The One and Only pt 2

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, Nov01, 2017 11:56am America/Phoenix
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The One and Only pt 2
{{The scene opens up with a close up of his face. we see Tommy Lipton, unshaven and rugged looking.}}

Tommy: live from my cellular device, the one and only, your next WWX Undisputed Champion of the World! 

{{He turns the camera to show a Blue Jay bird, she's pecking at the ground searching for a late afternoon snack. As the camera pans the area we see the beaten down barn that he is using for his training location, surrounded by large pine trees and maple trees which have lost most of their leafs. Off to the right there's a dirt that leads into the forrest and a narrow river off the far side. The camera jerks a bit and is refocused on Tommy himself.}}

Tommy:  So the details of my upcoming Hall of Pain match have been given... we learned what the House of Horrors is. More than that we learned what it potentially could be. A death match... 
The house is made up of levels that we must contend in, weapons will be laying around amongst ... other things. *he shivers*
It sure isn't like any match I have faced off in previously and believe me I have faced off in almost every sadistic match one could think of. In fact I am slightly embarrassed to admit, that although I created a special Hall of Pain match when I was GM, which takes place in, you guessed it, a hall of pain... I have to admit this match sounds way cooler and I wish when I was GM I came up with this. So I don't usually credit the BOD but ... bravo! 

{{Tommy scratches his nose.}}

Tommy: However, coming up with the idea and actually participating in it are two big differences! I may have wanted to come up with the idea but fighting in the House of Horrors sound freakin' dangerous! This match I knew would be intense but I couldn't have imagined this. I hang out here in the woods training for a fight, but really, let's be honest, you can't really train for this sort of thing. You just got to hope to be in shape and able to withstand a shit ton of abuse to the body. My only advantage with training here is that I'm living on only things I need, surviving out here in the woods, using much of the environment around me to train is essential as THIS match will be all about getting creative and using the surrounding environment to your advantage. Maybe I picked the right place to train for a match like this after all. Hah who am I kidding this damn things gonna be a slobberknocker in hell! Cannot wait! 

{{Tommy winks then grins.}}

Tommy: five men will enter the House of Horrors- Wait, only four as one won't actually make it inside... For one their night will fall short but for me, I do not plan to be buried alive thank you very much! No, I plan to be one of the four that do get into the house and finally one of the two on the upper level fighting for the Undisputed Championship. I plan to be the sole survivor... One of my opponents, Syndicate, I have already spoke enough about, I would hate to become a broken record and bore you like he does every time he fights. Maybe I'll address bomb one last time before we fight. Trash talking him does come easy after all.

{{Tommy lets out a chuckle.}}

Tommy: Another opponent who goes by The name,  The Nordic Nightmare, Korath has remained silent for a few days until today... clearly due to him being busy setting up those theatrics! He is nicknamed the Nordic Nightmare... nightmare eh... hmmm...  Rick Dreamie also considered himself a nightmare for others.... I defeated him just as I will defeat Korath. I am not a stranger to nightmares, and this match offers plenty of them. Darkness, the evil dark sadistic man who can sometimes be unpredictable... Korath, a man who calls himself a nightmare living in the forrest playing Tarzan, well just recently he took on a role of some ancient Mummy or god like prophet... LSD has these sort of affects on people... 

{{He laughs}}

Tommy: and of course the House of Horrors itself will be the biggest nightmare of them all! 

{{Tommy takes in a deep breath then exhales.}}

Tommy: Korath, I am now talking to you directly, I am not too sure if you remember what you said to me many weeks ago, in your promo "soon the world"... You laughed at the thought of seeing me in the final ring at World Series, so that you could defeat me and leave me beaten as you rub the World Title contract in my face. At the time I didn't give you much thought. I do not really recall mentioning you at all to be honest and you indeed won World Series to earn your place in this match. You slipped through my fingers but lightning will not strike twice... do not think that you will be so lucky as to win Hall of Pain. You may have laughed at the thought of defeating me and taking away my opportunity... However, fate had other desires and here I am preparing to join you and the others in that Hall of Pain match. Guess you were laughing then but I am laughing now and after it is you who's laid out I'll not be a poor sport and laugh at you directly, just know within I'll be very much satisfied. 

Tommy: Korath, you are a big dude, I get it, you plan to squash us all in that House. But as big a man as you are, all scary looking with scars across your chest from your days in the wild-

{{Tommy looks around at the wilderness that surrounds him.}}

Tommy: None of that matters, the bigger they are means the harder they fall. So I am glad you are happy that I have decided to take time out of my day to address you. You may wish for a challange but I fear that this challange you so heavily are craving is going to weigh you down more than you expected. It is suiting that you would decide to talk from whithin a dark tomb or catacomb of some sorts that supposidly has been untouched for decades as the braziers that lit the area die out as you speak down upon each of your opponents to send a real chill down all our spines... isn't that the purpose, to make us all FEAR you? a man who did not previously awaken from a tomb, no, the other day you were hanging in a forrest trying to spook us all from the darker woods in Northern Ireland. Korath, however it's fitting that you become accustomed to a dark tomb, a "hall of the dead" if you will... for who knows, perhaps that will become your resting place after Hall of Pain. When I lift you up and crash you down with the Lipton Slam, maybe even add a few more scars to your already scared body. we will then see just how big and scary you really are! 

{{He shakes his head, looks to go and say more but then looks to have a change of thought... }}

Tommy: Speaking of scary, let us revisit the fears that Darkness claims I have. 
Darkness, I am now talking directly to you. I respect you as a competitor, my former stable mate and I more than that respect that you are acknowledging the fact I do not fear you rather than just trying to fool yourself otherwise. You are right though, I do want that title you have around your waist one more time. I'd hate to have come all this way and make this huge return to Hall of Pain just to lose. So I plan to go to this House, I plan to kick in the door and use every element that presents itself as an opportunity for me.... Simply put, I plan to leave the WWX Undisputed Champion! Would you expect anything different? 

Tommy: Darkness, we have such a long history, we even talked after World Series about wanting to face each other at Hall of Pain and we got that. You and I you twisted dark man, you and I will fight it out with a few others to determine who will be crowned the Undisputed Champion! Do not think that although I haven't been in a WWX Championship in years makes me rusty. Despite the fact that a few want to bash mine and Rex' s success in the tag division, for a year I was on top in one of the greatest units WWX has ever seen! In fact in our eyes, Rex and mine,  we gave more meaning to the Tag belts than Syndicate ever gave to that World title which now is around your waist Darkness. I'm far from rusty, I am hungry, I am driven and determined to take back what I should NEVER have lost 7 years ago. It is time that the one the only true king of WWX be recrowned! 

{{Tommy wears a stone cold firm look. 
He whispers into the speaker...}}

Tommy: I am coming. 


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