The Sides Have Turned

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Wed, Jul26, 2017 2:22pm America/Phoenix
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The Sides Have Turned
[ The segment takes place during what sounds like a Powerman 5000 concert. The sound of music and screaming fans echoes throughout the place, as the camera focuses on Fill who is in the VIP section with no one else around him. He's sitting there, enjoying the music with the International Championship belt on his shoulder. He notices the camera, but motions to the cameraman to wait a little, as the song is too loud. As the song is over and the band goes backstage for a short break before they come out for their next song, Fill turns to the camera while smiling. ]

Fill: Some people celebrate with friends, others with drinks, and even others celebrate with lots of sexy babes surrounding them. Me, I decided to try out something different. I haven't been to a concert in years, and I picked this band for obvious reasons. Powerman 5000 are the band that performs one of the theme songs I used to come out with, and during that time I wasn't alone. Like the song says, I came out with my teammates from When Worlds Collide. Plenty of people have asked me whether I miss them and if they have something to do with my win last time at Mayhem, I've gotta say I have absolutely no idea. But there's one thing I know, and that thing is...

[ Fill stands up and raises the International title belt in the air ]

Fill: The International Championship is back where it belongs! The circumstances in which I won it back are beyond me, I hardly have any memory of what exactly happened. After all I took possibly the worst beating I have had since I came back. From what I was told, I was helped by two people. I wish I knew who they were, but to everyone's disappointment, I've got no clue. If I could I would thank them personally, since they came out at the perfect time, since things weren't looking good, considering the fact the entire Blade Club was all over me. I won't deny that nothing would've stopped them, since this was a no disqualification match and everything was permitted, but I guess luck was on my side. 

[ Fill laughs out a little and looks at the title, before he looks back at the camera. ]

Fill: And speaking of sides, I have a question for you Blayde Archer. How does it feel? How does it feel to be on the other side now? Everything you've put me through, everything you put Rayne through, everything you put the WWX through, it all happened to you in only but a minute. Your teammates were beaten up, you lost the International Championship, and now you're the one who is being pushed to new limits, so that you feel like you have what it takes to win back what you've lost. And what's more, I'm the one holding the gold, and I'm the one who can say... 

[ Fill bumps his chest a few times and raises his fist. ]

Fill: I'll be the one entering Madison Square Garden wearing title gold, and I'll be the one exiting with the gold. I've proven to you that no one stays undefeated forever. On Friday, at the returning Fury, I'll prove it again, only this time in a Parking Lot Brawl. Exactly the environment you and Rayne took the International Championship from me last time, but once again, the tables will be turning... and you'll be the one being slammed through cars. Prepare yourself Blayde, I've made sure you feel the stress. Now you'd better prepare for a full on Bulgarian Nightmare!

[ As Fill finishes his words, the crowd starts chanting on, as the band has returned on stage and begin playing When Worlds Collide. Fill looks on and starts screaming along with the rest of the crowd, as the segment fades to black. ]

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