The special enforcer

Roleplay Roleplay by AIREN FROST
On Wed, Aug08, 2018 5:10am America/Phoenix
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The special enforcer
[We fade in to a large, oversized metal tin bathtub filled to the brim with ice cubes and water. A pale figure with thick body hair and wearing only white gym shorts. inhales a deep breathe then clenches his fists as he splashes both bare feet into the frozen water without hesitation. A grimacing grin spreads as the girth of the big man sinks down splashing ice out from the sides of the large oval tin tub, his clinched eyelids slowly open to show relaxed aqua blue eves peering into the camera.]

FROST: "Congratulations are in order. Kurtis Ray did what very few have been able to do by toppling this Arctic Giant and only took, what? Four Hyper Drivers and a distraction from Tommy Lipton to save you from the Frost bite you felt from this Ice Mountain of a beast on Ravage. But hey, no excuses. You got the job done this time around but I can promise you that the end result will be very much the same as the outcome we witnessed on Ravage, with you left laying motionless in a twisted wreck and broken heap of humanity, staring up at the ceiling lights and wondering what derailed the Hype Train of the Championship track.”

[Steam rises off the head and upper torso of Frost who remains calm, cool, collected and in control as he continues on without missing a beat.]

FROST: "Syndicate. I have listened to your words and you are an angry little broken record that is stuck on repeat. The human equivalent of a sad country song that everyone is tired of hearing from an entitled spoiled brat who cannot accept the fact that the WWX Universe no longer revolves around YOUR massive ego, that the lone wanderer is not always the center of attention every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month, of every year.”

[Airen Frost cups his hands together and scoops up the icy bath water. He shuts both eyes then pours the frozen cubes over his white flat top mohawk, splashing down his backside. Frost opens his eyes and smiles confidently into the camera.]

“Who wants to falsely view himself as either the World champion or the forever number one contender. You seem to be that annoying, persistent, insistent squeaky voice that will bitch, whine, moan and complain each and every time you do not get your way like the crybaby that you consistently prove yourself to be when you don't get your way. You wear your emotions. You show your anger, resentment, contempt and jealousy as if it were a badge of honor. Yeah, you were here five years and are a six time champion. We get it already but if you expect everyone to be overwhelmingly impressed with your past resume then you have another thing coming, little boy. None of that mean anything in the here and now. So you have two simple options to choose from now far as I'm concerned Sidney. You can either Man up or bytch out, your choice.”

[Airen Frost leans back,resting both of his massive, thick, tree branch like arms along the brim of the ice tub.]

“Xander Adams. The current reigning, defending World Champion. You are a talented, pompous, egotistical prick however, unlike Syndicate at least you know this and recognize it. Mr. Showtime earned the right to be named as the first ever two time World Series winner and shocked the WWX Universe by reclaiming the World Championship that you have shown zero respect for since your recent return to the squared circle. So much for ring rust huh?”

(He chuckled)

“Then you have me, Airen Frost. The Polar Bear. The Arctic GIANT. The Gladiator from the Glaciers of the Great Antarctic. The LARGEST Athlete in Wrestling and the BIGGEST Threat in Sports Entertainment, period. The TRUE #1 Contender and your soon to be World Champion as the deciding factor by donning the zebra stripes during your highly anticipated two out of three falls main event match at Fury as your special guest referee. Which means that your fate? Rests in my hands.. Now I could be the type of special guest referee that Sydney Irvine has been in the past, that screws others over to get what he wants, pretending to wear a white hat while doing it.”

“This is not a threat, so consider it a warning. You both are on the proverbial thin ice with me so my simple suggestion to the two of you is this.. Tread lightly because one wrong move and this seven foot two inch, five hundred plus pound alpha predator will eat you alive inside that ring. So. With that said, boys, I expect a good, clean, fair fight and may the best MAN win.”

[Airen Frost gave the camera a playful wink with smiling eyes into the camera while he dips under and his head disappears into the icy bath leaving a trail of air bubbles floating up to the cold water surface as we fade to black.]

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