The State Of The WWX

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Mar09, 2018 7:41pm America/Phoenix
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The State Of The WWX
*The is a little past seven. The camera comes to life inside the home of WWX superstar Darkness. The camera shifts around showing Darkness laying on a couch. The couch is made of a expensive black leather. As Darkness lays there he begins pondering what has happened over the past few months in the WWX.*

Darkness: The WWX is in a state of disarray right at the moment. The International champion has retired and a tournament has been set into motion to crown a new champion. Not only that but everybody and anybody is getting involved in every match on the card. I don't think there's been but a handful of matches over the past few months that hasn't ad some kind of interference. In my opinion, James Ranger has lost control and at this moment does not know how to reel it back in. Last but not least the WWX is losing viewers every week. I haven't seen this much decline in viewership since the corruption days when the old guard was going against the new guard. I just don't see how the WWX can bounce back from this.

???: You know Sir...

*Darkness sits up on the couch and looks towards the voice. The camera pans around to see Frank, Darkness' family butler, standing in the doorway. Frank is holding a tray with some hot tea on it.*

Frank: The WWX has suffered like this before but managed to come back from it. I say give it some time Sir.

Darkness: The WWX may not have that kind of time. If James Ranger doesn't do something quick to plug the hole in this sinking ship well then it may go down faster than the Titanic. 

Frank: What about the announcement he made on Ravage last night. 

Darkness: Are you talking about the one where he is going to can the WWX Television championship. A championship that throughout my WWX career has never been retired or changed. A championship I have held on three separate occasions. Does Ranger really think this will breathe new life into the division? Does he think threating them will make them up their game? Ranger, this is a division we made famous back when we battled back and forth for the championship. This division doesn't need to be canned but needs a hard kick in the ass.

*Frank makes his way across the room to where Darkness is sitting on the couch. He sits the tray down on the table next to the couch.*

Frank: I was talking more about the announcement about the International championship tournament that you are a part of.

Darkness: Oh that announcement. Ranger throws a tournament out there where the rankings don't matter. This is a blatant slap in the face to me and Kurtis Ray. We both are the top two guys in the division yet in the tournament we have been placed in the bottom. 

Frank: Maybe he is trying to push the younger talent?

Darkness: I never got that kind of push. I started from the bottom and worked my way up. I won the television title first and moved on from there. These kids think they can sign a contract and then come play with the big boys. They think it is going to be all fun and games. I tell you what Kurtis, why don't we show them what it's going to be like. Why don't we show them the pain they will suffer. The agony that they will go through. 

*Darkness takes a sip of the tea and sits the cup back down on the table.*

Frank: Um Sir... Just one problem with that.

Darkness: What would that problem be?

Frank: You and Kurtis are fighting against one another in the first round.

*Darkness slams his fist down hard on to the table causing the table to crack a little bit and the cup of tea to go crashing to the floor.*

Darkness: What the hell is Ranger thinking? Why would he put the two best wrestlers in the tournament against each other in the first round? This would be better suited for the final round. Do what you must Ranger but the WWX universe will suffer but I will climb the ladder once again and become a champion. As for you Kurtis, the revelation is coming and it's coming for you.

*The camera fades as Darkness exits the room leaving Frank to clean up the mess from the spilled teacup.*

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