The Spotlight Remains

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Mon, Nov27, 2017 7:29pm America/Phoenix
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The Spotlight Remains


*Static crackles on-screen before giving way to a shot of a singular spotlight shining down from overhead.  The spotlight, made up of bright white light, shines down on a gray tile floor.  The area around the light consists of nothing but pure darkness.*


*Soft footsteps can be heard in the distance, becoming louder with each passing moment.  Soon, the dim silhouette of a man can be seen coming towards the light.  A glint of gold comes from the man's left shoulder.*

???: I'm back, bitches.

*The man steps into the light to fully reveal the figure of Syndicate, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.  He is dressed in his usual attire of red leather jacket, gray t-shirt, black denim jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  The Undisputed World title rests on his shoulder, proudly shining in the spotlight.  Syndicate, with a smirk on his face and blonde hair dangling down, speaks again.*

Syndicate: In the words of our general manager, James Ranger, "Mandatory holiday break after this Ravage."  Hmm.  Normally, I'm not one for taking breaks - apparently, Rayne isn't either, for what that's worth - but if I'm being given the chance to eat turkey AND get paid, I'm gonna take it.

*The champ chuckles at his own joke.*

Syndicate: But even then, here we are.  Syndicate is back on, as promised.  And what does he have to discuss, after a short time off?  Well, quite a few things, actually.  Let's start with the thing that surrounds me right now...Darkness.

Syndicate: At Holiday Hell, Darkness will receive his championship rematch.  That much is certain.  What's not certain is who will face him.  It could be me...or Rayne...or Kurtis Ray...or even Xavier Pendragon, if he cashes in Race for the Case.  In our present scenario, if anyone other than me reaches Darkness, he will become World Champion once again.  It will be a cakewalk for him, I am certain of it.  Rayne, Ray, and Xavier would all get slaughtered.

*He smirks.*

Syndicate: But, luckily for us, we won't ever have to see that sort of beatdown, because they won't even get that far.  Darkness, you and I have a score to settle from World Series.  I promised destruction, and while I have brought nothing but that since you took my World title, you are still here, like a little cockroach with its head cut off.  Not if, but WHEN, you and I face off at Holiday Hell, the beatings I have given you since World Series will become nothing to you.  I want to destroy everything you hold near and dear, Darkness - I want to END you like nobody else has been able to do.  You are a disease, a disturbance in the WWX unlike anyone else I've ever faced.  At Holiday Hell, I would like nothing more for Christmas than to see your ass in an ambulance with your career certainly over.

*Syndicate puts his hands in his jacket pockets as he allows himself to calm down.*

Syndicate: But I digress.  Before I fully focus in on Darkness...I have to walk out of Ravage with my championship firmly around my waist.  And who do I have to go through to do that?  Well...apparently Kurtis Ray has decided to come back into my life.

*The smile on Syndicate's face reappears.*

Syndicate: How ya doin', Kurtis, buddy?  I feel as if we haven't talked in so long.  How have you been since I put you in your place way back at Outrage?  Not contending for the World title I guess.  If you don't mind, Kurt, I'd like to go back to our saga of consecutive pay-per-view main events and examine them a bit.

Syndicate: Aftershock 2017.  Syndicate VS Kurtis Ray for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.  You beat me then, Kurtis...that much is factual.  You took what you rightfully won in that match, and you prematurely ended the reign of the Los Angeles Outlaw.  A few days later, I sign on to and promise a career "resurgence", culminating in the recapture of my most prized possession.  At Deadlock, inside Hell in a Cell, I No Signal'd your ass into a mountain of chairs and recemented my place at the top of the WWX.  After that match, you took a page out of my book and changed your attitude, opting for a more aggressive look.  That...didn't work, as your overconfidence got the best of you and you lost the rubber match at Outrage.  I don't believe we've met since.  You see, Kurtis, I shoved your ass back down the ladder after Outrage, and at Ravage, I'm prepared to do the same damn thing.

*He pauses, letting that threat sink in.*

Syndicate: Now, I know what you're gonna say, Kurt.  "That was then, this is now."  "I've vastly improved since then, mentally and physically."  "You don't know what I'm capable of now."  Mmhhmmm.  Same excuses every other guy makes.  There's a difference between you and me, Kurtis, one that Rayne graciously pointed out in his video from last week.  Unlike you, Darkness, I don't lose rematches.  I reinvent myself after every loss, approaching wrestling from a new angle every time.  And every's successful.  I get my spot back.  Yet, when you try to do the same, you inevitably fall just short of continued success.  You failed after Deadlock, and you sure as hell have continued to fail since then.  You were once seen as the future of this company, Kurtis...but those days are long gone.  When we do battle on Ravage once again, you'll see just how far you've fallen.  

*Syndicate adjusts the World title on his left shoulder, ensuring that the spotlight reflects off of it just right.*

Syndicate: And then there's Rayne...oh, Rayne.  It's about time we come face-to-face.  You may not have any problems with me, Rayne, but I do have one problem with you.  It's a problem that plagues this entire industry, in fact.  I'm talking about the dilemma of "waiting" for an opportunity, as you yourself put it in your first video this week.  I have seen many, many people "wait" for an opportunity at the big time.  People get lucky and get thrust into a championship match because of a corrupt general manager.  Guys win Race for the Case and get an easy championship win when they cash in.  Others are just in the right place at the right time and get lucky.  But all of those men eventually fade.  They lose the spotlight within weeks - if not days - of stealing it.  That's you, Rayne.  Right now, you're at a high point in your career.  You're challenging for the World title, something that does not happen often for you, if at all.  I understand your confidence; hell, if you even have a single reservation towards your chances, you'll get ripped to shreds.  Confidence is key, and I respect that.  But I think it's about time you get a bit of a reality check from the Los Angeles Outlaw.

Syndicate: You see, Rayne, unlike you, I don't "wait" for opportunities - I FIGHT for them.  I work ten times harder than anyone else in this company - INCLUDING YOU - to be where I am today.  My drive to succeed has kept me at the top of the ladder for well over a year now, and I can guarantee that if I just "waited" for opportunities to come my way, that wouldn't have happened.  When you wait, you are bound to fail.  That's something that I've observed over the past few years, and that's something that will happen to you this week on Fury.

*He brushes his blonde hair back, which has fallen down in front of his face.*

Syndicate: I have heard numerous men use the same words as you, Rayne.  "You're underestimating me," they've said.  "I won't stop until I get what I want."  Funny thing about all those other men, though: they've all fallen at the feet of Syndicate.  My streak of continued SUCCESS will not, and will NEVER, end just because you've decided it should.  That's because I don't underestimate people.  I never have, and I never will.  Instead, I bring my A-game every single night, and nine times out of ten, that results in a victory for the Outlaw.  Ravage will be no different.  You can call me overconfident, you can call me disrespectful and cocky and any other relevant insult.  But at the end of the night, when all is said and WILL call me UNDISPUTED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.  The spotlight I stand under now isn't moving ANYTIME soon, and certainly not to a man of such "stature" as yourself or Kurtis Ray.  Until Ravage, I hope both of you have absolutely miserable days as you realize what you've truly gotten yourselves into.  Until then, the Syndicate.

*Syndicate chuckles once more and steps out of the spotlight, walking back into the darkness.  As he does this, the feed is once more consumed by static.*



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