The Ninth Leon Jones Interview

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On Wed, Oct25, 2017 4:42pm America/Phoenix
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The Ninth Leon Jones Interview

V/O: The following is a special presentation from

*The video cuts to the inside of the newly-christened "Leon Jones Room" on the 12th floor of WWX Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.  The room, intended specifically for interviews, is fitted with alternating black and purple curtains lining the walls.  The camera faces the main wall, where a large WWX logo hangs in front of the curtains.  In the center of the room, two black leather chairs face each other, with a small coffee table in between.*

*From off-camera right walks Leon Jones himself.  He is dressed in a forest-green suit with a black tie underneath.  The interviewer takes a seat in the right chair and turns to face the camera.  He speaks with the smooth tone of a broadcaster.*

Jones: For, I'm Leon Jones.  The past year in the WWX has been called by some as the "Year of the Wrestler", and for good reason.  Gone are the days of elaborate showmans and "Superstars", as they've been replaced with professional wrestlers unlike anything we've ever seen.  We've seen stellar tag teams, opening matches that steal the show, and the rise of a new generation of WWX talent.  However, it is impossible to mention 2017 without mentioning the man arguably behind this "revolution", if you will: Sydney Maxwell Irvine, or as you know him, Syndicate.  Over this past year, Syndicate has been World Heavyweight Champion twice, bringing his overall total up to four reigns.  The Los Angeles Outlaw went undefeated for nearly six months, destroying everything in his path along the way.  For the bulk of 2017, Syndicate dominated the headlines.

*Leon shakes his head.*

Jones: But those days seem long gone.  Syndicate lost his World title to Darkness back at World Series, and although he's promised "destruction" in the wake of that loss, one could say he hasn't actually done that much damage.  Now he sits as part of a five-way House of Horrors match at Hall of Pain for the Undisputed World Championship, a title he believes is rightfully his.  Today, I will sit down with the man himself and find out exactly what is on his mind as it pertains to this huge matchup.

*As he says this, Syndicate steps out from off-camera left.  He is wearing his blood-red leather jacket, gray undershirt, black jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  Syndicate brushes his hair back before shaking Leon's hand and sitting down in the chair across from him.  The Los Angeles Outlaw has a faint smile on his face as Leon speaks again.*

Jones: Glad to have you on, Syndicate.

Syndicate: Glad to be here, as always.

*Jones reaches into his inner suit pocket and pulls out a notecard branded with the WWX logo on the back.*

Syndicate: You need a notecard now, Leon?

*Leon chuckles at this.*

Jones: We have a lot to get through and I'd like to keep this interview on-topic.

Syndicate: Go ahead then, whatcha got for me?

Jones: Well, Syndicate, as I've previously noted, 2017 started out with a bang for you, spending the bulk of the year as World Champion.  That is, of course, until you met Darkness at World Series.  Do you have any regrets pertaining to that night?

*Syndicate answers promptly and flatly.*

Syndicate: No.

*Leon gets a quizzical look on his face.*

Jones: No?

Syndicate: No.  You saw me after that match, Leon.  You saw how much of a mess I was.  But that state of mind...that lit a fire under me.  Losing that match at World Series made me realize that, over the summer, I was slacking.  I was getting by with only putting minimal effort into my matches - enough to beat everyone, but still.  I was just barely winning, and that caught up to me at World Series.  But things are different now.  Now I'm desperate, Leon, and I will do ANYTHING to get my title back over my shoulder.  I may have lost at World Series...but that loss made me more dangerous than anything else could have.

*Leon glances at his notecard.*

Jones: So now, after pulling out your contract and demanding a rematch at Hall of Pain, you are in a House of Horrors match with four other men.  Darkness, the current World Champion.  Korath, the winner of the 2017 World Series match.  And, as of this past week's Fury, Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister, who "cashed in" their championship opportunities for the World title.  All are former champions in their own right, and all are definitely capable of being "the man" in the WWX.  What separates you from this group?

