The New Era

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On Sat, May08, 2010 1:41am America/Phoenix
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The New Era
This is Mike Hart, the number one announcer of the WWX.  Welcome to the New Era of the World Wrestling Xistence!  The Tam-McIver Era will take the WWX to new heights, bring in competition and excitement of new levels and alter the WWX to a new existence.

With that said, get ready to compete with the best of the best.  And get ready for the next Pay-Per-View: WWX Bloodshed!  Buckle up.


hiho where can here created a wrestler ~ Undertaker

Hmmm, not sure what you mean, Undertaker... ~ josh

sorry i can not good english i can german ~ Undertaker

UMclps fjekflnfmskk, [url=]mnsqplttewew[/url], [link=]jvxlpmzssiyp[/link], ~ khamore

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