The Monster Arrives in Canada!

Roleplay Roleplay by KRISTIAN BANE
On Fri, May04, 2018 3:51pm America/Phoenix
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The Monster Arrives in Canada!
-He hasnít been seen in WWX in a long time, Bane shows up in Toronto dressed in a $5,000 Suit with his 9 inch mohawk. Bane smile as he notices how beautiful Canada is. But thats normal as much as Bane comes to Canada.-

ďIt feelís great to be back. I mean I have been on a hiatus in wrestling due to personal reasons and now Im back to cause havoc and become the WWX Champion! That leads me to Super Bacon, Yeah thatís his real name people!Ē

-Bane laughs as he pulls up to the Air Canada Center and looks at its all glory and smiles.-

ďIíve ruined alot of careers here. Iíve nailed alot of guys and gals to the mat at this very arena! Super Bacon, this match is for a UNKNOWN title opportunity! I wont pass this up! This is my opportunity to become better and rise to be the best! Your existence just became Baneful, Super Bacon!Ē

-Bane walks into the arena to the scene fading out.-

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