The rematch I've wanted...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Mon, Dec25, 2017 7:48pm America/Phoenix
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The rematch I've wanted...
(Scene opens up to an exhausted Mellon sitting in his dressing room after a very hard fought yet a disappointing encounter with Syndicate. Still baffled by the appearance of the masked man again, Mellon is trying to piece the events of the night together. Catching his breath, he hears a knock at the door. He grunts but before he can turn around two WWX officials enter the room. They have a signed contract in their hand as they are looking for Mellon's signature. Mellon takes the contract and slowly reads it. As he continues to read he sees that he has been booked again. His opponent is Xavier Pendragon. It was the first singles match he had with the company upon his return and one that still sours Mellon to his core. Following World Series, Mellon lost to Pendragon by submission. It was an unprepared and unfocused Mellon that suffered that defeat and a man that swore that if he ever had the chance again to beat Pendragon, he would. Now, the opportunity has come and Mellon looks to address the situation head-on.)

Mellon: Take that contract back to Ranger now, tell him I'll sign the moment it is an International Title match. Let Penny know too. I want him to bring his A game. I am not messing around.

1st Official: Mr. Mellon, I assure you that Mr Ranger has made it very clear that he wants this match to be non-title... (Mellon cuts him off)

Mellon: I'm sorry, are you deaf or stupid? Or are you deaf and stupid? I am only going to say it one more time. Take that damn contract back to the offices. When you get there, rip it up, tell Ranger to write up a new one, come back down here and then I will gladly sign. I wrestle on my terms. Do I make myself clear?! 

2nd Official: Mr Mellon, we cannot do that... 

(Mellon stands up, approaches the second WWX official, grabs him by the back of the neck and slams his face into a locker)

Mellon: Now, have I made myself clear?

(The second official shaking violently nods quickly and leaves. Mellon turns around, grabs the already unconscious official lying on the floor and tosses him out of the locker room behind his now scurrying partner. Then he slams his door shut. Mellon turns back to the camera in the locker room)

Mellon: Penny, I don't think you'll have a problem with me upping the ante here, right? I have looked forward to this opportunity for some time. My goal has been to find my way back to this situation and return the favor one on one. See the last time around the block I found myself a slight bit unprepared. That was on me and there is no excuse for that. You did exactly what you said you would do, and you made me submit. Just saying that makes me sick to my stomach. However, since then I have battled on and created a path to success. Love me or hate me, I have bounced back just fine. Now the opportunity is in front of me and not only do I look forward to it with great anticipation but I also am looking forward to putting this belt on the line. 

(Mellon goes over and grabs the International Title)

Mellon: Just ask the rest of my opponents. I don't fight non-title matches so this match will be no different. This past weekend was a little different of course. Syndicate and I were thrown into a situation where neither of us saw it coming. Two of the biggest stars in the company going head to head. I'm sorry, title for title in that scenario just doesn't make sense. Maybe for a PPV but not for a random Ravage. Maybe I'm crazy but the allure of us alone was enough to pack that arena in El Paso. Now, after going toe to toe with Syndy, now I get Penny one on one. Talk about the gift that just keeps on giving. Christmas has been good to me and frankly, if I were in your shoes I would think that Christmas has been good to you too. Think about it, as soon as Ranger signs off on the title match, you will have been given a free pass at the International Title. It's a title you've had, won, and defended with success. I understand.  You may even think you're beyond it. I sure as hell know I am. Have you seen the division I'm in? I wouldn't say Tom Black is turning any heads. 

(Mellon grabs his Gatorade, takes a swig, and puts it back down on the bench beside him)

Mellon: All you have to do, Penny, is sign on the dotted line and then we get to light up Corpis Christi, Texas, next weekend. Then I can bring in the new year with even more momentum as I build towards a colossal win at Holiday Hell. Beyond Holiday Hell who knows? I think I gave Syndy a good run for his money. However, I am on my way to being one of the greatest International Champions in the history of the WWX so maybe I hold onto this piece of junk for a little while longer. I like doing things that make an impression. I suppose I could win and lose the title willy nilly and tell people I was a multi-time champion but let's face it... I don't like losing which is why I'm so pumped to go head to head with you. I'm a different man this time and the result will prove to be just as different. I imagine an eye for an eye... maybe I attempt a submission on you? Or I just swing the breaker and connect with the drop and traditionally end it all. I don't know, I guess we'll see where I am when we get there. Looking forward to it, Penny.

(Mellon sits back on the bench and looks at the lockers as the screen fades to black)

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