The New International Champion!

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Sun, Nov05, 2017 9:36pm America/Phoenix
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The New International Champion!
(Scene fades in from black with the WWX Ravage image flashing across the scene. We cut to the ring of a packed arena awaiting to hear from the new International Champion, Bob Mellon.)

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the new International Champion, the Brooklyn Beast, Bob Mellon!!!

(The crowd showers a chorus of boos across the arena as Guerilla Radio hits the P.A. system. Mellon struts through the curtains with the International Title around his waist. He gestures to the crowd, ironically, as if he can't believe he is the new champion. Mellon is wearing jeans and a new shirt that reads, "Up Yours!" Mellon walks up the steps of the ring and enters the ring, once again pointing in disbelief to his title as the crowd jeers incessantly. Mellon, like he used to, points at the crowd, laughing while getting a huge negative rise from the crowd. Mellon signals for a mic and waits as the chorus of screams die down from the crowd.)

Bob Mellon: Well looky looky what I got my hands on? And to think, all of you were on the side of that loser Jester before Hall of Pain. Look who walked out of that match with the title around his waist. It's me, kiddies! Bob Mellon now wears the International Title and let's be frank, finally this title can be considered a marquee title. I mean, let's face it... Before me, it was pretty second rate... Maybe even third rate if it weren't for that turd of a belt, the Television title. 

(Mellon receives another display of displeasure from the crowd as he taunts them pointing at his new title)

Bob Mellon: Now I can take this garbage title and give it the prestige and respect it always deserved. Something that loser and pathetic display of a wrestler, Jester, couldn't do. (he laughs to himself) Hey, look, the Jester made me laugh and it just took seeing him not only be blindsided by Tom Black but also take one nasty shot to the jaw. That looked like it hurt. He was down for the count. (Mellon reaches into his pocket) It's amazing what something like this little set of brass knuckles could do to a man's legacy. Twofold really, when you think about it. It destroyed his career and pushed mine a little bit closer to the hostile take over I plan to sick on this federation in the coming months. 

(Mellon looks around the arena with a big smile on his face as he begins to segue into his reason for arriving tonight)

Bob Mellon: Listen, I'm not a man that will step into this ring and hide behind a non-title match. With that being said, I'll be very frank regarding my rematch, from a few weeks ago, with Hex Girl. Hex, you cute little nugget you, I am going to be gracious and considerate right now. Let us both screw that non-title label on our match come Ravage. I say we make a title match. What do you say to that? Would you like a shot at this piece of trash title. I'm not terribly worried. I actually do plan on squashing you like the little insignificant insect you are. I know the WWX officials must be going mad because Bob Mellon is going against the grain. Bob Mellon isn't playing by the rule. Hex, the title shot is yours if you want it and frankly, the only thing stopping that from happening is our 'wonderful' employers. 

(the crowd, in a somewhat surprising moment, cheers)

Bob Mellon: Aw, shut up. You think anyone actually cares what all of you think?

(Followed by a series of boos)

Bob Mellon: Hex Girl, I'm also going to be forward with you. I think you being squared up to fight me is completely unfair. I mean, a man of my size, expertise, and experience against... well... you, is comical at best. You're not even in my league! You are a walking joke cutting lackluster promos and frankly just getting notice because you're a woman who thinks she can run with the big boys. I hate to be so hurtful... wait... I actually enjoy being this hurtful. Remember how you and Jester stood over me, holding your titles in glory when you took me on for the first time? Remember how proud and strong you looked in that moment? (Mellon laughs) And now? You have no one to help you. You have no one to run to. You have nowhere to hide. Must be nice to hear you have a title shot but reality will soon settle in. The reality that everything around you is nothing more than a cage you can't get out of. The little witch hasn't a potion or a spell to dig her out of the grave she has now been buried in. Tick tock... tick tock... That's the sound of the end coming closer by the second... 

(Mellon sucks chants begin to fill the arena)

Bob Mellon: Now let us address Tom Black, who clearly believes that I wouldn't have been able to win this title without his help. Do you think I didn't come prepared? Do you think I didn't do my homework? So you, without being asked to, blindsided that moron during his entrance, and now you want a little bit of credit? Listen, I would say I have my hands full with my match against Hex at Ravage, but we both know that would be laughable to say. So, Tom, you have a title shot. Whenever you want. Next Ravage? Next Fury? Next PPV? I am down for it. Frankly, I'm not terribly concerned about you. Everything I've seen from you is a man that seems to want respect for something he can't really do himself. Win the belt. Let the WWX folks know, the title is up for grabs. After I dispose of the little girl, then I'll put the title up for you to take a shot. Who cares? Right? I know I don't. 

(Mellon removes the title from his waist and puts it on his shoulder)

Bob Mellon: See, if history serves me correctly, which it generally does, I have never been one of those champions that hides behind non-title matches. If I'm stepping into the ring, then my opponent is getting a shot. Remember, I held the IWA World Title for three months and defended that title countless times. Most of you morons don't remember that or else you would have taken my side at Hall of Pain. The only difference now is that I have no shame in how I get the job done. All of you here, don't forget what you have created. You created this monster. You helped in the transformation of the Beast. I would never be afraid to lose this title because I don't really care about the title. Like I said earlier, my name on this title helps this title gain exposure. Hex, Tom, even Jester if he is ever able to brush himself off, can have all of the title shots they want. This is the reign you'll all see... No guarantees I'll play fair though... (Mellon laughs to himself)

(Guerilla Radio hits the P.A. system as Mellon throws the title out of the ring and watches it land on the ramp. The crowd boos him as he exits the ring and picks the title back up and walks out of the arena. The scene fades to black)

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