The Return of the Empire (Tag Team Match)

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Wed, Oct25, 2017 5:59pm America/Phoenix
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The Return of the Empire (Tag Team Match)
The news is out. Xavier Pendragon is once again teaming up with his longtime buddy Damian Price for Hall of Pain to take on th team of Rayne/Fill, members of When Worlds Collide. Fans of both Price and Pendragon have been speculating on who Xavier would be teamed up with and was hoping Damain would return one day. Now with the Empire reformed and returning, it is only a matter of time before they recapture the tag titles for the 3rd time as a team, #6 overall for Xavier.

The scene opens up at World Market in Birmingham where him and Beatrice are shopping. The pair are looking at various wares when Beatrice hears her phone going off. She pulls her phone out and upon seeing what she sees, she nudges Xavier's shoulders and show him as well.

XAVIER: Really, is that so?

BEATRICE: Apparently so.

XAVIER: Ike zo (OOC: It's Japanese for "let's go")


Xavier walks into Gold Gym's main training area. He's the only one present. It's 3:00 in the afternoon as Xavier begins his training.

XAVIER: Everyone knows that Damian is my partner and the Empire has been reborn!! Our first opponents on our road back to tag team gold: When Worlds Collide members Rayne and Fill. While Fill has yet to chime in, Rayne has already put in his two cents on the outcome of the match before it even here. He states that I should just hang it up and retire. To be honest with you Rayne, that is getting REALLY old much like your old catchphrases and your delusions of grandueur thinking just because you're and trying to tell everyone that you're better than them because you're not. Since the WWX was revived and revitalized by yours truly, I've been consistant. Even behind the scenes as the GM, I've done nothing but hit the gym during my downtime to maintain peak physical fighting form. You just so happen to add yourself to the LONG list of people who think I should just hang it up and quit/retire while I'm ahead. Unfortunately for you Rayne, I don't know the meaning of the word.

Xavier moves over to another condition training station, starting up another training regimen.

XAVIER: Rayne, you wanna know how many people told me that I should give up, including yourself? Too many to count, too little to care because I'm going to do what I always do: defy the odds. And whats this about you being king? King of what? The only thing I see you being a king of is your own fantasy which is pretty thin. You say that you and Fill are gonna win the tag team match and then you go onto win the Race for the Case based on the sole reason, according to you, is you are better than everybody in the ring with you. Well Rayne, I disagree.


Xavier at Oak Mountain State Park, enjoying the scenery. He spots the WWX camera and lets out a sigh.

XAVIER: Persistent...aren't you cameraman?

The cameraman nods his head "yes", causing Xavier to chuckle a little bit.

XAVIER: Fill, to be honest with you, I really don't know what you see in Rayne. He even said himself that he's better than EVERYONE on the roster, including you. And you guys are supposed to be teammates. Thats gotta sting ya a little bit. But I digress. Rayne you mentioned you bested Beatrice the last few weeks. My question about that is, that means what to me? Yes, Beatrice is my wife and we already discussed that match. Needless to say, you're just repeating something already said. At Hall of Pain, Rayne, Fill, you will step in the ring with the King of Wrestling and the Machine, collectively known as the Empire. By the end of the match, you two will know why we are the two absolute best in the business. Now get out of here cameraman. I need to be alone.

The cameraman leaves Xavier to his meditating by the Oak Mountain beach.

scene fades

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