The Real Champion

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Sun, May21, 2017 8:43pm America/Phoenix
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The Real Champion

*Static suddenly appears on-screen, alongside a string of text over the static.*



*The static now gives way to a shot of Syndicate, fresh off of his win on Mayhem, leaning against a backstage wall.  Drenched in sweat, Syndicate is grasping the Undisputed World Championship as he brushes back his blonde hair and smiles.  A few stagehands, passing by as they disassemble the Mayhem set, offer congratulations to the Los Angeles Outlaw, who seems to be taking a moment to take it all in.  Just as he is getting ready to go back to the locker room, Leon Jones, dressed in a crisp blue suit, steps out from behind the camera with a microphone in his hand.*

Jones: Leon Jones for  Syndicate, what an impressive win here tonight alongside LuAndre Xavier.  Your thoughts?

*Syndicate chuckles before catching his breath a bit and speaking.*

Syndicate: You know, Leon, I didn't even know if Lu was gonna show up for that match.  I tried texting him earlier this week, but he never responded.  I'm glad he came to teach Cameron and Kurtis a lesson.

Leon: Now, Syndicate, although you and LX did win the match, some could say that your win was due to Kurtis Ray walking out on Cameron Westport.  Would you agree with this statement?

Syndicate: Well, that did happen, and it certainly made it easier to win, but I wouldn't give the win entirely to Kurtis's ineptitude.  Even if he wouldn't have walked out, I still would've hit Cam with the No Signal and pinned his ass, 1, 2, 3.  In that regard, no, the walk out did not matter in the end.

Leon: Right before I came to speak with you, I received word that you, alongside LuAndre Xavier, will be facing the WWX Tag Team Champions, Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton, next week on Ravage.  Soon after the announcement was made, Tommy Lipton released a statement saying that the champions' attendance at Ravage is uncertain due to their Mayhem exclusivity.  What are your thoughts on this matchup as well as Lipton's words?

*Syndicate pauses with a look of disbelief on his face.*

Syndicate: Really?  The great Tommy Lipton is going to skip Ravage, alongside the other stooge known as Rex McAllister?  Really, Leon?  Listen, I didn't become World Champion by believing fake news like that.

*The Los Angeles Outlaw looks down at his World title, which he holds in his right hand.*

Syndicate: Rex and Tommy are two men that I have an extensive history with, particularly from the past year.  Rex, of course, was the World Champion for much of 2016, a feat that should have been punctuated - and ended - with a one-on-one match at Hall of Pain against the Los Angeles Outlaw.  Speaking to you directly, Rex, I'm really sad that backstage politics and terrible management screwed that plan up, because I could've won my second World title a whole lot sooner.

*He smirks.*

Syndicate: Now, I don't really know what you've been up to since then besides teaming up with a washed-up, backstabbing loser like Tommy Lipton.  Sure, you two won the Tag titles, and that's adorable.  But that doesn't excuse the fact that I, Syndicate, am the UNDISPUTED World Heavyweight Champion.  Just like I did to Kurtis Ray and Cameron Westport earlier tonight, if you cross me, I'm gonna break you until you can't answer the count of three.  Last year, you may have beaten me - hell, you were the World champ and all.  But, this is my time.  This is my world.  This is my WWX.  This week on Ravage, if you do decide to show up, I'll show you just how much the tables have turned.

Jones: Do you have anything to say towards Tommy Lipton?

Syndicate: ...Tommy Lipton.  Tommy Lipton, the Hall of Famer.  Tommy Lipton, the 8-time World Champion.  Tommy Lipton, the 4-time Whammy Award winner.  Tommy Lipton, "Mr. WWX".

*Syndicate pauses.*

Syndicate: Tommy Lipton, the man that intrudes in other people's business.  Tommy Lipton, the backstabber of the century.  Tommy Lipton, the old-timer looking for one last glimpse of the spotlight.  Tommy Lipton, the legend that always seems to have a problem with me.  And finally, Tommy Lipton, the loser of this week's match on Ravage.

Jones: What are you trying to say?

Syndicate: Listen up, Leon.  Tommy Lipton is a man who I have a long history with - one that I've gone over multiple times before and will not bore you with here.  The fact is this: Tommy |BLEEP|ing Lipton may have been a great wrestler in years past.  But, just as I said this past fall when I kicked his ass week after week, Tommy |BLEEP|ing Lipton is a man who needs to tuck his tail between his legs and leave this company.  Tommy, do you know why I hate you?  Do you know why I look forward to beating you up more than anyone else in the WWX?

*The champion smiles.*

Syndicate: It's "because I can".  It's because, somehow, you let me.  You willingly walk into rivalries with me only to see yourself thrown down to the mat, time and time again.  It's pretty embarrassing, actually.  And now, look at yourself: you've somehow agreed to team with Rex McAllister, of all people, just to gain some notoriety and dignity again.  What a frickin' joke.  And the best part of all this is that when you lose those Tag titles - and God knows you'll be losing those belts soon - you'll throw Rex right under the bus, just like you've done with every other tag team partner you've ever had.

Syndicate: It seems that Rex is blind to your ways, just as Reno Vega and the rest of BTA was last summer before I snuffed out that group's candle just so you couldn't.  Rex only sees "Mr. WWX", the Hall of Famer, the 8-time World champ.  I see a man with a need for nothing more than screentime, a man who wrestles with the intent to hog the spotlight as much as he can - before he finally fizzles out.  But the one thing you're likely forgetting, Tommy, is that I'm here...and I'm the World Heavyweight Champion.

*He chuckles once more.*

Syndicate: These two want to prove that they are legitimate champions and worthy challengers to the International and World titles?  Show up to Ravage.  I'll be there as the REAL champion of the WWX, because I stick to the dates that I'm given.  I don't give up on the WWX or the WWX Universe just because of an "exclusivity agreement".  Although, even if Maxfield Stanton rips those to shreds...I'm sure you'll find a unique way to avoid facing me.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate smiles at Leon and walks past the camera, World title in hand.  Leon watches after him for a moment before turning towards the lens.*

Jones: For, I'm Leon Jones.

*The image of Jones's face is immediately overtaken by static.*


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