*Syndicate leans forward, looking Leon right in the eye.*

Syndicate: What separates me from the pack, Leon, is that I am better than all four of those men, plain and simple.  Let's run it down.  Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister were a great tag team, sure.  Legendary, you could say.  Like me, they beat everyone in their path, week in and week out, until there was no competition left.  They had the Tag Team Division in the palms of their hands.  But I'd like to throw a wrench into that resume of theirs.

*He smirks.*

Syndicate: This past summer - the exact date is unimportant - I was scheduled to face Tommy and Rex in a tag team match alongside then-International Champion, LuAndre Xavier.  LuAndre, unfortunately, bailed on me, probably because he didn't want to be outclassed.  So, as a result, the match was changed that very night into a triple-threat match for my World Heavyweight Championship.  I went into a match that was essentially two-on-one with little to no preparation against one of the greatest tag teams to ever compete.  And do you know what happened next?  I beat them.  I retained my title.  I walked right through hell's gates and walked back out unscathed.  So, as far as I'm concerned, if I can defeat them as a unit, I sure as hell can defeat them post-breakup.

Jones: What about Korath?

*Syndicate sighs, reminiscing.*

Syndicate: Ah, yes.  Korath.  You know, I faced him in my second match with the WWX and got absolutely dominated by him.  Thinking back, I lost to Korath quite a few times in my first year here.  Korath once called me his "pup", saying I was a young lad way too far over his head.  He told me I didn't deserve anything as a rookie, and, well, he was right.  But I'm afraid to say that things have changed since then.  I've won titles, I've beaten legends, and I've been the face of the WWX for at least the past year.  I won World Series a year before Korath managed to do the same.  In every possible way, I have sped past Korath in the WWX, becoming "The Man" WAY before Korath even got to sniff the main event scene.  Korath did win World Series, I will give him that, but what else has he done?  Been a part of When Worlds Collide?  Won the International title ONCE and nothing else?  Seems like kind of a weak resume, to be honest.  Korath has been eclipsed by the Los Angeles Outlaw, Leon, and that's not going to change in World Series.  Far from it, in fact.  I have nothing but respect for the man because of the lessons he once taught me, but, I'm the teacher.  I'm the MAN, Leon.  And it's ME who's going to teach Korath a lesson at Hall of Pain.

Jones: And finally, we come to Darkness.

*Syndicate loses his smile when Darkness's name is mentioned.*

Syndicate: What else is there to say about him?  You saw what happened the past two weeks on Fury.  I kicked his ass one week - BEATING him, 1, 2, 3, in the center of the ring - and then took it to him with the same amount of ruthlessness a week later.  I HATE Darkness, Leon.  I hate him more than I've hated anyone else I've ever faced.  He is a DISGRACE, he is a cheating son of a bitch, and I would like nothing more than to embarrass him in front of the world.  I would like to call attention to the fact, once again, that Darkness only beat me at World Series because of Brytney's interference.  Since then, Darkness hasn't won a match.  He's been an embarrassment of a World Champion, and he is not worthy of carrying this company.  I AM.  I have proven, time and time again, that I am the FACE of the WWX.  I am the hardest worker this company has EVER SEEN, Leon!  Darkness isn't going to survive this House of Horrors match, and he's most certainly not walking out with the World title.

*Syndicate quickly looks over directly at the camera.*

Syndicate: Darkness, Tommy, Rex, Korath, I want you to come at me with the best you've got.  I want you to put as much passion and energy into this Hall of Pain match.  Because when you do, you'll see exactly how outmatched you are by me.  I do EVERYTHING better than you guys do on your best days, and at Hall of Pain, I can say with absolute confidence that it will be ME walking out as World Heavyweight Champion.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate reaches over and shakes Leon's hand, who looks slightly stunned.*

Syndicate: Next time you wanna interview me, give me a buzz.

*He stands up and walks off-camera left.  Leon watches after him for a few moments before turning back to the camera, composed and confident.*

Jones: As always, I'm Leon Jones for  Good night.

*The WWX logo appears on-screen as a voiceover is heard.*

V/O: This has been a special presentation of

*The logo slowly fades to black.*

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