The Tenth Leon Jones Interview

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On Thu, Jan04, 2018 12:30pm America/Phoenix
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The Tenth Leon Jones Interview

V/O: The following is a special presentation from  This video is copyrighted by the World Wrestling eXistence for the private use of our audience. Any other use of this video without the WWX's express written consent is prohibited.

*The screen flashes, and the video cuts to the "Leon Jones Room" on the twelfth floor of WWX Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.  The sides of the room are lined with alternating black-and-purple curtains.  The camera faces the main wall of the room, where a large WWX logo hangs.  In the center of the room sits two black leather chairs facing each other with a brown coffee table sitting in-between, on which two glasses of water rest.  The artificial lighting from above bathes the room in a soft glow.*

*From off-camera left, Leon Jones walks in and takes a seat in the left chair.  He is wearing a crisp blue suit with a white button-up underneath along with a black tie.  Leon faces the camera, and with a smile on his face, begins to speak.*

Jones: I'm Leon Jones for  At Hall of Pain, Syndicate was able to overcome the odds and win back the Undisputed World Championship in a brutal House of Horrors match, overcoming Korath, Rex McAllister, Tommy Lipton, and Darkness to do so.  Since then, the Los Angeles Outlaw has been embroiled in one of the most tumultuous two months in recent memory.  He was scheduled to face Darkness in a championship rematch at Holiday Hell, but that changed following a triple-threat match with Kurtis Ray and Rayne for the World title.  The match ended in controversy when Darkness swooped in and helped Syndicate get the win, making sure that Holiday Hell's main event remained stable.  However, as a result, James Ranger made a groundbreaking announcement: Rayne would team up with Super Bacon to face Darkness and Syndicate as part of the James Bourne Invitational.  If Rayne and Bacon won the match, Rayne would be inserted into the Holiday Hell main event.

Jones: That match ended with Super Bacon pinning Darkness, a shocking finish to all who were tuned in that night.  Thus, Rayne had his match.  The next week, Kurtis Ray got his opportunity to join the others at Holiday Hell if he could beat Syndicate.  Syndicate caused an unprecedented amount of "chaos" that night to try and get into Kurtis's head, but to no avail, as Kurtis Ray was able to defeat the five-time World Champion and earn his way to Holiday Hell.  And now, here we sit.  A vulnerable Syndicate, with his back against the wall, will be defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Darkness, Kurtis Ray, and Rayne at Holiday Hell inside the infernal Hell in a Cell.  Today, in our tenth interview together over his acclaimed career, I'll be sitting down with the Los Angeles Outlaw, the Undisputed World Champion, Syndicate.

*From camera-right walks Syndicate himself with a large smile on his face.  He is wearing a black WWX-branded hoodie, blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  With the Undisputed World Championship resting on his left shoulder, Syndicate shakes Leon's hand and sits down in the chair across from him.*

Jones: Thank you for being here, Syndicate.

Syndicate: As usual, the pleasure is all mine.

Jones: This is our tenth interview together over your career.  Have you ever gone back and watched the other nine since they've aired?

*Syndicate chuckles.*

Syndicate: I'm afraid if I did, I wouldn't recognize the person sitting across from you.  Being here in the WWX for four-and-a-half's changed everything about me.  It's changed how I behave, how I speak, how I wrestle, everything.  The WWX gave me my first national spotlight, something that the UWA in Los Angeles just couldn't provide.  It changed me from the cockiest person alive to a man just looking to make a dent in the universe.  The WWX gave me everything it had, Leon, and now, I just want to give back by putting on a show for those fans.  Is that what I wanted back when you first interviewed me?  Hell no!  I just wanted gold!

*The two share a laugh.*

Jones: Let's talk about these past two months for you.  Through thick and thin, you have survived these troublesome times with that World title planted firmly on your shoulder.  In between all the challenges you've faced, I personally found the most memorable moment to be that video you posted on that you titled, "The Truth, Part 2".  In that video, you sat down without the usual brashness and confidence that we're accustomed to and instead, poured your heart out to the camera.  What motivated that display of, well, vulnerability?

*Syndicate pauses, remembering back to that day.*

Syndicate: Every man is vulnerable, Leon.  No matter how much we try to build ourselves up and hide our weaknesses, we all can be taken down.  I am no exception.  I've been beaten numerous times before, and I could very well lose this championship at Holiday Hell.  As Kurtis Ray would point out, he has beaten me.  Multiple times, in fact.  So has Darkness and, in a very indirect way that involved neither him nor me, Rayne even got a W over Syndicate.  Those losses hurt, Leon, as I was trying to put up this facade of the "unbeatable champion" that, frankly, is and never has been true.  I mean, my opponents aren't wrong when they say that to become a five-time World Champion, you have to lose it four times.  So yeah, when I recorded that video, I was a little depressed, a bit downtrodden.  And then, I remembered why I'm here.  Not for myself, as I've said in the past, but for the fans.  The guys that aren't in the ring but desperately want to be.  The kids, sitting in front of their TVs, looking for someone relatable to root for.  The people of this world that just need to be cheered up.  I'm here in the WWX to be a role model and to entertain.  Being World Champion...well, it just makes those two jobs a heck of a lot easier.

*Syndicate takes a sip of water as Jones begins to speak again.*

Jones: As you mentioned, you've lost a lot of matches as of late, and even the ones you've won have been marred by controversy.  Why should anyone take you seriously at Hall of Pain?

