The Real Paragon

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Thu, Oct12, 2017 5:42am America/Phoenix
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The Real Paragon
The camera opens up on a locker room. The camera pans around the room as uniforms can be seen hanging in the locker and matching shoes laid out perfectly at the bottom of the locker. Just then a door opens and Rex McAllister walks through the door and into the locker room. Rex is sporting his familiar ring attire, the sweat pours freely as he shows a bit of exhaustion giving every indication that he just completed a match moments ago. It was for a WWX House Show, which he was happy to do. A chuckle comes upon him, as he sees the camera crew awaits. He knew what to expect at this point, and as he reaches to take a white bath towel off the rack he starts pondering some of what he would like to address in addition to his upcoming singles match. It was his first singles match since his return from injury in January. After wiping the sweat of his upper torso area and face, he takes a seat for moment on the couch ready to speak.

Rex McAllister: We wanted the perfect ending. We almost had it. At World Series, the Lipton-McAllister Tandem, we came, we saw, and we delivered on our promise to win Ring three. Tommy didnít snare his spot in the main event of Hall of Pain, but he got something else instead? More opportunities. We learned that some promises, theyíre not always fulfilled in the times that we wish for. There isnít always a clear path for us to travel, lots of roadblocks there to impede our forward progress. The unknown, having to change and take the moment thatís presented to us, and make the best of these new opportunities, not knowing whatís going to happen next. Thatís what I like to call delicious ambiguity!

Rex flashes a sly grin as he nods. He now rises and walks over to his locker and takes a uniform off the hanger and lays it on the couch as he continues.

Rex McAllister: I mean, think about it. To grow, to evolve requires change, does it not? We live and learn, make decisions, make mistakes, and we learn some more while learning something new about ourselves in the process. Itís sometimes about throwing caution to the wind, and letting the chips fall where they may, that separates great from good. Something Iíve always been willing to do, and for it Iíve been able to reap the rewards every step of the way. But Iím not done, not yet by long shot. Thereís far more wrong with this place than there is right. Something that strikes me about this business as it stands today is the fact that the endless search for that next megastar, someone who can carry the torch, and take it to the next level. Nowadays all it takes to make a new star is by putting them in prime position to succeed, and they're given the easiest path to do so. Many can become a champion of any kind practically overnight, but at what expense? Admittedly, I myself am a casualty of such circumstances, but I'm also the exception to those who were given every opportunity to succeed at the highest echlons, but failed to live up to billing. I told everyone many months ago, I told the wrestling World of the WWX that I would fix this place. That I would clean up the mess even if itís the very last thing I do thatís meaningful in this company. 

Rex now sits again and begins to remove his boots while still speaking and giving the main camera his attention.  

Rex McAllister: And Iíll do that just the same as I always have, by setting the example. Stepping outside my comfort zone to explore other avenues of this place that need to be addressed, leading, setting the bar high. The very reasons, but not the only, for why I continue to reap the rewards of this place tenfold. Itís why I continue to changeÖgrowÖand evolve. Donít allow your eyes, your ears, and your perceptions to fool you, Jester. 

Rex stands up again, slinging the white bath towel over his right shoulder as he starts to chuckle a bit, before ceasing his chuckle. He places his hands on his hips, sighs, and looks at the camera with  a hint of a smile on his face. 

Rex McAllister: No one single person can do it alone of course, something Iíve learned during my time in wrestling, let alone this company. Those who are vying for the top spot, they may be staking their claims for such, but they are hardly the examples by which this company can thrive through. Those men are nothing more than egocentrically, greedy individuals, that donít have the companyís long term interests in mind, because none of them have longevity at the top to show for all the faith, time, and money that's put into them. Men like them will always be ďbelow the lineĒ thinkers like the Syndicate, a basic low level antagonist in any story like Darkness, or a brute force that can tear through anyone like Korath. Guys like them, they come a dime a dozen in that respect, but they arenít the long term solution to counter the troubles this place is having, and neither are you. Not alone your not.

Rex now folds his arms to his chest, sighs again shaking his head in disappointment.

Rex McAllister: But that in a nutshell is the problem with todayís generation in general. Darkness earned the title and the glory. Syndicate had the title previous. Korath, congrats to him, but hey, the bridesmaids are about the same as being flavors of the month, and come Hall of Pain one of them will be Undisputed World Champion. Theyíll be Champion, but itíll be how well they are able to grasp that pressure that comes with the territory afterwards. How they perform in hostile environments, under the stiffest of circumstances, representing that belt and this company as they do. It's about how far they manage to exceed expectations. A company can only be as great as itís top champions are. They all feel so entitled, and the amusing thing to me about entitlement in this generation is that people believe that the pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow should always be there ready for them with a clear path to slide down that rainbow to take it, instead of having to work hard for it. They all believe that title they desire so much is no less than what they deserve. That if they want it so much, that it will rightfully be theirs, and thatís how they all think. Thatís why this company barely has legs, but hey, what do I know? I've only been here over the last two years to witness it all for myself.

Rex shakes his head and begins to paces a bit, as his tone has noticeably changed from that of a soft one to one that is hard with some indignation in it.

Rex McAllister: ThatísÖwhat I care about. Thatís where Iím going with this, Jester. Newly crowned International Champion. You didnít have to work that hard for it, did you? No matter, you have a chance to show me how much that title means to you. You get a chance to prove to me how far youíd go to keep that title. Weíre about to find out if you have what takes to be a true paragon in the International division.

Rex stops pacing and turns around with a rather stoic look on his face now.

Rex McAllister: Of course, if you donít feel like have to prove anything to me. If you wonít show me your absolute best, then youíve already lost. But certainly an uninspired effort, that will warrant a another battle, and the next time it could be for the title. See, the thing about me setting examples, I do that in many different ways. One of those many ways is by making examples of my adversaries, and on Fury thatís what I intend to do. Believe in that. Now thatÖwasÖrexcellent!

The scene slowly begins to fade with Rex glaring into the camera.


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