The smaller they all, the farther out they get thrown.

On Fri, Jan05, 2018 8:12pm America/Phoenix
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The smaller they all, the farther out they get thrown.
There he is, the newest sensation on the "hit parade," West Virginia Mountaineer.  He's standing in a ring, in an empty Frank Erwin Center.  The camera is zoomed in tight enough to see only from the chest up on the WWX star.  Holding a microphone with an "MSN" on it for "Mountaineer Sports Network," the currently undefeated newcomer is ready to speak. 

West Virginia Mountaineer:  The hours tick down, closer and close, and West Virginia Mountaineer is about to debut on a huge pay-per-view type situation, baby. For the first time ever, the Mountain State Madman himself gets to put on display all that is great about the Three-Oh-Four.  It'll be a battle royal of epic proportions, but West Virginia Mountaineer has to just say this:  are the people in WWX scared of West Virginia Mountaineer?  

Mountaineer shrugs, confident in his opinion of "yes" but not just yet being able to show that physically.  

West Virginia Mountaineer:  When the man from the Mountain Mama, the Country Roads Take Me Home, looked at the background of the people he'd face, West Virginia Mountaineer had to shake his head and chuckle.  Every wrestler is smaller than West Virginia Mountaineer.  Wow, baby!  

Mountaineer feigns a shocked face. 

West Virginia Mountaineer:  What are you doing?  Can't you find someone big or bad enough to take down West Virginia Mountaineer toe-to-toe?  You have to put 5 or 6 or 7 people together in a match to kill West Virginia Mountaineer's wind, huh?  To make West Virginia Mountaineer run back and forth, to and fro, corner to corner, and give those teenie and tiny opponents a chance to outshine the big man, baby?  

Mountaineer puts his hand on his forehead.  A facepalm of sorts.  He continues. 

West Virginia Mountaineer:  I've got the perfect plan for any of you speedy mice, speedy road runner types in this match that want to thing you can out run the ol' Mountaineer and nothing gonna be done to you.  Maybe West Virginia Mountaineer will just leave all of you in heaps of bloody, pulp messes and lose on purpose, just knowing the damage done for the Television Champion to have easy times with.  

Mountaineer drops his hand from his forehead and points at the camera, as if he's pointing to all his opponents. 

West Virginia Mountaineer:  You want to jump around like a crazy bean or like you had 45 coffees, that's you, baby!  West Virginia Mountaineer is gonna drop you all like bad habits.  You hear?  Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom and Bam!  Six clusters of losers with West Virginia Mountaineer, yours truly, hand raised ready to be the next Television Champion.  

Mountaineer nods. He then continues, with his hand on his hip now. 

West Virginia Mountaineer:  I  mean, Titus and Death-man, I've put them in some dire straits.  Baby, they should be talkin' around to the others in this match.  Valentine's and Montoya's.  Price's and Kaylee-girls.  They all need to talk, whatever there name may be, and think about doing something special for themselves.  Because West Virginia Mountaineer has something special to really offer them.  Each person that decides to avoid the travesty of destruction West Virginia Mountaineer is walking to the ring and bringing with him, each person that doesn't wrestle that night, I'll make sure you have a 30 pack of very cold blue cans of All-American adult beverage!  That's right, don't walk to the ring and enjoy quite the New Year's special gift.  Otherwise, can you face the trip to purgatory?  

Mountaineer laughs.  

West Virginia Mountaineer:  Let's go!

Fade out. 

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