The Return of the Machine

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Mon, Feb12, 2018 8:17am America/Phoenix
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The Return of the Machine
???: Since I shocked the world and became World Champion, mainly Rex and Lipton basiclly strong-arms Ranger into granting them World Title shots instead of doing it the old fashioned way: by earning it. The fact that the two has resulted to sneak attacks and backstage assaults just to give them more of an advantage in their futile attempt to dethrone me, claiming the World title is theirs is really f***ing pathetic.

Xavier comes into camera view in his workout outfit. Obviously sweating from finishing up a training session, he takes a chug of vitamin water.

XAVIER: Tommy is a former World Champion, a hall of famer. There's not too many titles tht he hasn't already acqired on his resume. Just because he calls himself "Mr. WWX" as if he was God's gift to the WWX is downright sad. I'm pretty sure that the WWX was doing quite well without Lipton being there and will do just fine when Lipton is gone. He has made it clear that he can't be trusted with anything. He feels like the World Championship belongs to him and that the entire roster should bow down to him and bask in his greatness...but I won't bow down to him...or anyone else for that matter.

Xavier then goes to another weight training and begins another sit rep, continuing his thoughts.

XAVIER: Then there's Rex, who quite frankly has made it clear that he'll resort to using blind-sided assaults and delusions of grandeur of him becoming the new World Champ. He also hangs onto Lipton in an effort to try and push forward his own agenda. Rex can't be trusted either, especially with him and Lipton co-conspiring to try and take the World title from me just weeks after me obtaining it. It's almost like no one in the WWX wants me to be World Champion or something...

It's sad that some of the people on the roster believes that I shouldn't be world champ and people like Lipton and McAllister basically get the royal preverbal treatment while others who basically bust their a$$ to try to even get into the World Title hunt get put on the back burner because the primadonnas like Lipton and McAllister cry foul whenever they're not holding the World Championship. Since bringing the WWX back into the forefront, I have been consistant in my training in the hopes that one day, I would stand at the top of the mountain as World Champion, now here I stand.

Xavier moves to a closet. As he steps closer, the name "Machine" is seen in bold Red and Black lettering. After a few seconds, Xavier opens the door, revealing his old Machine wrestling gear. He takes his gear out the closet and puts it on. Just as Xavier finishes, Beatrice walks in. She stands in the door, looking amazed at the World Champ. The camera pans back to Xavier, zooming in on his cold stare.

XAVIER: "The Machine" has returned...

scene fades

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