The Simple Way Of Life

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Thu, Jul06, 2017 1:20pm America/Phoenix
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The Simple Way Of Life
[ The segment takes place at a metro station. There are a few WWX promotional posters around and some people stop to check the date and place it will take place. A little to the side, leaning on the wall is Fill, dressed a little different than usual in a training outfit with a hood on and glasses ]

Fill: The time for another fight draws near and the people are sensing it. The excitement on their faces is pretty obvious, only this time what will happen on Mayhem isn't for younger audience. 

[ He takes a look in both directions to make sure no one has recognized him yet ]

Fill: For now I prefer no one notices me, however there is a reason I picked this spot for what I have to say. Can you tell me how many people waste their life on money, on fame and glory. There are so many others who struggle with a minimum salary. Did you know that where I come from the minimum salary is equal to about two hundred and fifty american dollars? Do you have any idea how much I've sacrificed to get here? Now look at most of these people.

[ Fill motions to the camera to look at the people who are standing and waiting for their train to arrive, others are just walking in different directions. As the camera is still at them, Fill continues to speak in the background ]

Fill: How many people can you see here who are capable of spending every day of their life wasting money on things like super models, expensive mansions and vehicles? These people are living the simple life, doing what they have to do to survive. Using what money they have left to use public transport so they can get to their crappy jobs, hoping that they won't wake up unemployed, without any money, that they don't end up on the streets begging for a penny so they have at least something in their pockets. I doubt Blayde Archer would ever understand that feeling. 

[ The camera turns back to Fill who is still looking over at the people before he turns to the camera ]

Fill: So that could've been me, huh Blayde? Surrounded by gorgeous women who couldn't do anything better with their lives than sell their bodies to an old man? I have nothing against Mr. Hefner, he has nothing to do with our business. How you even ended up with him is beyond me, but showing me how high you can go with your fame so far... it's disgraceful. That's not what the International Championship is about. It's not about showing off, it's not a trinket you can show to big money players so you can join them in their parties, it's not about joining Hollywood and acting like a fool. That title is meant only for the World Wrestling eXistence. It shows the level you've reached in this business, it puts your name among the best of the best, but Blayde Archer doesn't care about that, he's made it very clear.

[ Some people are starting to notice that Fill looks familiar, so he moves to another part of the station where there are less people ]

Fill: I'm in no mood for the fans these days, I have no idea who's gotten under my skin more - Rayne or Blayde Archer. I feel no sympathy for what happened to Rayne, he deserved it, but not that way. In all honesty, if I knew things would turn up that way, I would've wanted Rayne to win that title from me so we could continue our... "friendly" rivalry. I might prefer to save the man who stabbed me in the back, than to those who were willing to..."save" me. Trust me Blayde, I never ask for help, and I never need it, especially not from a child like yourself. You want nothing but spotlight and fame, you are nothing more than a fake if you ask me. You will never be a real champion, you will never be the person everyone is glad to see, but that won't phase you, I know. You will never understand what I'm telling you, not until you are all alone and forgotten. Because of people like you I prefer to remain in the dark, unknown and nameless. Bask in your fake glory as long as you can, because on Sunday, I'll make sure that glory of your is written in blood - your blood. Scalp me if you can, because the axe might end up on the wrong head.

[ A train stops and Fill climbs in, as the segment fades to black ]

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