The Outrage is alive...

Roleplay Roleplay by DR. DEATH
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The Outrage is alive...
[As we gaze down upon a dental clinic, a weary figure stands waiting in line for their appointment. The door in which they are to soon enter is labelled in big black letters that read, Dr. H Johnson. The various people surrounding the figure look at him as some sort of savage beast. In his hand he holds a black leather briefcase, hung tightly to his side. A water dispenser stands in-front of him, that's when a little girl with blonde flocks of hair walks up to it and begins to pour a drink. She looks at him warily, then smiles genuinely. Showing missing teeth from her past appointment with the dentist. He looks at her and attempts a smile back, but he's never smiled before. So it comes out looking like he's constipated. She looks at him as though he's mad, before scurrying off to join her mother leaving the shop.]

"William Gates"

[As she reads the name aloud she exits her booth. Wait that's not him! The figure thinks to himself as he follows her in, being that his name's William Gates. Or is it? Wait, haven't I heard that somewhere before? But never mind, the man enters the clinic, dropping his bag on the floor and taking a seat on the dentist chair.]

"Good afternoon, Gates. I'm Miss Crocker."

["Crocker" he thinks to himself. But where the f*cking hell is the old man? Damn, I missed him. But as soon as he thinks this, an elderly gentlemen comes back into the room. He's zipping his flies up and putting clean white gloves on. Oh, here's the old git, William Gates thinks once more.]

"This is Dr. Johnson."

[Miss Crocker motions over to Johnson, who smiles weakly before going back into his utensil draws looking for his stuff for the checkup. He pokes his head up and finally replies after noticing the daunting awkward silence between all three of them.]

"Hello... Gates. This is your first time here with us I believe. I'm H, short for Harry. I'll be doing your checkup routine today."

[William nods, his face still and emotionless on the chair. Then Crocker leaves the room to go do other important stuff. I'm guessing she's his assistant, he reckons to himself. H. walks over to Gates and smiles, his teeth squeaky clean and white. Why do all dentists have nice teeth? It's f*cking magic if you ask me. Once more he wonders as H. lowers his chair and asks Gates to open his mouth wide.]


[Gates says, before kicking H. square in the nuts. The old man yelps in pain as Gates slides off of the chair and picks up a sharp utensil from the side and holds it against the man's throat. H. looks on in terror. This has never ever happened to him before.]

"Well well, Harry. It's good to see you old friend."

[William Gates begins to grab at the skin on his face and yanks it off. It's Dr. Death underneath the mask.]

"No, why are you doing this Bi-"

[Death presses the utensil deeper into his throat to shut him up.]

"Never, ever speak of that name AGAIN! They're long gone, Death is the only name I go by now. Speaking off which, last time we spoke you promised to take care of my niece for me as I exiled for a while. I came back after a few years didn't I, Harry? to find out that not only was my niece now missing... BUT SHE WAS F*CKING DEAD! MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD! You were startled, you felt so horrible. Her mother was long dead, her father was long dead aswell. I was her last piece of family and I trusted you to look after her whilst I left to regain my bearings. BUT JUST WHEN I FOUND PEACE WITHIN MYSELF, I COME BACK TO FIND MYYYY LAST PIECE OF FAMILY DEAD! You were meant to be there for her, you LET her die."

[Harry begins to cry, remembering the tragic event. It wasn't his fault, he knew that. For the first time ever Death's eyes seem to water before he wipes them away quickly, turning back into rage and anger.]

"I'm going to kill you Harry."

[The old man begs with him to rethink his decision, it wasn't his fault! But Death wouldn't understand, he never understands. The rage and fire within burning him up inside.]

"And if you think just for one second you'll see her again, you won't. YOU'RE GOING TO HELL! SHE WAS MY ANGEL!"

[He digs the utensil even deeper into his throat.]

"F*ck you Harry."

[He slices the man's neck as the camera blurs as to avoid the murder. Death begins to cry, what has he done?! Then, the cry turns into a laugh. A sadistic, evil laugh. He lies next to the body of his former friend and sits there, holding him in his arms.]

"But it's ok..."

[He smiles and twitches, he's f*cked up as hell.]

"I've found a new place to call home... A new place to release my anger and rage! A new place to get vengeance for her. It's called WWX. A "wrestling" company. A place where fighting is encouraged and beloved. I'll fight for her Harry, I'll fight for her. SO F*CK YOU!"

[He stands up from the body and begins to kick it on the ground. it's dead. But that doesn't matter to him. He couldn't care less.]

"Now I find it only fitting, that they call their newest PPV, "Outrage". For that is what I'm going to bring to the table. WWX be put on aware... Outrage will be now forever known as the birthplace of the wrestler known as Dr. Death... It's time to fight the demons... It's time to release Satan upon Earth... Wether the TV Champion Willie Steen, or the world champion, "Syndicate". I'm f*cking coming for you... So you better f*cking run!"

[He laughs sadistically as he places his William Gates mask back over his face and leaves the booth, the camera pans back over to the dead body of Harry J., as he lies their dead. Until darkness swarms the scene...]


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