The Manifesto Part III

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On Fri, Jan05, 2018 10:30pm America/Phoenix
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The Manifesto Part III
[The scene opens up showing the set stage for Holiday Hell. The last sound check has just been conducted as the board members pile out. The cell can be seen hanging above as the doors have yet to open. The camera pans around the empty arena as it lands on the stage. Wearing a white t shirt and a pair of black shorts, Rayne can be seen standing on the stage. He stares down at the ring, his fingers covering his mouth. He continues to stand for a moment as his voice can be heard].

Rayne: Its times like these that we all prepare for in different ways. A normal match is standard procedure for most of us, but matches like this, where you know you aren't walking out the same, takes a whole different mindset. This match has been known to shave and even end careers and maim the participants to a point they will never recover. It's these types of matches that you look back on all that you've done, measuring your accomplishments as you go. Making sure you completed all that you wanted to before you got to this point, because in an instant, it can all be taken away. 

[Rayne slowly takes a few steps down the rampway. He stops about midway and continues].

Rayne: These type of matches define who you are for the months going forward on so many dynamics. Who's going to be talked about...remembered? What lengths will we go to in order to get what we want? All these questions and tonight four different authors stand to write that story with our bodies, our minds...and our hearts. However, during the time we send out all those questions, we also have to evaluate ourselves. Are we being who we set out to be? Have we evolved into something more vile than before? What has brought us here? All of this sets the moral compass moving forward. When you forget where you came from, you have a very hard time realising what you have to lose. 

[He makes it to the bottom of the ramp as the camera pans in on him.].

Rayne: Mr. Los Angeles Outlaw....Syndicate...welcome to your story.

[Rayne walks alittle further and starts up the steps slowly].

Rayne: Last time you saw me I was on a train to Los Angeles to get a feel for my final opponents hometown. The man continues to show love to his city day in and out and I felt it only right to go see what may have molded someone like that. However, that wasn't where his story was set to be told.

[Rayne walks over and pulls the ropes down as he climbs into the ring. He runs the ropes a few times and then stops]. 

Rayne: His story is saved for here, due to this place being the place where Sydney lost his way. Why do I say that you ask? The writing is on the wall, but I can lay down the reasons you need to understand. You see, when i had first come to WWX, there was no Los Angelos Outlaw. I went through the motions for a bit and then eventually decided that I needed a break. I walked away. It's not my proudest moment but it had to be done. I needed to find myself and decide what I wanted out of this life, if I still had it. At that time Syndicate was nothing more than a curtain jerker. 

[Rayne leans back and hits a huge bump onto the mat. He continues to lie there a moment].

Rayne: While I was gone, I watched that same mark come up and make strides, beating the best of the best over and over again. Facing adversity with a same and making it his bitch. I dont think anyone knew what they were harboring in a monster. Like a bully that had finally gotten power, he was slowly beginning to change, and I could see it from a mile away. 

[He continues to lay there looking at the light]. 

Rayne: When I came back, this kids face is all that I could see. On posters, in magazines, and everywhere else I stepped. He had taken over the WWX, and it didn't appear anyone was going to stop him. I had originally had plans to go forth for the title, but then had issues with the Blade Club which took my focus other places. By that time, I had gotten injured and I watched my brother Korath get into the title picture, therefore taking some time to step back and see what happens out of respect for him. 

[Rayne slowly sits up as he continues].

Rayne: Fast forward to where we are now, and Syndicate walks around like he is the best thing that has ever come into this company. While his talent and attitude rank top notch, I dont feel like he deserves that title...yet. Syndicate continues to strive for greatness, much like I, and has made leaps and bounds to make it there. However, the man that you see there is nothing more than a facade, a mockery of the man that he used to be. The man that started out on his rise here was humble, acceptable, and proud of his roots. He worked his ass off, didnt have to cheat to win, and continued to show the prowess of a champion that anyone would be proud to call. He walks around arrogant, his head cocked high, acting as if he is untouchable in a world of peons as he is their giant king. 

[Rayne gets back to his feet and leans on the ropes].

Rayne: He continues to call himself the measuring stick, the greatest, and so on so forth. We have all heard his pathetic ideals when it comes to being the company puppet. He thinks that because he loses the championship, stomps around and cries, and then repeats all said actions that it makes him better than us. I have acknowledged the strengths in my other two opponents, and I wish that I could say the same about you Syd. I hate looking at the man that you have become. I hate seeing the man that comes out here cutting the same promo week after week about how great he is simply because he doesnt have to try anymore. He sits in the company of the back pocket of the GMs and high management and doesnt have to work like the rest of us to get what he wants. He doesnt know the pain that I am facing. The race that I have had to go through to get where I am today. 

[Rayne looks over the empty arena in awe].

Rayne: This place will house four of the greatest WWX superstars to lace up boots in one solid steel structure. Inside that structure, our bodies will be destroyed, our stories written, and one of us will walk out as the new WWX Champion. Everyone wants it. Everyone needs it for one reason or another. Syndicate, I ask that you consider what you are getting yourself into. I hope that you understand that while you are not target number one for me, I will have your number tonight. I will make sure that come hell or high water that I walk away with this championship here tonight. Destiny is in my favor. Luck is in my favor. in my favor. 

[Rayne looks up at the structure dangling above the ring].

Rayne: I sat back listening to your interview and wanted to throw up. Talking about being a role model and how you just want to be one. What kind of role model are you? The arrogant jock that gets smaller kids beaten up for running their mouths? The guy that pushed into his locker and became stronger to fight back against the others? You see, I know what its like to be the awkward one out. I know what its like to be alienated, destroyed emotionally. I KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE HATED. And i have embraced it. You played this false facade to make people feel bad for you about your parents? Tell me what it was like when you were watching your father get six shells pumped into him over a bad drug deal?! Tell me how it feels when youre 16 and homeless working out in shitty gyms so you have a warm place to sleep at night. Tell me about living out indy wrestling gyms so you have money to eat the next night?! You want to talk pain, I have it in mounds!

[Rayne takes a deep breath and then continues speaking].

Rayne: Fact of the matter comes down to this. There is a reason that the card was written the way that it was. Generally, the champions name is listed first. And this is no exception. The start of this match you are walking in with that championship, MY BELT. But you wont be going home with it. You all have underestimated me for the last time. I have played my part, waited my turn, taken my bruises, and ascended the top of the mountain. When this is said and done, you are all going to be coming back looking for more, and I assure you I will be right here waiting. You see, I lost my way once before too. I came out thinking i was the greatest, the best thing to walk around here, and was knocked down and put on my ass. In just a few short hours, I intend to return that favor to you. I intend to show you the leaps and bounds that I intend to go to in order to take you down once and for all. This is my belt. 

[The doors can be heard opening as fans can be seen coming in. Rayne slides out of the ring and backs up the ramp. He looks around at the fans who happened to see him as he walks to the curtain. He looks back at the cell one more time]

Rayne: There comes a point where everyone needs a wakeup call. This is all of yours. Your stories have been written. The author has spoken. The executioner has prepared. And now...its time to assassinate. Its the Rayne Syndicate...and youll feel every bit of it. 

[Rayne slides through the curtain as the scene fades to black].

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