The Return of the Graceful Assassin

Roleplay Roleplay by BEATRICE PENDRAGON
On Fri, Jun09, 2017 10:47am America/Phoenix
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The Return of the Graceful Assassin
3-time Women's Champion Beatrice Pendragon is seen walking the streets of Atlanta. Sporting what appears to be a workout suit and earbud headphones, she turns a corner and starts jogging on Peachtree St.

BEATRICE: So since I made it know I wanted to return to the ring, I get put on the opening bout against Kailee at Outrage. I assume that Ravage GM Maxfield Stanton was trying to include any and all women on the card. I respect him for that, but it's not about him right now. It's about my opponent, Kailee. Now Kailee, you may be or may not be nervous facing someone like me. I really don't know what the true outocome of the match is, but I can say this: It's going to rook of awesomeness. Great. Now I sund like my husband.

Beatrice jogs down another street and sees the Sheraton Atlanta in front of her. She looks off to the right and sees Crazy Atlanta. She decides to take a breather and rest. Inside the restaurant, Beatrice orders herself something to drink.

BEATRICE: While I'm getting ready to eat here Kailee, think about this: You may have been successful elsewhere but here in the WWX, don't think that your former sucess is going to automatically get you to the main event status because that ain't happening. Not with me.

A waiter comes to the table pad in hand.

BEATRICE: Um, yes, I would like 8-piece wings with no dipping sauce and an Electric Lemonade please.

Beatrice turns back towards the camera.

BEARICE: The Graceful Assassin has returned. Expect no mercy from me.

scene fades

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