The Manifesto Part II

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Fri, Jan05, 2018 5:33pm America/Phoenix
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The Manifesto Part II
[The scene opens up showing the inside of a beautiful train station. People can be seen rushing all around ignoring everyday life as they are in a hurry to get where they need to go. Not waving or anything, they are seen talking on their phones, searching facebook, and walking around awkwardly with their friends. A few homeless people can be seen sleeping and begging throughout, the norm that has come of most places. Wearing a black sweatshirt and dark stained jeans, Rayne can be seen looking up at the top. A glass roof structure, a gold painted tip sits on the top of the building. He stares in awe as he can be heard speaking].

Rayne: This one took me some time. I had so many places I could choose, so many things I could do with this, and I decided this is the best place for it. This is where it should be at. Right now, take a moment. Look around you. Each and every single person has an agenda here. Whether it be an appointment to make, a family to come home to, or even a way to run away, everyone has something they came here to do. Hell, for some *points to the homeless man a few feet away* this is an income source. 

[Rayne walks over to the cup the man is holding and drops a wad of cash into it. The man looks in awe and jumps up to take off running excited that he has had something go his way].

Rayne: People everyday look around at these boards telling them where to go, the times to be there, and how to go about it. Never do they consider another path. Never do they consider an alternate route, a longer way, the roadblocks ahead, or the things sitting right in front of them. They continue oblivious to the world, trying their best to rush through their day and count any wins that they can take from it. They refuse to accept that there is a better way, a better place, a better time, and ultimately...a better path. This is Grand Central Station in New York City. This is one of the busiest train stations in the World. the holding of my next story. Mr. Hype Train himself. Kurtis Ray, Welcome to your story. 

[The camera catches a few trains flying by as Rayne continues].

Rayne: Now i know what you are thinking. Once again trying to make a pun of his moniker because thats going to be the most original thing to do. You assume things that are more than wrong, and here is why. This isnt about his hype train moniker no...not at all. What this is about is proving a point. Kurtis, I must say these past few weeks you have done nothing but disappoint and here is why. You’ve been like the rest of them. Dont think that you and I are friends by any means because the things that I plan to do to you as well as those other two men in that cage are more than unspeakable. You have been on the web doing podcasts and talking to the fans about this match and you have done nothing more than join the crowd of “You dont deserve to be in this match”. Tell me exactly how that is? A few short weeks ago, I had the champion on the ground ready to be pinned. I was going to walk out of that arena and match into Holiday Hell as the champion before Darkness has to go sticking his ugly head where it didnt belong. 

[Rayne watches another few trains fly by as people continue to crowd the next landing area].

Rayne: You and I have been on a back and forth path for the past few weeks now. And when this all first started, I did something that doesnt happen very often and told the world that I was wrong about you. I didnt think that you had the fight that you did, the ambition that you did, and you proved every bit of that wrong to me. You came into that ring, and busted your ass harder than I can confidently say anyone else that I have ever squared off against. I continued to shoot your praises moving forward, even up till this match was announced. However, that appears as to having to stop now. To think that you would stoop so low as to compare me to the likes of Syndicate and then follow with “without the talent”. Are you serious?! Have you really been hit too many times that hard to come out with something so stupid?! 

[He drops his head in his hands and lets out a small sigh before he continues].

Rayne: Let me lay down facts for you Kurtis. The match that I got put into, I didnt even want. I never wanted to be roped into another tag team match again yet there I was. You, on the other hand, got a singles match with the champion which is exactly what I should have gotten. Hell, I would have been happy to take on both of them by myself if thats what it took to prove I was going to come into this match like I DESERVE. Fact of the matter came down to I had to play the cards that I was dealt. That doesnt make you any more important than I do. If anything, you should be questioning yourself right now. So you beat the champion after hes been in two hellacious matches in two weeks prior? Do you need a pat on the back? A cookie perhaps? You beat a champion who wasnt at his best. I went toe to toe with two of the opponents in this match, and held my own just fine. Our little scuffle last week, I came in and started before being interrupted yet again by Darkness. 

[Rayne walks over to a nearby bench and takes a seat. The numbers on the board begin to flip as more people line up on the pier].

Rayne: These people *points behind him* remind me of the three of you. Like sheep, you continue to spew the same things about how I dont deserve to be here, how I dont have the talent, and Blah...Blah...Blah...but tell me...where has it gotten you? Do you think that saying these things has stopped my drive, my hustle, my thought process? Do you think that I am truly paying attention when you say things like that? If you remember correctly, these are all the same things that you said to me prior to climbing into the ring the first time, and the outcome went to my favor. To tell me I dont have the drive, the ambition to go the distance, is asinine. If you have it, and I beat you, how is that a justifiable statement? You see, I have more than drive. I have more than adrenaline. I have heart. I spent my WHOLE DAMN LIFE fighting and havent been one to lay down and take it. You can ask anyone that has been around me. 

[The people continue to load into the trains as he walks over near a stand grabbing a bottle of water. He takes a large swig of it and continues].

Rayne: To say that I thought you were going to be the level headed one, the one that would at least consider the fact that I am a legitimate contender to this belt has yet again proved to be unfounded. You, like the rest of these pawns, are once again underestimating everything that I have to bring to the table. I have climbed longer and harder than any of you to earn my place in this match including going through both of you to get here. The only thing that I seek right now is a win. This isn't a win for the belt, but a win for my pride. I know I am not going to go in there and eliminate each and every one of you that would be ignorant of me. But what I do know is that I am going to step into that cage and fight harder, longer, faster, and smarter than any of  you that are in there. You talk about how you have all these smarts, yet you are being led to pasture with the rest of them. You are taking everything that Syndicate and Darkness are putting out, spinning it your way, and calling it new material. 

[The announcement comes over the speaker “Los Angeles, California will be boarding in the next few minutes. Please proceed to the loading dock for departure”. Rayne pushes himself off the bench].

Rayne: I intend to come into this match with nothing more than the strength I have been building and confidence. If I lose this match, I will accept that I am not good enough. But the difference is that I know better. There is nowhere to run this time around. Nowhere to hide. We all fight till we can fight no longer and hope for the best. And when the battle comes down to heart and mind, I beat all of you ten fold. Your dedication is nothing to mine and the faster you realize that, the better off we will be. Like these others, you continue to follow the same path that was laid for you instead of searching for a different direction. I didnt ask to come into this match this way. I was put into it. Now comes the time where I take it and run with it. Once again for you though Kurtis, its going to be a heavy delay. Its the Rayne...and its about to derail everything you know and love. 

[Rayne smiles as he climbs onto the train. A loud “choo choo” is heard as Rayne can be seen imitating the motion through one of the windows. He laughs back as the scene fades to black].

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