The Time Is Now

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Fri, Feb16, 2018 12:27am America/Phoenix
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The Time Is Now
The scene begins backstage in Oakland at the Oracle Arena, the place of the live WWX Paperview event, Aftershock. Camera can be panning through all areas of the backstage, as we the viewers are getting a glimpse of everything that goes into making a live WWX event of any kind great. You can see the fans with their backstage passes posing for pictures with various WWX superstars, along with different stylists from hair & makeup, curtain jerkers, the cue men, etc. Cameras go further back toward the superstar locker room area where others are preparing for their matches still to come. Soon cameras reach the locker room of Rex McAllister. The camera man knocks once, then enters. We do in fact find Rex McAllister gearing up in preparation for his match that is coming up soon. In full in-ring attire, Rex, curses under his breath about the idea of being interrupted during the late stages of preparation.

Rex grabs a bottle of water he had sat down near by, and picks it up to get a drink. He consumes the contents, and then walks away from the main camera a few steps to wipe the perspiration from his face with a nearby towel hanging on the towel rack. Even from behind, it's clear in his body language that he's annoyed to have cameras in his space before his big match.

Rex McAllister: I'm gonna make this quick, real quick in fact! You see, I'm going to cut out all the mind games, and be as candid as I know how. 

Rex pauses. He runs his right hand through his bleached blonde hair before continuing.

Rex McAllister: This week. It's the only one that will count when all the dust has cleared. You can throw out all the bullshit and go beat someone's ass! 

Rex scoffs at the thought, then has a small chuckle to himself.

Rex McAllister: So far, this week? I'm having a regular fricken ball with you, Xavier Pendragon! The champ has very little to say, and to no ones surprise, certainly not mine, he's showing exactly why they termed the saying that it's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. You start out this week by proclaiming that "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon has returned, like it's this big world changing announcement, when the real question that probably came up after claiming that was, where was he all along? Which would only confirm what I had already been saying about showing up at events for a few cheap pops as you were holding up a title that you don't deserve to be holding.

Rex shakes his head in disgust, the foulest of tastes in his mouth at the thought of waiting to administer the beating that he plans on once he's in the ring.

Rex McAllister: You talk about earning it. So amusing to hear such words come out of the mouth of a man who cashed in on a tired and exasperated opponent after a long grueling match made in hell, and then call's himself a fighting champion to someone like me who went through weeks of his own hell just to EARN the number one contendership to that Undisputed Title that you hold. 

Rex looks into the camera full of pent up anger, waiting to be unleashed.

Rex McAllister: You talk about me holding people down, but let's be real. It's not about that, really, is it? This is about you, Xavier. You and your precious fragile little Kingdom being ripped to shreds so soon before you can even enjoy the throne that you sit upon. News flash, champ! You don't get what you want, no so easily. When you're on this level, you're always going to be put to the test. There are no weeks off! Yet, you've taken plenty since winning that strap, and in the process confirming what everyone already knows, and that's that you were never going to be anything more than a stick in the mud. I went a whole year in the tag team division before I saw another World title shot. I showed my value in more ways than one, and EARNED MY WAY BACK HERE! During that time, as I stayed out of the limelight, this allowed others to prosper and grow into bigger stars. I helped a sinking division thrive when I was in the tag team scene, whereas you almost killed it!

Rex looks into the camera, still filled with anger and venom.

Rex McAllister: I'm holding the WWX back? Keeping less seasoned stars from growing and evolving? No. They're doing that themselves by not putting in the proper dedication, preparation, and time to their craft to get where I'm at! You may have done great things in the past, but in a "what have you done for me lately" business, it's not what you've done, but what you will do continuously that everyone even cares about! 

Rex smirks, before returning to a serious look again.

Rex McAllister: You can train all you'd like for as long as you'd like, we all do or else we wouldn't be here ready to go to war, ready to kill each other just to walk out with the most prestigious prize in this business! You can call it overconfidence that I believe I'm going to walk out with that belt. You can say I have an over-inflated ego that rubs people the wrong way, and I won't even disagree with you, not a flinch out of me. But when you sit back there behind a camera and try to build yourself up on some pedestal by throwing out ridiculous slander to push your little narrative, making excuses for the predicament you're in, all you've done is prove everyone right when I say to you what everyone else already thinks anyways. Giving further demonstration for all those watching as to why fate has other plans for you, and at Aftershock yours will be decided once and for all!

Rex takes a moment to pause, shaking his head once again.

Rex McAllister: Tommy Lipton. My old running mate. You know, Tommy, I'm going to keep it short with you, because for weeks on end I spoke at length with you about who I am, and what my value is to this company by comparison to what yours was back then and now, and...

Rex throws his arms up, almost as if to say "he gives up". 

Rex McAllister: ...for weeks it was like talking to a |BLEEP|ing wall! You're as stubborn as they come, but so am I. I'm not going to waste my words with you, Lipton, I'm just going to show you what you wanted to take away from me, what everyone wanted to take away from me, and that's that I rightfully deserved to be here all along, that I deserve to be the one that leads this era of wrestling into the future. You may not be too old. You may not be, but you won't be around forever, and you certainly won't outlast me! You WERE Mr. WWX, today I AM MR. WWX! THE REX MASTER! THE HEIR OF REXCELLENCE! AND SOON TO BE THE NEW UNDISPUTED CHAMPION OF THE WWX, NOW, AND WELL INTO THE FUTURE!

Rex defiantly glares into the camera.

Rex McAllister: I...guarantee it. Now that...was...REXCELLENT!

Rex, with intensity in his eyes, shoves the camera away and walks out of the shot and out the locker room door as the scene fades.



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