The Rise Back

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Jan26, 2018 7:18am America/Phoenix
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The Rise Back
*The camera comes to life in the locker room of the Honda Center. Darkness is seen dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Darkness is still holding the baseball bat as he sits contently on the bench thinking and watching the Syndicate and Kailee match. As Darkness is watching the monitor suddenly goes black. A few minutes pass and the monitor comes back on as easily as it went off. Darkness now sees a replay of Korath attacking Syndicate.*

Darkness: What the hell!

*Darkness jumps up off the bench and goes to exit the locker room but before he can make it to the door, Syndicate comes staggering through.*

Darkness: See, I told you something like this was going to happen.

Syndicate: Yeah, but you also told me you’d come out to help if need be!  Where the hell were you?

Darkness: This damn monitor went on the fritz just as you were pinning Kailee. By the time it came back up all I saw was the replay of Korath attacking you.

*Darkness kicks the monitor over in frustration.  It falls to the ground where the screen shatters into a million different pieces.  Syndicate, surprised, stares at the shards.*

Syndicate:’re paying for that.

*Darkness sighs.*

Darkness: Yeah...

*The Los Angeles Outlaw takes a seat on the bench and unties his shoes.  Then, grabbing a towel from a nearby locker, he gets up and begins to walk off.*

Syndicate: I’m gonna go take a shower.  Hopefully you don’t get attacked while I’m gone.

*He exits the shot, leaving Darkness alone in the room.*

Darkness: I will never figure out that guy. Here I am trying to figure out what is going on in my head and he's more worried about who is going to pay for a broken monitor. Nonetheless it is time to get ready for my next challenge.

*Darkness picks up his bag and slings it over his shoulder. With his free hand he reaches into his pocket pulling out a couple hundred dollars. He throws it down on the broken monitor and exits the locker room.*

Darkness: My rise back to the world rankings begins next Saturday on Ravage. I have a match against the man that took me and Syndicate by surprise at Holiday Hell. Xavier you may have gotten the drop on us that night but all you did was release the dogs off the leash. You used your case to your advantage that night but on this night you have no advantage. You will have to face me head on in the center of that ring.

*Darkness makes his way through the halls of the arena.*

Darkness: I know what you are thinking Xavier. You are the Undisputed champion and that you have all the advantages that you need. Well you see Xavier that is where you are wrong. The championship offers no protection… no safeguards.  It offers nothing. Heck right now it doesn't even say you're the best. All the world titles I won I did it by facing my opponent straight up. How did you do it? You waited until your opponent was distracted and use a case to raise that title above your head. Well Xavier you have no case to help you win against me on Ravage.

*Darkness makes it the exit door. Pushing it open he walks outside and makes his way to his car.*

Darkness: Xavier, two of the greatest International champions will meet in the ring. Only one will.........

*Before Darkness can finish his sentence a black Chevy Tahoe pulls in front of him. The back door opens up and a voice beckons out.*

???: Get in

Darkness: What the hell are you doing here?

???: Trying to show you who you really are. Now get in.

*Darkness stands there slightly confused but after a few seconds willingly gets into the Tahoe. The door shuts and the Tahoe drives off. The camera fades to black as the tail lights disappear around the corner.*

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