the new hardcore throne

Roleplay Roleplay by DRAGONFLY
On Fri, May11, 2018 12:05pm America/Phoenix
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the new hardcore throne
[The scene opens with the sounds of bodies crashing onto the mat. Quick footsteps running along the canvas as DragonFly works tirelessly to be at peak performance for the hardcore title match. We start off with a shot of one of the three heavyweight trainers hitting the canvas, the victim of a snapping Huricanrana driver...delivered by the last reigning Television Champion. DragonFly executes a headstand front flip kip up onto his feet and ducks a clothesline from another trainer with thicker muscle mass, pivoting just enough to strike the third taller, leaner heavyweight man in the abdomen with a textbook spinning thrust kick. His technique and timing is perfectly on point and his passion driven will to win is on full display. A quiet charisma flows through the body in motion of DragonFly before sprinting at full speed, rebounding off the furthest ropes with hyper speed velocity. The final trainer dips both shoulders down to launch DragonFly with a back body drop but momentum is used to counter into his trademark move, a front flip sunset ddt..] 

[He sits up,rolling his neck slowly and adjusts the Dragon mask, breathing steadily as his neon red eyes shift over to the camera man.]

Ravage. Main Event. Hardcore Championship Match. Anything Goes. Falls Count Anywhere.
[A rare smile reveals itself through the mouth slit of the lucha mask as his liquidated black tongue drips down.]

 I don't intend to rest on my laurels or to settle on previous achievements. I want to continue to improve my technique, striving to be the best.

Twist. Thank you for pushing my limits, phsyically and mentally, forcing me to focus with percise lazer sharp focus while enduring an onslaught of sheer brutality and punishment.

There is no doubt that you are a worthy contender and talented adversary so we will compete in the ring again, no doubt and when that happens, it will be a classic encounter. Should it be for the hardcore Title? It would be an honor to defend it with pride and add to the prestige of the most violent Championship in WWX history.

[DragonFly turns towards the locker room, pausing after a few steps and glances over his shoulder, realizing that the camera man is still there.]

You want my thoughts on the three competitors that will challenge for the new hardcore throne, yes?

[The camera nods up and down.]

Gary Tinordi. 6'4" 269 pounds. Kristian Bane. 6'4" 315 pounds. Scott Grayse. 6'6" 267 pounds.
These are true, pure, powerful Heavyweights, each with their own unique skill set.

Gary Tinordi. You take a relaxed approach with a medicated mind, Blessed with natural God Given talent.

Kristian Bane. A Genetically jacked physical specimen. A powerful primal Monster.

Scott Grayse. Cold. Ruthless. Calculating. Vicious and danGerous.

However, there is one skill these other men do not possess. Speed. 
Speed that can kill and the killer instinct to use it.
This is a Brass ring moment and I will be prepared to pry it from cold, lifeless Hands.
The same treatment is expected in return. 

[Neon red eyes radiate with rage.]


Be ready.


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