The Nordic Nightmare begins

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Sat, Aug05, 2017 8:33pm America/Phoenix
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The Nordic Nightmare begins
*scene opens on a high cliff, Korath stands staring out at the horizon. You can see his skin glowing from sweat, his hair a darker shade of red from the run he took to get there. He turns as the camera approaches, crossing his arms and looking at the camera with a stern look on his face.

"Good Afternoon, its time once again for my rampage across the WWX. Everyone knows my ultimate goal, and so before my rise I must begin to shake off the rust. James Bourne has decided to feed the beast, so I shall begin my ascent by taking on.....a clown."

Korath turns fully to face the camera, cracking his knuckles and rolling his shoulders.

"Glorious Gaijin, you have no idea of the force of nature you are up against, I have faced hundreds of opponents, all of whom gave me a challenge. Just showing up will not save you, so tell me, what chance do you think you will stand? I haven't heard of a decent match from you in a while, I always give one hundred percent in my matches and I will devastate you when we are in the ring. It's time Gaijin, prepare to face the Nordic Nightmare, and beware the beast."

*With that, Korath turns back to the cliff and with a small jump hops over the edge, turning as he falls and catching the rocks, the scene fades as he disappears from view.

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