Syndicate: That's a fair question, Leon.  Yeah, I've taken a lot of Ls, and that certainly doesn't help my credibility.  But there's one thing that I think defines my career - nay, my life - up to this point, and that's overcoming adversity.  Now, I don't want to get into a dick-measuring contest here with the other guys over who's overcome the MOST adversity, because that's not the point I'm trying to make.  After all, Kurtis Ray has had a pretty messed-up life, and I respect what he's done to get to this point.  But let's look back to my upbringing in Apter.  My dad was a complete and total drunkard, and because of his drinking, we had no money.  My mom was too scared to do anything about it, as he had a habit of abusing her during his "moods".  My older brother, Colt, was working two jobs and was never around.  That left me, a fourteen-year-old eighth-grader, alone without help to fend off my father.  Luckily, I had been part of the school's wrestling program for years up to that point - mom's way of getting Colt and I out of the house - so I had some self-defense background.

*He pauses again, this time beginning to tear up.*

Syndicate: Do you hard it is to physically throw your own father out of his own home?  I don't think anyone really understands the emotional pain goes into that, and considering this is the first time I've ever brought it up, I'm guessing nobody's really thought about it.

*Leon offers Syndicate his handkerchief, which Syndicate accepts.  After wiping away the tears and handing the cloth back, he continues.*

Syndicate: My mom was incredibly mad for a few weeks, but she came around.  So did Colt.  They both understood why I did what I did.  Throwing my dad out of the house was the hardest thing I've ever done, and I could tell Colt, at least, respected me for it.  My point for bringing that up was to show the first, and largest, instance of overcoming hardship in my life.  Since then, I've run away from home, survived living in Los Angeles on my own as a teenager for five years, and everything else that my career has brought me.  The only thing that's allowed me to survive, Leon, is my wrestling ability.  I lean on that more than anything else.  Without that, I wouldn't have a job.  I'd still be stuck in that damn warehouse in LA, stuffing envelopes for a payroll company days and nights in order to get a few bucks.

Syndicate: Since joining the WWX, I've endured losses, but I've come back twice as strong after each one.  Lost to Kurtis Ray at Aftershock, followed it up with a months-long undefeated streak.  Did the same after losing to Darkness at World Series.  I rebound from loss better than anyone else in this business, and THAT is why I am World Heavyweight Champion.  THAT is why I am confident I can come back from this spell of bad luck and win one of the biggest matches of my career.

*Syndicate takes another sip of water.*

Jones: In a few days, you'll step into that Hell in a Cell with three of your fiercest rivals.  What's your strategy?  How do you think you'll win?

Syndicate: Like I always do: survival.  Outlasting my opponents.  The usual stuff.  But this stipulation, this Hell in a excites me.  You see, Leon, I'm no stranger to cages or cells.  I've competed in many a cage match over my career - Infernal Asylum, triple-decker cage, you name it - and I've won most of them.  In fact, I believe that, inside a cage, where there's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, I am at my strongest.  No shenanigans, no red tape, no bullshit.  Just myself and the task at hand.  So that certainly plays into my hands.  Besides know, I've always said that I would have preferred to face Darkness one-on-one, but, I don't mind facing Rayne and Kurtis as well.  I mean, you've seen what I can do in multi-man matches.  Hall of Pain, World Series, and the like.  I don't lose those matches.  So on the biggest stage, inside Hell in a Cell with three other men...I think my chances of winning are pretty good.

Jones: Let's talk about those other men for a brief moment.  Kurtis spent a lot of time talking about the invention of the "Death Ray" during his Japan days, and after that, he accused you of underestimating him.  Your thoughts?

Syndicate: ...Kurtis Ray is the toughest opponent I've ever had to face - I think I can say that for certain.  Sure, I've toppled giants and ended legends, but Kurtis...Kurtis is different.  I respect his work ethic, and I respect his drive to succeed.  I just believe that I can beat him.  I've done it before, and I can do it again.  I'm not underestimating him in the slightest because I know with one Trainwreck lariat, he can knock me out, just like he did last time we faced off.  I just hope he knows I can do the same thing with a singular Original Syn knee to the head.  Kurtis Ray has been on the ascent since I took the World title back from him...but the buck stops here, at my feet, just like it did last time.  His "zone" won't be able to save him from the Los Angeles Outlaw, I'm afraid.

Jones: And what about Rayne?

Syndicate: Rayne is the same way.  He's on the ascent for the first time in his career.  He's challenging for the belt, he's in the main event scene, it's all a very big deal for him.  I don't care, though, because it's my job to take him down.  It's my job to bring down the up-and-comers - if you can call Rayne that - in order to keep the World title over my shoulder.  I plan on executing that job to the fullest come Holiday Hell.

Jones: Finally, we come to Darkness, your original challenger.

Syndicate: I don't know if you've noticed, Leon, but Darkness hasn't said a word yet.  Not one.  I guess he's too deep in his own fantasy world to notice anything else around him.  Darkness, if you CAN hear me, just know that I'll be waiting for you at Holiday Hell with open arms...followed by a No Signal to take you out of the match.  Just like Rayne doesn't belong here, you don't either, and if it wasn't for your contractually-obligated rematch, you would have been left in the dust months ago.  But, since you're here, I guess I'll have to take you out the hard way, as I always do.

Jones: Well, that just about wraps it up.  Thank you once again, Syndicate, for sitting down with me here today.

Syndicate: Again, it's my pleasure.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a flight to catch.

*The two shake hands, and Syndicate exits to the right.  Leon Jones, smiling, looks at the camera.*

Jones: For, I'm Leon Jones.  Have a good night.

*The WWX flashes on-screen before fading to black.*

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