The Sights of My City

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Fri, May19, 2017 1:45pm America/Phoenix
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The Sights of My City
[The camera is in a helicopter centering the SunTrust Plaza, the tallest building in Atlanta. The camera focuses on the roof of the building, where Cam Westport is shown coming out of the roof access door. He walks right to the edge proudly gazing over his city. He looks straight up to the camera, then pokes the LAV mic on his shirt.]

Cam “I see you’re enjoying the sights of Atlanta. It’s a beautiful city, I know. As I am a beautiful man, I know. Don’t worry there is plenty of Cam to go around, why don’t you go see some of our other sights.”

[The helicopter flies away from Cam, but his mic allows him to still be heard. The helicopter approaches the Intercontinental Buckhead Hotel, where Syndicate is staying before the show.]

Cam “Aww Syndicate. You are mistaken in my words. You’ve mistaken my confidence for disrespect. I respect you Syndicate, you’ve earned that. You are the World Champion after all and knowing I’ll find myself in a ring with you on Sunday is a big deal for me. That being said I will win. I respect you, but I also respect myself and when I weigh you versus me… I pick me. Not to mention you partner is too busy eyeing up you soured past as a tag team partner… disrespecting you and playing mob boss. My worthless tag team partner doesn’t exactly help my case, but as long as those two are playing slap and tickle, we’re the adults at the table in this match. I respect you, but I’m better than you.”

[The helicopter moves on to show the Arena that Mayhem will take place in. it hovers around it in circles.]

Cam “This is where I will exact my revenge on Xavier. I will put him down… again… only this time no idiot refs will take my victory away from. Xavier, you’ve gotten a big head for a man that got put down for the count. You’ve put on this big suit and taken up comical cigars based on a match that you lost! The ref extended that match that you lost into Overtime, during which like the weasel you are you stole my championship. Not this week. This week in the middle of the room I will plant you with the W. The move that nobody has ever kicked out of! It’s put down giants and champions and you will join the list.”

[The camera then continues to zoom in on a dumpster right next to the arena.]

Cam “And that may actually be where Kurtis Ray is staying right now! Somehow managing to make himself the most worthless man in a match that he shares with a weasel. While Kurtis Ray is occupied with his cute videos, I’ve been grinding. I will show you all. The administration, the champions, the fans that Cam Westport, even with a human trash can for a tag team partner can defeat the International and World Champions. Ray I only ask you to try your best to keep up. As long as you can put in some reasonable amount of effort or focus, I can win us this match and that’s what we both want.”

[The camera flies back around to Cam standing atop the skyscraper.]

Cam “This city, my city, Atlanta. Is going to be host to the night Cam Westport established himself as the Franchise Player in the WWX. My storybook tale passes through Mayhem, where I will attain perhaps the biggest win of my young career and establish myself as one of the WWX’s biggest stars, by defeating WWX’s biggest stars. I grind hard so I can win easy, and I’ve never grinding harder.”

[Cam backs up to the roof access door and goes back inside. The helicopter flies back up showing the whole city as the camera fades to black.]

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