The Real Day of Reckoning Is Coming

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Fri, Dec08, 2017 9:00am America/Phoenix
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The Real Day of Reckoning Is Coming
The scene pans to an empty arena at the Toyota Center. The camera pans out to show the whole arena, the seats, the rows, the stage, the rampway. The lighting in the arena is at it's normal brightness as it would be for the actual show. You see a few members of the ring crew putting the wrestling ring together. Banners promoting the upcoming Ravage show are hanging from the rafters. Soon a voice can be heard in the background and out of sight of the camera at first.

???? "This setting, it's perfect. Wouldn't you say so, Tommy?

The camera takes us back to the year 2017 with the Lipton-McAllister tandem, the highlights. Showing the title wins as well as the clips of Tommy Lipton videos promoting matches as well as Rex McAllister, only then to finally show Rex. Rex is dressed in his normal ring attire sans his custom made vest. It has been replaced with another one of his very own merchandise tshirts.  Rex, who has a rather sarcastic questioning expression on his face. Rex chuckles a bit. Rex is walking along the floor of the second deck of seats.

Rex McAllister: A new place, another time, different circumstances...still something more to prove. That is why you are still here, is it not? It's just taken you some time to get into the proper frame of mind, which it's understandable to a certain extent, right Tommy? 

Rex continues on walking.

Rex McAllister: Here's a little catch 22 for you, Tommy. I didn't insult you, I've simply woken you up. If anyone insulted you, Tommy, it was you insulting yourself with such underwhelming results, a lack of regard for what this all is supposed to mean. So many years of dedication, building your legacy through many different battles and wars, gaining accolades and accomplishments, and you called our partnership a brotherhood??? What you called the best moments of your career? Well consider this, Tommy. You've done our so-called brotherhood a serious disservice not only to me, but yourself. I warned you that I wasn't going to be the reason you succeed anymore, Tommy. I want what you want, so it's either gonna be me...or you that gets what they want. Brotherhood....

Rex looks up toward the rafters, the lights shining down on him, and he has a devilish smirk on his face.

Rex McAllister: You're the only one who ever thought of this as a brotherhood, Tommy. For me, this was a means to an end. A phase that paved a path that I freely and willingly embarked upon with you, because I knew what my true value was. Everything was always meant to lead me back here on the cusp of taking back what I should've never lost! 

Rex stops momentarily, glaring into the camera. His true intentions now revealed, he no longer wishes to keep them under lock and key.

Rex McAllister: Just last year everything was going accordingly for me in MY CAREER! I was on top of the world before it all came crashing down! All of these months of hoisting up a tag team title, when all along I kept imagining that it was the World Title, and so with that I spoke on behalf of that title just as you did with your half, and together we created perfect harmony. A well-oiled machine that could not be stopped, but the truth of the matter is that I used you to get back to this point just as you used me.

Rex reveals a hint of a smile now as he slowly and methodically walks up a few steps to the next level of seats, turning toward the camera.

Rex McAllister: It's the way of the world, and how we all happen to co-exist in it. People act according to their perceptions and impulses. We're like-minded creatures that consciously act upon those perceptions and impulses, ensuring that of which we seek and desire most comes to us eventually. You should know about that better than anyone, "Master Manipulator", or are you the real one of the two of us? 

Rex chuckles to himself for a moment.

Rex McAllister: You're reacting, you're doing exactly what I want you to do, Tommy. You're playing right into my hands. These people are going to eat this up, but they're not walking away winners just like you will not be walking away a winner this week, Tommy. You bring up the past, but honestly Tommy, the past dictates nothing going into this week. You can continue to fight desperate at your behest, but it's not going to be the answer to putting me down for good. You've got conventional momentum on your side, but how is that supposed to mean a thing to me this week? You see, in my mind, you have only earned one victory, just one. But see, I've been here before. I mean just last year I was in quite the doldrums after being put on the shelf for a couple of months after DGS dropped me on my head, and I got carted out on a stretcher, my who career was flashing before my very eyes. This? This is nothing compared to that.

Rex takes a seat, exhales with a smile for a moment.

Rex McAllister: There will be a fan sitting in this seat real soon, Tommy. A fan that paid hard earned money to come watch you perform, to see you put down the big bad Rex McAllister.  Just another one of your many Liptonatics, or is it now Lipton - O - Holics? Crist....Tommy. For all that you've given them over the years, and your willing to again, but they can't help you Tommy when your at your worst. They can't help you when your suffering down there.

Rex nods his head motioning toward the ring.

Rex McAllister: All they can do...all the person can do that will be sitting in this seat, could be an old geezer getting to see his last match live before he dies. It could be a little one who was fortunate enough to be able to see his favorite wrestler in whole world for his/her first time. All they can do is look on helplessly as I put you away, Tommy. All they can do is look on in horror at the things that I will do, the lengths I'm willing to go to ensure victory. Oh, they will miss you, Tommy. But they will move on, they will, because you're the distant past. I'm the here and the now of this place, and whether they like me or not, I'm who they really want to see.

Rex looks on with an intense look on his face, a brief pause before he continues. 

Rex McAllister: You need to smarten up, Tommy, because it's ME that's coming for you. You see, it's ME that's been wanting this, another opportunity at the Syndicate, at redemption for Hall of Pain! All it takes is a moment of letting your guard down, just as you did, for me to take everything from you. You have the advantage, but the closeouts are always the hardest to get, Tommy! It doesn't matter that you're a legend or the era that you competed in to become one! It didn't matter to me when back when I was taking the old World Wrestling Championship in a tournament that fielded James Ranger and Gunnar Granderson! It didn't matter when I was the champion and facing more seasoned legends and former world champions like Darkness every step of the way, Tommy! Just like it doesn't matter now. I knew I could beat them, just like I know I can beat you or anyone else on this roster, something YOU will learn the hard way. On Ravage, in this tables match, Tommy, it's not going to be the prelude to another title match with Syndicate, just one that leads you toward the downward spiral you just don't see yet...I guarantee it. Now that was...Rexcellent!

Rex stands up now, and he starts walking upward on the middle walkway toward the exit as the scene fades.


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