The Price Of A Sell Out

Roleplay Roleplay by DR. DEATH
On Fri, Jun30, 2017 1:12pm America/Phoenix
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The Price Of A Sell Out

[As the camera pans to an awakening, a figure dressed in black can be strolling through the same fields as of last week. However this time the sun has far gone, instead it's the early hours of the morning. It's hard to make out just who this person is, the darkness looming over them like a black cloud in the sky. He begins to speak in an eerily dark tone.]

"How much is it really worth? To sell yourself out in the manner of gaining popularity."

[The shadow begins to move it's arms, grabbing something from it's pocket. A clicking sound, then another. A light, from the click erupts a fire. It illuminates the man now, Dr. Death, a lighter within his hands.]

"Fill, you speak of an offer to join the enemy. You speak of a decision in which you have to make. But you see, only but a week ago I was in the same position as you, and although my decision has lead me to join the cause that is the Purification of Darkness. My choice was no "selling out". My choice has lead to the first crusade, to wipe the Blayde Club from the eXistence."

[He slowly brings the flame from his face to the side of his body. His body actions speak unclear of what his intentions be.]

"Now you make amends with the enemy that is Blayde Archer and crew. But you don't wish to do this because you want to help wipe me, Black and Polaris from eXistence. No, you wish to do it because you've seen the surge of popularity in which the club has gained and you wish to capitalize upon it. Why? You're a former World Wrestling Champion, a hero to these fans. What makes you think selling out to the enemy will make you even more of a star? You are at your peak. You are at your best. Yet it's clear you obviously don't believe this, it's obvious you see Archer a superior. That's why the light has to burn brightly upon this world."]

[Death drops the lighter from within his hands to the grass beneath him. At first it seems as though the light fades out, he begins to walk in the opposite direction. Away from the lighter upon the floor. That's when a great fire erupts as the grass burns and Dr. Death laughs sadistically, leaving the fire behind him.]

"Ah... ha... ha... ha... haaa... The Purification of Darkness is the fire that now burns the grass. The grass being you and the club of Blayde. We will burn you from this Earth until the only thing left of you is the stench of burnt bodies. You're a bunch of corpses walking into the graves. You're dead men walking. This is what shall happen if you do decide to sell out and join the enemy..."

[Dr. Death picks up a cigarette from his trench coat pocket and bends down to the fire burning the ground. He lights it, taking a puff of the tobacco before continuing on with is prophecy.]

"But what if you don't? Well the fire will still burn within the grass that is Blayde Archer. But you'll be one of these trees. A tree that may or not be effected by the burning. It matters, how strong of a tree are you? Are you the strong Baobab tree? Or a mere weak Ash tree? The fire that is the Purification will still burn the weaker of the trees to the ground, the strongest shall remain. But burnt, scarred."

[Dr. Death looks gloomily into the void of darkness in front of him, still smoking from his cigarette. The light of the fire casting Dr. Death a shadow upon the ground. The fire rages towards his feet, his boots nearly catching alight.]

"So what's the price of a sell out? Well you'll find out Fill, you either make yourself the enemy, or you survive long enough to become the hero. But it's up to you, what route are you willing to take? The easy one? The one in which you fight alongside the dead of men. Or the hard route? The one that truly tests how much of a man you are, you grow some f*cking balls and you fight to put an end to Archer and his club. Are you the man in which you claim to be? What's the price you are willing to pay? What's the price of a... Sell out?"

[He cackles as he walks off from the fields and over the gate at the beginning of the woods. The camera pans back to the field that's now fully ablaze. The light fading as the screen disappears to nothing more, but darkness.]


FRIDAY AFTERNOON: 4 hours before Mayhem:

[Dr. Death is seen standing at the side of a road, he looks around the city of Louisville, Kentucky. The hustling and bustling of the crowd making a bunch of noise as Death fits in with the rest of the civilians. He turns his head creepily towards the camera a few steps down from him. People walk to and through in front of the screen as he maneuvers his way towards it. Once in front, he speaks. The crowd not paying attention, too busy in their own lives.]

"Early this morning I spoke of the price you wish to pay. Now, four hours before our great battle, I stand within the crowd of Louisville to speak to you of another prophecy. Fill, these men, women, boys and girls have no doubt heard of WWX Mayhem being in their area tonight. I'm sure some of these average citizens are even fans of me and you alike. They look up upon us as heroes, people from out of this world. They think of you a savior."

[He looks around the crowd of people, taking in the very sight of the city. People still push and shove as Death carries on his second prophecy.]

"And yet, you're still willing to stab them in their f*cking backs. Call yourself a hero *Pffft*... These people need you, they need you to save their souls from the ghouls that haunt WWX, like myself. So are you really willing to shove a chair right through them for the sake of popularity? In fact, talking of popularity. You turn your back on these fans and you're popularity won't rise for a good reason, no. It'll rise because you'll forever be known as the man that kissed Blayde Archer's a**..."

[He shakes his head disappointingly at the camera.]

"Granted, I have done many... Many bad things in my lifetime. And trust me, I'm not stopping any f*cking time soon. But to stoop so low that you have to cling on to another man's popularity to become relevant is just f*cking stupid. Fill, YOU are f*cking stupid. Now the second prophecy is... the people... They need you. And although I couldn't give a sh*t most of the time about them, I AM their good doctor. Here to help the Purification Of Darkness rid the souls of the Blade Club from WWX..."

[Dr. Death turns his back to the camera, walking away as though a spirit among the humans. You hear his faint, distant cackle as the camera once more, fades to nothing but pure darkness...]

[Sudden White text appears upon the still black background...]





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