The Time Has Come For The WWX To...

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Tue, May09, 2017 5:15am America/Phoenix
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The Time Has Come For The WWX To...
The time has come for the WWX to...

[The camera comes to life inside Darkness' home in South Carolina. The sky is slightly over cast and a slight drizzle has begun to fall out side. Darkness sits in a black leather chair located in the corner of his study. He has been sitting there for days now only leaving the chair for the occasional bathroom break and to sleep what little bit he has slept. Just as the camera goes to focus in on Darkness, his butler walks in.]

Frank: Sir, Ravage officials have informed me that you have been entered into the Crusade Cup and your first match is this Friday against Willie Steen.

Darkness: .....

[Darkness doesn't answer as he stares off into space. The look on his face says it all.]

Frank: Sir, You have to snap out of this. You have been in here for days. It is time for you to begin to prepare for Ravage.

Darkness: ..... 

[Darkness turns his head slowly towards his butler.]

Darkness: What should I prepare for Frank? A chance to win the Crusade Cup? A chance for a shot at a title I have already won three times before. Why do I want that title when the thing I wanted the most has slipped through my fingers once again.

Frank: But Sir, you are under contract. If you no show another event the WWX Board of Directors will have no choice but to fire you.

[Darkness lets out a slight sinister chuckle.]

Darkness: Do you think I am worried about what the Board of Directors will do to me Frank. I have had worse done. I have a two inch scar on my back from a match with DGS. I think you need to rephrase what you just said. 

Frank: What do you mean Sir?

Darkness: It isn't me who needs to worry about what the Board will do but it is the Board of Directors that need to worry about what I am going to do. 

Frank: But Sir, you have been down that road before. You were lost when she found you.

Darkness: I know Frank but she isn't here anymore. There's nothing that will change my mind. 

[Darkness begins flipping through a book of some sorts. Darkness stops on a certain page and slowly taps his finger on that page.]

Frank: Sir, you can't be serious.

Darkness: The time has come for the WWx to sink back down into the abyss of darkness and it will all start with you Willie Steen and will continue until I get what was taken from me by Tanno.

Frank: What is that Sir?

Darkness: James Ranger... you can hide in the shadows Ranger but the shadows are no more than an extension of myself and I will grasp hold and drag you down into the abyss along with anybody else that tries to stop me.

[Camera fades to black]

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