you had about yourself in the ring was second to none, and your keen sense of destruction untouched. You were the man that many of us would mold ourselves after, because you were the name that everyone wanted to be. You had the look, you had the fans, you had the money, you had...everything. 

[Rayne stops and looks back over the lake].

Rayne: When I came back this time, I had so much on my mind. I was worried I couldnt do it anymore, was worried I wasnt going to be able to keep up, and thankfully I have far exceeded my expectations. I have broke barriers that I never imagined, fought some of the hardest battles that I have ever been in, and beat people that I never thought I would stand toe to toe with in my career...that includes you. Now, I know what you are going to say the first time you get in front of a camera. “Those matches meant nothing to me, blah blah, I didnt try”. But the fact of the matter is this...every match means something. You can downplay it all you want, but when the facts are placed in front of you, I have beaten you twice clean, and thats not something that you can say. You have NEVER beaten me clean. 

[He turns and looks into the camera, his face more intense].

Rayne: You, much like the others are going to come on and say, Syndicate already beating you to the punch, continue to claim that I dont deserve to be here. I dont deserve this. I dont deserve that. YOU DONT DESERVE another title shot but you got it. YOU DONT DESERVE to be in another main event but here you are. YOU DONT DESERVE to still be walking around the WWX but no one has been able to have the means to stop you. However...all that changes now. The fact of the matter comes down to in less than one week I finally achieve my quest that I have longed for. I finally get the one belt that I have yet to hold, desire, and DESERVE. I am going to hear that more than enough headed into this that I dont deserve to be here and yet you know that its true. I could put some weight into your words had you actually beat me, pinned me to the mat, but you haven't done that. Meanwhile I have embarrassed you on more than one occasion. I almost beat you with YOUR OWN FINISHER! 

[Rayne takes a deep breath as he continues to stare into the camera].

Rayne: This time around there is no escape, no help to save you. There are three men going after the same thing with one champion that has to defend against it, all of us with different intentions. I know you are going to go all out for this one, this is the only time you show up. But I hope that you are ready for another disappointment because my time. This is my fight. This is my win. THIS IS MY CHAMPIONSHIP! I had this won just a few short weeks ago before you got involved. Now, before Syndicate, before Kurtis, it is you. It is you that I want. It is you that I seek. It is you that I want to destroy. Why? Because when the dust settles and the smoke clears, I want it to be known that you cant go like you used to. You arent the same man from three years ago when I walked into this company. You are a shell of him. You are a man trying to hold onto something that you should have let go of a long time ago. And this time around, I intend to help you do that. I will make sure without a shadow of a doubt that you dont get back up from this. You cant run inside this cell, and now I will make sure you feel every punch, every kick, every SLAM...until you have nothing more. Then, when the time comes, I will hit you with the Arch Angels Fall, as you too will descend down from the heaven that you have been in for so long, and face the hell that I have brought you. Its the Rayne...and its coming for you. 

[Rayne puts on a sick smile as he walks down a dirt path, headed to his next destination. The scene fades to black].

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