The Real Talent

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Wed, Dec20, 2017 8:04pm America/Phoenix
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The Real Talent
We open up to a big sky rise office view of downtown New York City and the scene shows Fozzy Ozbourne sitting in front of a room full of people who are all sitting around a big oval conference room table. The conference room which has a beautiful downtown view of NYC due to the two walls of glass pane is the perfect place to discuss Fozzy Ozbourne's bright future, the sign on the other wall says Atlas Talent Agencies. The people sitting around the table are music executives, agents, talent coordinators, publicists, columnists, trainers, managers and his fellow band mates of the Trend Killer Syndicate. Altogether about 15 people in the room, mostly bottom feeding leeches suckling on the teet of true talent and the topic of discussion is Fozzy Ozbourne.
Movie offers, tv appearances, world tours, title shots, six figure contracts, album releases, merchandising, radio shows, all of these things have been opened up to Fozzy once again. Once again thrusted into the spotlight, Fozzy earned number one contender status for the WWX Tag Team Titles by advancing with Krimson Blaze in the James Bourne tag tournament. Fozzy looks cool calm and collected as he sits as the head of the table at this brainstorm session. His Armani suit that he has on gives the impression that he is a sell out but with the sleeves ripped off it, its kinda thought as ironic. His hair slicked back and scuffy beard Fozzy looks like a ruggedly handsome anti-hero making a point by desecrating a Armani suit in a room full of corporate puppets and push overs with the exception being his fellow comrades. 
Fozzy notices everything in the room behind his dark sunglasses, the tedious chatter of everybody spitting there ideas forth in front of The Trend Killer. Ideas turned to money making entities, suits lobbying to be heard, everybody wanting a piece of Fozzy's fame, everybody wanting to make a quick buck. Everybody in that room is there to make money off of the Fozzy Ozbourne name BOTTOM LINE. The land of opportunity, the american dream or just a bunch of pigs trying to get richer. Usually Fozzy hates these kind of meetings but after the roll he's been on in WWX, he's had to make time for these extra curricular activities to balance out the many sides of his career. Musician, actor, artist, media icon but firstly professional wrestler, that's the way it's always been. Without the wrestling none of these other doors would have been opened for Fozzy.
Wrestling has been his life since starting out as a referee when he was a teenager trying to pay his dues in the Canadian indy circuit. Wrestling on TV and in front of big crowds for years, multiple title runs, wrestling in Japan and other countries. Coming back into the ring as strong as Fozzy has given him a whole new level of confidence and power. This conquest Fozzy has been on since returning to the ring has gotten the attention of everybody in WWX. He's been cocky, he's been brash, he's not playing to the fans begging for a reaction, when he comes out to the ring a reaction just happens and the ratings go through the roof. A new chapter is yet to be written for Fozzy. A reawakening is happening beneath the surface. REVOLUTION, EVOLUTION, TRANSFORMATION has been the plan since day one of Fozzy's WWX career, THAT! and to be entertaining as hell doing it.  All the haters backstage have only fueled Fozzy's desire to conquer WWX like a raping and pillaging viking warlock.

As the WWX Television Champion now on the cusp of winning the WWX Tag Team Titles with Krimson Blaze. Fozzy plans on a war with Kurtis Ray and Willie Steen on Ravage. A war Fozzy is ready for, just like every match, every night, Fozzy can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. After winning the WWX Television Title Fozzy has been receiving lots of extra attention from everybody, everybody wants a piece of his shit. Fozzy has never cared much for all the attention personally but professionally Fozzy seems to revel in it, he acts nonchalantly as everyone continues to voice there ideas with no real order. He sits there with no emotion as people are looking for his approval to there ideas, somebody says Fallon another person says Kimmel, music execs are saying 3 album deal, everybody is talking at once and there is no real order into what is being presented.

Fozzy looks over at Sam Crow who is without emotion at all of the commotion in the room. Foz thinks to himself.

"It's been a few years since I've done one of these meetings. The last one was about 5 years ago when me and Sam were in XPW. Listening to these god damn yuppies talk about how they are going to advance my career, what a joke. I've already accomplished everything I've set out to do although being in WWX has set new goals. While I can't complain about my current run in the company I want to renegotiate my contract. I want more money and bigger opportunities."
Everybody is still talking over each other as Foz sits there taking it all in. He shakes his head and finally gets annoyed with all of the commotion of everybody and raises his hand. Nobody notices at first so Fozzy stands up.
This gets the attention of the room with everybody looking at Fozzy.
FOZZY- You know what? All this shit sounds great and all but how about a little order in how we present it. Firstly after I become the only double champion in WWX today. I want my agent to renegotiate my contract with WWX. I want less dates, more money and a guaranteed one on one Undisputed Title shot sometime in 2018. I want main event spots and my own dressing room at these arenas. I can't stress how important this is.
Fozzy slams his fists on the table. Fozzy's manager/agent, a stalky balding older man pipes up with a quick hand raise and says....

AGENT- I'll get on the phone with James Ranger sir.
FOZZY- Good but it can wait until after Ravage once I hold two titles we have more leverage to negotiate.

Fozzy points to some lackie.
FOZZY- Ok first thing I need is someone to take care of setting up a promo shoot for me against these jackasses Kurtis Ray and Willie Steen, Mr. Hype Train is old news and I'm going to make sure everybody knows it.
FOZZY- Second somebody was talking about late night talk shows?
A preppy dressed nerd with a sweater vest on speaks up and says.
NERD- Um yes Mr. Ozbourne we here at Atlas feel like you need a more nationwide exposure approach to successfully market The Trend Killer brandname, so we figure will would hit every available media outlet Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel is a good start. We could go Good Morning America or Real Time with Bill Maher. You know, just to get your name out there again. Now is the best time to do this with you being on the successful run you have been on.
FOZZY- Ok all of those shows suck so that's not going to work for me, if you can book me on the Howard Stern Show, sure I'll do that but F*CK! Fallon and Kimmel and all that other shit.
FOZZY- Media is shit nowadays but I know it's needed, what else do you guys got?
Somebody starts talking to Fozzy
NERD- Well Trailer Park Boys is filming a new season and you've been requested to do a guest spot on the show.
Fozzy nods in agreement to what he's hearing.
FOZZY- Yeah we were talking about it awhile back on the phone, what's the part again?
The nerd shuffles through some papers in front of him until he finds what he's looking for.
NERD- The part is a dirty drug dealer.
Fozzy taps his fingers on the marble top of the conference room table.
FOZZY- Mmmmmm sure sounds like a good idea but I want you to see if you can get a part for Sam Crow here.
NERD- In the show?
FOZZY- Of course in the show, if I'm a drug dealer then I need a goon squad.
All the sudden Fozzy's cellphone starts ringing the tone of Hells Bells by AC/DC. Fozzy waves for everyone to be quiet as he answers the call, Quite a few people in the room are getting annoyed with Fozzy. They've came here to present there ideas and suggestions and he's been treating them like f*cktards the whole time. A few minutes pass by with Fozzy rudely taking the call in the middle of the meeting, you can't hear what's being said but people in the room are rolling there eyes and shaking there heads. Finally Fozzy gets off the phone.

FOZZY- Ok f*ck this shit I'm out Sam let's roll.

Fozzy and Sam get up from the table and leave the room of annoyed people. One can wonder what's next for Fozzy.


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