The Re-Awakening...

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Tue, Feb06, 2018 7:41am America/Phoenix
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The Re-Awakening...
Following the events of Ravage, everyone's has been wondering how Xavier will respond to the blind assault by Rex McAllister, which ws obviously set up by Tommy Lipton? The camera pans in on the sounds of avid screaming and sudden thuds. A brave cameraman comes up to Beatrice...or tries to anyway.

BEATRICE: You DO know that the champion does not like to be disturbed while he is training, correct?

Beatrice turns to face the cameraman with murderous intent in her eyes. The cameraman is currently frozen in fear.

BEATRICE: Then why are you here? To get a word in on how Xavier's going to react to what the Lipton/McAllister tandem did to him?! Is THAT IT?!

Beatrice's booming voice causes the cameraman to stumble with the camera as he's backing up to get away from Beatrice until he bumps into someone. As Beatrice backs away, the cameraman turns around to see none other than the World Champ himself.

XAVIER: Since becoming the World Champion, it seems that both Rex AND Lipton is more bloodthirsty than the other people on this roster and both of them think that the fed can't survive without either one of them hold the belt I'm currently in possession of. Sure, me being World Champion makes the prime target because let's face it, everyone wants to be THE champion, but when you take it to the extreme that Rex and Tommy much so that they made their apparent fight that I was their ref in seem like a big f***ing ruse, then they turn right around and do it again, what do you do then, hmm? I'll tell you what I'm going to do. Though I'm not slated to be at Ravage this week, I'm going to Ravage. You see, the ONLY thing that McAllister and Lipton has done is pissed me off. First, Ranger decides to stick them against each other in a match to see who would face me then turns right around and decides to reward them both at the same time. On that same factor, Syndicate by right is supposed to get his rematch for this belt but that's not going to happen either. Fast forward to the present day where Lipton and McAllister thinks that them double-teaming me will increase their chances of winning at Aftershock. News flash: it did not increase their chances of winning. What it DID do is increase their chances of getting the most vicious beating of their life.

Beatrice senses the tension coming from Xavier, walking over to him.

BEATRICE: You're thinking about bringing your infamous persona back, aren't you?

XAVIER: If you're referring to THAT persona, then yes, I am...

to be continued

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