The Third Floor

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Wed, Nov01, 2017 6:18pm America/Phoenix
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The Third Floor
The camera comes to life to the sounds of a creaking rocking chair. The camera man is on the first floor of the same old dilapidated house. The camera pans around the room coming across four pictures of Rex McAllister, Tommy Lipton, Syndicate, and Korath. The camera roams around the room some more and comes across a stair way leading to the second floor. As the camera man begins to head up to the second floor he begins to hear a voice.

"Hall of Pain... The horror begins." the voice says.

"I don't know if I like this." mumbles the camera man.

The camera man continues up the stairs until he makes it to the second floor. He looks around the dust covered room. As he scans the room the voice echoes out again.

"The horror will cover you all." says the voice.

"I tell you I'm not liking this one bit." utters the camera man. "I hope they get somebody else to cover the match."

The camera man heads back up the stairs heading to the third floor. The sounds of the rocking chair get louder. As the camera man makes it up the stairs he peers over the banister and sees Darkness rocking in the rocking chair.

"I see you made it." Darkness says as the camera man slowly makes his way into the room. "Welcome to the House of Horrors."

"The.. The house of horrors?" questions the camera man.

"Only  for a select few will it be the house of horrors. One will be buried alive outside the house and the others will ascend into my house. It doesn't matter who makes it, you all will see the horror of the house." Darkness says.

"See the horrors..." says the camera man as he gulps.

Darkness gets up out of the rocking chair and slowly walks over to the window.

"Yes the horrors. You see somebody will be buried alive right out there in that hole." utters Darkness as he peers out the window. "Somebody will be put into that hole, then dirt will be shoveled upon them and there will be no escape."

"Wouldn't that be bad?" asks the camera man.

"Not as bad as the ones that make it into the house. The pain and suffering that they will endure will be more than they have ever felt before. Rex, Tommy, Korath, and Syndicate... Hall of Pain will be brutal for which ever one of you makes it to the third floor." Darkness says.

"What if you don't make it to the third floor?" the camera man asks.

Darkness turns and stares a hole in the camera man.

"Come here." requests Darkness in a slightly irritated tone.

The camera man slowly and nervously walks over to Darkness. Darkness grabs him and turns him towards the window.

"I will be the last man standing on this third floor and do you know why?" Darkness asks as the camera man squirms in his arms.

"" the camera man says in a quivering voice.

"Let me show you." responds Darkness.

Darkness pushes the camera man through the window and lets go. 


The camera man hits the pile of dirt left over from Darkness' digging. The camera lands on the ground and points straight up towards the window. Darkness can be seen standing in the broken window staring down with a wicked smirk on his face as the camera goes black.

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