The quest begins

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Sun, Jan07, 2018 7:36pm America/Phoenix
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The quest begins
Bob Mellon, after successfully defying the odds and retaining his International Championship, hopped a flight back to New York City the next morning to spend time with his family. The odds had been stacked against Mellon, with both Krimzon and Tom hungry for the chance to take the title away from Mellon. The match got so intense that longtime rival Hex Girl tried to sway the favor in the hands of Tom Black who was as close as anyone has been to take the belt from Mellon. Unfortunately, Hex missed the mark with the powder blinding Tom and the rest was history. Mellon was stopped several times in the airport to sign autographs and chat with fans who either were in attendance or watched the event on PPV. Before boarding the plane, Mellon saw the rankings that had come out where he now was within striking distance of the World Title which was surprisingly stripped from Syndicate after Xavier Pendragon cashed in the opportunity as the show was going off the air. It was an intense night and Mellon was exhausted. Looking forward Mellon has the likes of Darkness in the first round of the Crusade Cup. Not having had the opportunity to fight Darkness in the past, he was excited at the prospect of fighting a major talent in the first round of the competition.

Mellon boarded his flight with the idea of what the next month could bring. From here on out the focus would be on the Crusade Cup which could be a boost in the right direction for Mellon's career. He has for over two months now successfully defended and held onto the International Title but his eyes are set now on achieving even more. With the possibility of winning the cup it may open the door to Mellon eventually becoming the World Champion again. Something he hasn't had in many years. Thinking back on the differences between now and then he realizes the World Championship division is highly competitive and very unpredictable. The proof was clear after last night. Syndicate, having proved his worth and might, fended off each of his challengers only to be upended when it was all said and done. The end of an era was upon us and a new champion crowned. Mellon would have to learn from this for the future. To watch his back at all times would be a priority. Cashing in that case, was and is always a possibility. 

Looking out the window of the plan Mellon sees beneath him the houses, cars, and roads getting smaller and smaller. The view of the landscape becoming ever more general. The thought of leaving Austin is a relief. A New Yorker like Mellon never feels that comfortable in Texas, or anywhere else for that matter. However, put a ring anywhere in the country and this man is right at home. The fact is that last night Mellon proved once again why he continues to move up in the rankings and why his rise back to the top of the card is coming faster than most are ready for. Now, a week before Holiday Hell, Mellon further solidified himself as one of the major stars of the WWX when he defeated the now World Champion cleanly in the squared circle. The test was passed but graduation is still a ways off. Now Mellon had a brief partnership with Darkness when he was coupled with him as a tag partner at the beginning of the Tag Team tournament. The two didn't mix well and Mellon's main focus at the time was on Tom Black and his feud building up to this past weekend. Suddenly Mellon feels his stomach turn. A blown opportunity to not only have been able to see, first hand, how Darkness works, but also make a connection and understand the man better.

The fact of the matter is there is no changing the past. Now he has his work cut out for him. As he looked through the bracket he was awar that a lot of the others had a slightly easier start to the tournament. Short straw was drawn and now it was time to show up. However, Mellon hadn't stopped thinking about what is to come with Hex Girl. She has been very vocal about getting back at Mellon not only for putting her in the hospital but because she also feels she lays claim to the International Title considering she is a former Television Champion. Her goal is to continue climbing the ladder as well. Mellon, considering the contract negotiations regarding this match, needs to figure out what his best plan of attack is when this major title match should occur. Before he knows it, the plane is approaching JFK International Airport. He has thought away his entire flight. As the plane lands, he receives a phone call from his agent.

Mellon: Hello?

Tom: Bob, congrats on the win last night. 

Mellon: Thanks, boss. What's up?

Tom: I need your ok on the contract for Hex. Are you ready to sign?

Mellon: Should be ready. Just send it over and I'll send it out.

Tom: Also, are you still up for the guest appearance in Memphis on Thursday, wrestling their World Champion?

Mellon: Yes, I will be there for it. I'll fly Wednesday morning. Can you arrange it all?

Tom: I will book it all. Are you excited about this weekend against Darkness?

Mellon: Should be a hell of a fight. Let's just hope Syndicate keeps out of the match. I have a feeling after a rough weekend that he might be interested in poking his nose into our business.

Tom: It's possible but you handled yourself pretty well this evening.

Mellon: Yeah, it's just harder to recover these days. The body is a bit older and the muscles tighten up a lot quicker.

Tom: I understand. Take a few days. If we need to cancel Memphis I will.

Mellon: No, I need the match. It'll keep me warm for this weekend against Darkness. 

Tom: Ok, I'll finalize all of that and just get some rest and relax. You've got a big month ahead of you.

Mellon: I'm aware. Take care, Tom.

Mellon hangs up the phone as he approaches his car back to his Brooklyn brownstone. A tired, worn down, yet proud Mellon gets in the car looking forward to a couple days home before hitting the road again. Like his agent said, he has a big month ahead of him... 

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