The New Beginning

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
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The New Beginning
The scene opens to the inside of the Capital One Arena in the ring hours before Wreckage is set to take place. The lighting in the arena great, nice and bright. The seats are emptied with the exception of a few in the upper decks of the inside arena. In the ring stands Rex McAllister who is donning his in-ring attire for this occasion. He's been in the ring an hour or so, working out, seemingly in better spirits than usual. Why wouldn't he be? After all, he'd done what he was told he wouldn't, and that was take back the World Wrestling Championship. He promised suffering, and that's not one he intends to break. Those he deems deserving of suffering will if he has something to say about it. He won, and yet, he didn't feel that was a proper enough punishment to invoke upon every other false prophet inhabiting this Federation. He knew he would have to deal with plenty more backlash now that he had taken down a man of the people, one that will no doubt seek revenge in the wake of what he lost for every ounce of blood that he poured into the title he lost. But that was neither here nor there at the moment. At the moment, he had no real strong motivation for this matchup. Rex picks up a steel folding chair that had been lying nearby to nearest turnbuckle. He unfolds it and sits down.

Rex sits back, and for the first time in a while a genuinely happy grin comes over him as he readies to speak.

Rex McAllister: A week ago, a final chapter was written by my own hand. I closed the book, and I have no intention of ever opening it back up. Though the remnants of it still remain. You can keep a book shelved away for years and years, but once your eyes have gazed through it, well, closing it wonít change a thing, now will it? Youíve seen what it has. You know what it holds. Everything within it remains in the back of your mind, even if you donít know it. The fires have been put out, but the smoke still remains, long after the final battle. The storm has passed us, and yet, everything remains drenched. In my hands, on my shoulder, and around my waist - my property: the World Wrestling Championship.

Rex stands up, hops out of the ring and slowly strolls on over to where the empty announcers table is and picks up the World Wrestling Championship and views it up close. The camera pans in closer to what he sees, which is the symbol of the belt with his name plate on the portion of it.

Rex McAllister: Two years prior, my first reign with this title introduced the dawning of a new era, and since then, itís changed hands so many different times, got stained, before it came back to me. These men - some arguably Legends, some definitively Legends, and some, no Legends at all. Their names, including that of the man I took this Championship from, will remain names that only hold any significance in the past, and the past is all they will have to live by from here-on. The only crucial thing to know about those men is that each and every single one of them fought for and lost this World Wrestling Championship. I wonít. Not to a man who believes heís earned the right to be in the same ring as me by defeating names that will never matter in this company after they're gone. Not to any man that seeks redemption for what I did to them. Certainly not to the man I find standing before me now. I look ahead and I know what kind of responsibility I now bear.

Rex places it down, looks up at the camera, grinning again.

Rex McAllister: The moment I became the rightful World Wrestling Champion, I achieved sovereignty - complete and total control. This Championship in my possession makes me the President, the King, and the Emperor around here, and thereís only one proper way to have a coronation for a new sovereign:

With an act of kindnessÖ

And an act of cruelty.

Rex lets out a slight chuckle.

Rex McAllister: Any given day, you would not be here. You wouldnít be in my vicinity. In fact, you wouldnít breathe the same air I breathe. Yet, here you are. Just the other day, our World was unaware a man such as yourself still existed, even in flaunting a trinket of your own. Today, you find yourself eye to eye with the new World Wrestling Champion, and what a stroke of kindness it was, wasnít it? Itís almost like an irony, that youíre one of those that finds the need to remind everyone in earshot of who he is and what he does, because nobody knew beforehand, and nobody will recall long after youíve gone. There are men in this World who scratch and claw, yes, but Iíve become so accustomed to those that scratch and claw to keep themselves out of that gaping pit of obscurity. Iím unfamiliar to the ones that scratch and claw just to find themselves in the spotlight for more than a blink of an eye. What makes it even more tragic is that youíre not a name unfamiliar to this World, now are you Rayne? No, Iíve seen your name before, plenty of times. In fact, youíre a man thatís come and gone longer than even Iíve been around. Yet, here I am, a two-time World Champion, and here you are, the one looking to make a name for himself at my expense. Any other man in my position would have waved their hand and told you to take your wishful thinking somewhere else. Anyone else thatís become known for crippling the best this company has to offer and defeating supposedly THE best this company has to offer, would never look twice in your direction, no matter how much you talk or how loudly you do it. Yet, here we are. Youíve been gifted by The Rex Master. Given an opportunity of a lifetime to show the World what youíve got. What potential youíve had in store for the years youíve spent wasting away. I give you an act of kindness.

But youíre special.

Would you like to know why?

Rex looks on with a questioning expression for a moment, and then continues.

Rex McAllister: Because you will not only be given an act of kindness, but an act of cruelty just as well. I hold here in my hands the biggest opportunity of your life. This thread of hope youíre clinging to. All I have to do to you is pull it away. Thatís all. When the World wakes up the day after youíve challenged me, nothing will change for Rex McAllister regardless of the result. When he wins, heíll have just won another bout. Another name comes, and another name goes, and then he waits for the next name to come before him and regurgitate the words youíve regurgitated, and then we start back from square one. If you were to walk out of this with a victory, then you would wake up the next day with a smile on your face and the feeling of the entire World in the palm of your hands. You would sing from the rooftops of the biggest victory of your life. You would remind everyone every single day of what you achieved. You would take that moment to your grave and die a happy man. I, however, would wake up, and still be the World Wrestling Champion. Do you see the difference in roles we play here? I think even youíre wise enough to realize whatís at stake here. Not for me. I have absolutely nothing to gain from beating the likes of you. Iíve conquered men far greater than you are and ever will be. Youíre the one here fighting the uphill battle. Youíre the one with everything to lose, and only one tiny morsel to gain. For you, this match is the opportunity of a lifetime. For me, itís just Sunday. Crueltyís not a pretty thing, Iím afraid. I donít intend to allow you to thrive in my Kingdom anymore than you already have. Itís nothing personal. Youíre just weak. Does that boil your blood? Does it get under your skin? Does it make you want to shake your head and refuse to accept it? Sometimes people need to be put in their place to know, to see things for the way they truly are. If you werenít such a weak little bug, then you wouldnít be who you are right now. You wouldnít be here wasting my time. You would have been the Legend you think you are, that you believe you CAN be. You look at yourself in a mirror and see a future yet to be achieved but not far away, and I believe the time has long-since come to shatter that mirror and cut you open with the remains.

Rex shakes his head, and then looks on stoically.

Rex McAllister: Go ahead. Spit your dribble and bide your time, ďSilent Assassin", and I will make certain that I give you one proper gift by the time itís all over. 

See you soon.

Rex runs a hand through his bleach blond hair, shakes his head once more as he slowly leaves the shot as the scene fades.


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