The sit down with Leon Jones

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Wed, Nov01, 2017 8:39pm America/Phoenix
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The sit down with Leon Jones
[The camera opens up showing the WWX logo in the background. The sound stage is set up as two chairs can be seen sitting side by side over a beautiful cherry wood table. The camera pans out slowly as Leon Jones can be seen sitting in one of the chairs. He begins speaking].

Jones: Hello everyone and welcome to the WWX Hall of Pain Pre Show. I am your host for this event Leon Jones. We have been seeing superstars passing through right and left here tonight but it was requested that we have a special sit down with the silent assassin himself, Rayne. We are currently awaiting his arrival and look forward to the interview. 

[Jones sits back in his chair for a moment as Rayne comes onto the set. Wearing a tattered hoodie and torn up jean shorts, he walks in taking a seat as the camera focuses on him for a moment and then pans back out].

Jones: Ladies and Gentlemen, WWX Superstar Rayne!

Rayne: Thanks for having me Leon. It has been quite awhile. 

Jones: It sure has. We have quite a bit of ground to cover with you here tonight. First off, whats your thoughts on pulling double duty at Hall of Pain?

Rayne: As a superstar, we know that we sign up for this kind of thing. It doesn't matter who you are or what position you are in, the chances of things like this happening are pretty frequent. I am more than excited to pull double duty when we move onto here. This is one of my favorite pay per views that we host. I have quite a diverse set of opponents coming into this thing and cannot wait to get into the ring with them and show the world that the man they have been looking for is back. 

Jones: Very well said. Lets start with your tag team match against the reunited team of The Empire. They have had some harsh words going into this thing in regards to you two. However, you and Fill were also reunited just a few months ago, after a bloody and brutal battle with the International title being thrown around. What is your mindset going into this thing?

Rayne: Leon, I have said it, and I have said it, and I will say it again one more time for those in the back. These two don't bother me at all. I have been in the ring with both of them in WWX, beat both of them, and moved on about my day. The two reunited for two different reasons. The first one is so that Pendragon could stay relevant. The man is continuing to try and find new ways to reinvent himself. I know that sitting at home or in his moms basement with Beatrice or wherever he is right now, he is going to say that I too have tried to reinvent myself, and partially he is right. I was trying to find my place in the world. I tried the hero gimmick, I tried the god gimmick, and all of those were good for that time. They were needed to evolve the grand scheme of me. Now, I am back to being who I was. I am the silent assassin. I am the man that comes in and strikes before people even know what hit them. Secondly, Price came back because he needed a paycheck and five minutes of fame. Listening to the guy, it doesn't sound like father time or mother karma have been good to him in any way shape or form. People leaving right and left, trials and tribulations, its all so great to hear. I am glad to see him on his feet and back at it, because I want to be the man to knock him back on his as*. I want to be the one to take him back to that state he left in, and in just a few short hours, I, along with Fill, intend to do that. 

Jones: Speaking of Fill, people are saying that you rejoined with him because you are just trying to put yourself over again. Is there any truth to that?

Rayne: No Leon there isn't. You see, people are scared. People are unsure of what is going to happen because When Worlds Collide is quickly taking over the scene. We are the dominant faction that is running WWX right now. You have Korath going to take the world title picture, Jester with his International Championship, Fill and I are going for the tag team titles, I am participating in the race for the case. All four of us are playing an essential part in this and people don't know how to handle it. Fill and I did what we had to do to make everyone believe that this whole thing fell apart. It never fell apart. After every match, every fight, I would call fill behind the scenes and say im sorry I had to go there. When we got into the ring, we knew it was all business and damnit we left it out there. All people are wanting to do is pit us against each other, create that cloud of doubt, and its not going to work. If we wanted to do it, we could have done it months ago. We are a unit, a brotherhood, and intend on becoming the most known and dominant faction in WWX. 

Jones: Very well. Lets speak on a few of your opponents going into the race for the case match. First off Super Bacon. He has finally taken the time to speak and stated that he respected you, but that he was still going to beat you. He called you a future legend. 

Rayne: *laughs* That's cute. You see, that guy is somewhere out in cloud nine. I would say that he was hanging out with 420 too much, but even those guys are calling him stupid. Heres the deal. Super Bacon needs someone to take him down a few notches, let him know where he belongs. There are five of us in that match that are going to assist him in that measure. There is no doubt in my mind or anyone elses that this guy is going to stand any type of chance in this match. His little "super hero" antics are delusions from getting his as* kicked too many times in school, and now trying to fit in with all the other super hero wanna bes that go out and think that they are doing something big. It wouldn't surprise me to see him walking around with his underwear on the outside of his pants on the way to the ring. This guys a joke. Next.

Jones: The next person that we will speak about is Jake Devine. Devine has been in the conversation as the dark horse in this match. We know that he has been an active behind the scenes persona and that he can wrestle very well when challenged. What are your thoughts? 

[Rayne lets out a deep sigh and leans back in his chair].

