The Short Straw

Roleplay Roleplay by EUAN MILTON
On Thu, May08, 2014 4:43am America/Phoenix
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The Short Straw
[We open up to a sign reading simply 'R'.  The camera soon zooms out and it becomes clear we are outside a busy bar.  We move towards the entrance and into the bar and we can see it is rammed with people enjoying their Wednesday evening. As the camera pans round we can see wwX superstar Willie Steen with two ladies on his arm and as we pan further round we can see Euan Milton sitting at the bar alongside another lady.

The camera moves towards Milton as his female companion makes her way to the rest room.  Milton's phone is on the bar in front of him and we can see it light up.  He picks it up and starts reading what is on the screen.  After about fifteen seconds, a smile comes across his face and he puts the phone back on the table and sees the camera approaching him.]

Milton: I see Bourne is up to his usual tricks.  He clearly doesn't listen.  Last time on Mayhem he booked me and Will against four total no-hopers.  That worked out well didn't it?  I mean, we spent the night before sampling some of the finest hostilities in Detroit and we still made a mockery of whoever it was we faced in the ring.

And now this time, he's decided to put me in the fourth match of the night against Jay Cool.  Now, Cool may not be at the same sorry level as the likes of Chippa but he's certainly not ready to take on yours truly.  If Chippa is right at the bottom rung of the ladder then I'd put Jay one rung up.

[Milton's lady friend comes back and whispers something in his ear before going to pick up her coat and leaves the building.  Another smile comes across Euan's face.]

Milton: But you know what, I'm looking forward to it.  Looking forward to getting back in the ring.  Things have been a bit slow here in the wwX this year.

[He takes a sip from a drink on the bar in front of him.]

Milton: And for that, I have to apologise.  In 2013, The Insurgence was the only thing to tune into the wwX for.  So far, 2014 has been a quiet year for us.  Yeah, we had our little thing with LuAndre Xavier, and retired Korath - again, but apart from that, wwX newbies could be forgiven for thinking that Euan Milton, Willie Steen and RAZE are at the same level as the likes of Ambros Nocturne.

Well I think that its about time that changed.  Its about time that we showed everyone what we're really about.  And what better time to do that than this Sunday on the 'special' Mayhem?  Sadly for Jay Cool, he's drawn the short straw.  He's going to be the one made an example of to allow me to remind everyone what we're all about.

I do feel a bit sorry for him.  He's actually had a pretty decent start to life here.  He beat three losers on the same rung of the ladder as Chippa in his debut match and then is going to be the next guy in line to show everyone what a joke Mercer Cruel.  But he's stepping up to the big league now.  He's going to be stepping in the ring with Euan Milton.

Rather than looking to win this match, I suggest he takes it as a bit of a training exercise for him.  He needs to make sure that when I'm beating down on him, he's taking it all in as to how someone at the top of this game does it.  He needs to make sure that when I'm dragging him from corner to corner that he sees how someone like Euan Milton gets the job done.  Follow that advice and Jay Cool will be just fine.  Try and get a bit clever and try and make a name of himself and, well, it will be a messy ending for him.

[He finishes off the remainder of his drink.]

Milton: So I think its fair to say I'm looking forward to Sunday.  Looking forward to getting the party restarted.  I guess the only thing that worries me is that James Bourne has let his sick fantasies influence his booking.  Seeing men drag other men around by chains attached to their neck?  We're talking about the wwX here, the finest wrestling promotion in the world, not James Bourne's home movie collection.  Even Johnny Knesko wouldn't stoop this low.

[Milton's phone lights up again so he picks it up and reads what is on the screen.]

Milton: Surprise surprise, Syndicate is running his mouth on Heat.  He seems pretty proud of his two victories against me.  Which is pretty strange considering he poisoned me for the first one.

As usual when he's involved, all of my food and drink will be tested before getting anywhere near me.  That way I'll be in perfect shape to take his TV title from him - something he never deserved to get his hands on the first place.  Hell, every time Willie sees that chump with his gold, his eyes start filling up with tears.  Well, he's only got a few days of heartache left because come Sunday, Syndicate's little moment in the sun is over.

Now, you've got to excuse me, I've got something beautiful waiting for me.

[With that, Milton gets up from his seat and walks out of the bar.  The scene slowly fades to black.]

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