The Next Generation

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Thu, Mar29, 2018 2:07pm America/Phoenix
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The Next Generation


*The screen is flushed with static before transitioning to the inside of what appears to be a WWX production truck.  The camera is facing the main wall of the truck which is filled with flat-screen TVs, all of which are displaying static.  The sound of said static fills the inside of the truck.  Underneath the screens, various laptops and computer equipment sit on a folding table. 
 After a few moments of this, a hand reaches out from behind the camera and taps the spacebar on one of the laptops.  This causes all but one of the screens to go blank, with the outlier showing a clip from Tommy Lipton's visit to Egypt.*

Tommy: Before I was here testing the water, mingling and having fun with today's talent. But now it is different, now I am not playing around... It is Exam time for Syndicate... and I do not think he will pass this one.

*The hand taps the spacebar again, causing the screen to turn off like the others.*

???: What a |BLEEP|ing joke.

*The camera slowly pans around to reveal Syndicate sitting in a folding chair, looking up at the screens.  He is wearing his red leather jacket, gray undershirt, black denim jeans, metal knee brace, and black Nike sneakers.  Syndicate sighs, brushes back his blonde hair, and looks over at the camera while being bathed in a soft light.*

Syndicate: You know you're |BLEEP|ed when you start using the "oh, I wasn't really trying those other times" excuse.  Ain't that right, Tommy?

*He chuckles as he leans back in the chair.*

Syndicate: You know, Tommy, the era of the WWX that you lived through was truly amazing, I'll give you that.  I remember sitting at home and watching you and Rick Dreamie, The Lost Soul, and others go at it.  It really was a sight to behold.  And look at you!  You've outlasted them ALL, continuing on and winning the World title once again, this time in 2018.  It's an impressive run, I must say, Tommy.  Good job!  Give yourself a pat on the |BLEEP|in' back.

*Syndicate smirks.*

Syndicate: But here's the rub.  By making sure that you - YOU, Tommy Lipton, a man that should have retired with your peers - stay close to or at the truly are suffocating this business.  You're keeping that spot for yourself, making sure that the "next generation" - myself, Rex, Jake, Kurtis, and others - won't take it away.  We've all worked extremely hard and gone through just as much hardship as you have to get here, but it's YOU that's making sure that this business won't ever get the opportunity to grow past where it has been for the past decade.  Yeah, you may have lived through the "glory days" of the WWX...but just like nature, this company has to evolve, and with you at the helm, that will NEVER happen.  THAT is why you are poisoning the WWX, Tommy.  THAT is why I have made a five-year commitment to getting you and all the rest of the legends out of the WWX before too much damage can be done.

Syndicate: Look at it this way.  You said that from 2006 to 2012, the WWX "blossomed", and after you left, the company began to whither.  I'll accept that observation - after all, nothing ever lasts forever, even in one of the oldest wrestling federations alive today.  But came back, proclaiming that you would SAVE the WWX from the downward spiral it was finding itself in.

*He shakes his head.*

Syndicate: But nothing changed, did it?  The revolving door of general managers kept on turning.  Wrestlers came and went, leaving without a trace.  Chaos ensued, both in front of and behind the camera.  However, you kept trumpeting yourself as the SAVIOR, the man that was going to fix everything that the damn young'uns were doing wrong!  And we still are.  You see, Tommy, you aren't the savior.  You're the problem.  Every company has its bad moments, and most are able to recover.  I have no doubt that if you had NEVER stepped foot in the WWX after leaving for the first time, we would have redeveloped the company into a MODERN federation with MODERN wrestling and MODERN ways of doing things.  The wrestlers in the back would have been able to develop in the spotlight.  We would have been able to do what you, Rick Dreamie, Darkness, James Ranger, and everyone else was able to do in the mid-2000s.  But, to do that, the spotlight would have had to move away from you, Tommy Lipton.  And that is something you weren't willing to let happen.

Syndicate: We all have different journeys to the top.  You got there really quickly, while it took me a few years to find my way.  But since I got up there, I've been on one of the greatest hot streaks of all time.  Five World title reigns in the span of one year.  Pay-per-view main events left-and-right.  Of course, I'm sure you accomplished similar feats...but that was a decade ago.  My prime is RIGHT |BLEEP|ING NOW, and NOBODY can handle me at my absolute best.  DGS couldn't.  The Lost Soul certainly couldn't.  And, hell, you haven't been able to handle me for the past five |BLEEP|ing years!  And besides, what matters this week is who's the best in the world RIGHT NOW...and while I may be injured, while I may be fighting against all odds, the past "one or two years", as you put it, have proven that RIGHT |BLEEP|ING NOW, the Los Angeles Outlaw reigns supreme over all challengers.  I don't fall, I don't go away, I DON'T DIE, Tommy, and I can say that I'm not going to quit until the job is completed.

*Syndicate slams his fist down on the table in a fit of passion, sending nearby keyboards flying.*

Syndicate: The responsibility has fallen to ME, Sydney Maxwell Irvine, to usher in the next generation of the WWX by taking you out, once and for all.  Jake Devine, Kurtis Ray, Rex McAllister, Tanno Waters, Jarvis Valentine, Korath...I may not like these men, but I'll be damned if they get continually shafted just so that you, TOMMY |BLEEP|ING LIPTON, can continually relive the glory days.  You have SUFFOCATED this company for far too long, and it's about time that someone puts a stop to it.  Yeah, Tommy, I've had a good "one or two years"...but that time ain't over.  Not yet, and certainly not because of you.  At Ravage, the "legend" of Tommy Lipton is going to be FINISHED...and the next generation is going to take its place at the top of this industry. the Syndicate.

*With a smile on his face, Syndicate reaches over once more and presses the spacebar on the laptop, sending the feed careening into static.*



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