Rayne: Simply put, Devine is lost. Devine was me before I came back last time. The man lost a few key matches that should have defined his legacy, and now is sitting in the dark trying to figure his way out. I have been there. I know how that feels. The fact that he continues to try and make an impression is stunning to me. I thought by now he would take the time that he needs, get refocused, and come back stronger. I don't know how he ended up in this match, but I can only hope that he comes out and performs at his best. Is he going to take the case? No. Is he the dark horse? I think so. But no less, he is not going to out perform me. Tonight is my night, and I intend to show everyone just that. 

Jones: Lets move onto another one that has been very critical of you, Kurtis Ray. Being a former world champion, Ray has had an issue with you stating that he isn't going to do anything in this match. Being a strong competitor and one that many think may pull this victory off, what do you think the key to victory against him is?

Rayne: *Laughs* the key to victory is the Rayne Drop DDT. The key to victory is ascending the ladder, grabbing the case, and leaving my opponents in the dust. Kurtis Ray is like that punk bully kid that you meet in high school. He is the guy that could be the high school quarterback, but instead feels that he needs to be a rebel and smokes underage outside and walks away like the principal didn't catch him. The little misfit has taken to being a hoodrat and painting things on walls like a juvenile. Do you really think I am scared of him? Do you really think I consider him a threat? He WAS a world champion. At this point, that feels like many moons ago. The guy has fallen off and is looking for a way to remain relevant. He has tried and tried to do this thing and now feels this is the match that he is going to stick his nose in. That's fine. Ill kick the thing clean through his brain and leaving him lying. He can paint all the signs he wants on walls, tell everyone how great he is while he drinks himself into oblivion, but at the end of the day, he will never achieve the greatness that he used to have. I used to have respect for the guy. Now all I feel is sorry for him. 

Jones: We move onto the man you face twice in one night, Xavier Pendragon. He had some strong words after your last promo telling everyone that he would be dropping the machine moniker to become simply Xavier Pendragon. What are your thoughts going into two matches in one night with him?

Rayne: My thoughts are I would hate to be the guy that loses twice in one night. You can try all you want to become something better by changing your name, brushing your teeth, changing your lovers, hell, become something greater than yourself. It doesn't matter what the man does. He talks about how he should be the main event *Laughs* You have to have talent for that. Coming out and the best spot you can hit is a hurricarana is not making you main event talent. you have to be good on all aspects. you have to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk. The man can barely walk as it is and lord knows he isn't intelligent enough to carry on a conversation. Hell, his last promo looked like a teenager that just learned the F word. *slow claps* proud of you guy. We have established that you can cuss. Welcome to the big leagues. I could sit here and drop all those same words, but I don't have to. The fact of the matter remains that you aren't going to be around to enjoy this match after I take you out in the tag match. 

Jones: And finally, the one that everyone has been buzzing about, Krimzon Blaze. There is a wager that it may come down to the two of you settling the score with each other that was started long ago. Do you think that is the odds? 

Rayne: Krimzon has depressed me. Since his little singing bit that he did to rival the likes of Michael Jackson, he has been radio silent. Given a performance like that, I cant really say that I blame him. After awhile, people get tired of watching him hash out the same material. It all goes into a simple formula. Sing song or really long phrase to seem deep, proceed with the many accomplishments that he has had, tell everyone that he is going to be the world champion again, finish with *mocking voice* THE KODE OF SILENCE...HAS CHOSEN YOU. Don't believe me? Watch any promo from him for the last six years. Plain and simple, I don't see it being down to me and him. We have some things to clear up with each other absolutely, but at the end of the day I think Kurtis will outlast him. Blaze wants to talk a big game, and before, I know he could back it up. I was there. But this time around it the tables have turned. I have become wiser, more experienced, and ready to do what it takes to get the job done. 

Jones: Before we close, do you have anything else you want to get off your chest?

Rayne: Actually there is. Leon, right now, everyone that is facing me knows that they are in for something they aren't ready for. Listen to all of them talk. They talk about their other opponents first and EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM saves me for last. They want me to pay attention through their speeches and then move onto me. They want me to know that I am the one they are looking for, the one they are targeting. I want you all to know that I hear it. I see it. Im listening. And in just a few short hours, we all walk into Hall of Pain in a mindset our own. After Fill and I take down the tag team of Pendragon and Price, I will move on and secure what is mine, the case above the ring. I will show the world that I have evolved, that I am what I claim to be, and will ensure that I move forward in my legacy. I have been to the top of the mountain, and I intend to put my boots back on and climb again. This is what you wanted, and this is what your getting. No flashy nothing, just regular old me. Gentlemen, be ready. I am coming. And I assure you that none of you are going to stop me. 

[Rayne looks at Jones and gets up from his seat walking away. The camera focuses on Jones]

Jones: Well there you have it folks. Strong words from Rayne as we move towards Hall of Pain. I am Leon Jones for WWX, you all have a good night and see you at Hall of Pain. 

[The camera flashes the WWX logo and fades to black].

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