The Streets

Roleplay Roleplay by GIANT KHOKLOV
On Fri, May26, 2017 3:47pm America/Phoenix
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The Streets
[Giant Khoklov and Vladimir Abakumov are walking down an alleyway, the darkness overpowering the light. They both are in casual wear, well. Kinda. I mean try finding casual wear for a 7'2 giant of a man that weighs 520 lbs.]

[Vladimir Abakumov stops, looking back down the darkness towards the camera. His voice echoing throughout.]

Vladimir Abakumov: A street fight huh?... Funny, Khoklov was raised in the streets of Moscow, Russia. He had no rich upbringing, he was a kid that found the streets a place to be free. A place to be wild.

[Khoklov nods his head in agreement.]

Vladimir Abakumov: He was wild and reckless, however unlike his mates around him he was the top dog of the streets. I mean of course he was, he's Giant Khoklov. No one messed with him or tried stealing his land from him. He was a monster of a kid, and now even more of a monster as a man.

[Abakumov looks up and down his client with pride and honor.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Now on Sunday two more people are going to come along and try and steal the land of the giant. However just like those before him when he was only but a small monster... He will crush them! Destroy them! And break EVERY bone in their puny bodies!

[Vladimir does his signature maniacal laugh as the camera fades to darkness.]

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