The Open Challenge Remains.... Open?

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Mon, Dec11, 2017 11:12pm America/Phoenix
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The Open Challenge Remains.... Open?
(Bob Mellon is back in his personal gym weightlifting and getting ready for another weekend in the squared circle. The problem this time is that Bob has no idea who his opponent will be or how to prepare appropriately. Things have been slightly off as of late for Mellon, who after a couple weeks off is starting to feel as though the time spent away from his family may not be worth it. The constant training and staying prepared for anything has begun to wear on him. He finds himself often times wondering if doing it alone is really worth it. The International division is yielding uninteresting talent and a triple threat match of underwhelming. Rumors are beginning to swirl as Mellon hears that Hex Girl may make her return in a rematch many are looking forward to. Tom Black has toyed with the idea of getting an early shot at Mellon much like Krimzon did the week before. Fozzy has also played with the idea of pursuing being a double champion. All of these wrestlers are formidable and bring their own challenges in the squared circle. The thoughts begin to fly through Mellon's head.)

Mellon: So what if it is Tom Black. What if before I step into Holiday Hell, I would have fought both Krimzon and Tom, one on one, before the big match. Both men have had title shots and a chance to take the gold away from me. Who faces that challenge nowadays? I look around the rest of the WWX and there are best of seven matches and stipulations where if one guy wins then he earns a number one contender match the following week and then maybe a title shot at the PPV. It just seems so cumbersome. Yet here we are, three men, two of whom are getting cracks at the title before the big show. Isn't that interesting? I mean that is all well and good if it is Tom Black. Can't say for sure just yet...

(Mellon heads to the water cooler and grabs a quick drink as his mind moves to the next possibility)

Mellon: Now Hex Girl could be an interesting opponent. She definitely has something out against me. I put her in the hospital and she's been sidelined for weeks. It was definitely not a pretty moment. If anyone is going to come back and unleash hell on me it would be her. However, she is sold on it being a hardcore match and the stipulation here is just a straight up International Title match. Surely she wouldn't want to waste her opportunity now considering she wants to call the shots on how the match will be played. That doesn't mean she wouldn't try her hand two title shots if she could. I don't even know her prognosis at the hospital. Would be fun to put her back in the hospital if I could...

(Mellon heads back over to the bench press and sits on the bench. In his head pops a new rival, Fozzy)

Mellon: Fozzy... Television Champion and one of the more feared competitors in the business right now. He comes prepared and he comes looking for a fight. He is the only superstar in the business right now that has the ability to give me a run for my money. It would be a pretty daunting task for him considering he is already booked but I wouldn't put it past him. He may also be loathed by the other competitors as much as I am. It would be quite the spectacle for a Ravage card. That is more PPV material so I doubt the WWX would allow it happen... The fans deserve it though.

(Mellon does a rep of 12, places the bar back on the rack and sits back up)

Mellon: All I know is that as we get closer to the PPV the stakes get higher and higher. My reign has at least proven that I am a serious competitor. Over a month now I have taken on any and all challenges. This one is different though. No name attached to it. I'll be standing in that ring this weekend with no idea how to approach it until moments before it happens. Whether it is Tom, Fozzy, Hex, or someone just waiting in the wings to get a shot they never expected, I'll be out there to do what I know I do better than the rest... and that is, defend my title and my name. Bob 'the Beast' Mellon has stood the test of time and will continue to do so. I don't need the fans. I don't need friends. I don't need anyone. I got me and that's more than anyone else has... 

(The thought of his family and time away comes over Mellon like a blanket of sorrow) 

Mellon: I don't need any... one... else. 

(He can't shake the thought of his family. The ideal heel is suddenly second-guessing his choices... Then, suddenly he snaps out of it, picks up a 50lb weight and throws it through a mirror in the gym)

Mellon: I don't need a damn thing from no one. 

(He storms into the steam room and closes the door. The camera fades to black) 

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