The Truth, Part 2

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On Wed, Dec13, 2017 3:29pm America/Phoenix
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The Truth, Part 2


*Static rips across the screen, after which the screen cuts to the inside of one of the American Airlines Center's locker rooms.  The room, which is dimly lit, features lockers on two sides of the room with a whiteboard on the wall between them.  The whiteboard currently reads "WELCOME WWX SUPERSTARS" in big violet letters.  The lockers themselves are empty with the exception of one, which is filled with a black Adidas duffel bag, a blood-red leather jacket on a hook, and what appears to be the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship on the top shelf.*

*Front and center in the room sits Syndicate, the World Champion.  He sits on a padded folding chair - one of the many chairs provided by the arena for this space.  To his left stands a brown folding table that is currently holding up a partially-drained Dasani water table as well as Syndicate's LG G4 smartphone.  Syndicate currently sits facing the camera with his head buried in his hands.  He speaks softly, as though he feels pain with every word.*

Syndicate: Eight months ago, I found myself at a dead end.  I was about to face off against Kurtis Ray at Deadlock.  The World title was on the line inside Hell in a Cell.  My "resurgence" was nearing its conclusion.  But yet...I felt defeated.  As if I had nothing left to there was nowhere else to go.

*He glances up at the camera.  His eyes are noticeably bloodshot.*

Syndicate: On a quiet Thursday night, right before the big event, I sat down in a chair backstage at the United Center, and I spilled my heart out.  I told what I believed to be the truth about me and what I was feeling.  I was honest with myself, and I was honest with the rest of the world.  Now, here I sit again, at the same point with the same opponent.

*Syndicate sighs as his hands slightly shake.*

Syndicate: Kurtis, I can once again proclaim that you are the toughest competitor I've ever had to face.  Hat's off to you, my friend.  You have, for the second time, pushed me to the breaking point.  Nobody else has done it even once, and that's very much a commendable act.  You have BROKEN me, Kurtis.  Just like you've always wanted.

*A small smile escapes onto Syndicate's face, but it quickly disappears.*

Syndicate: The WWX has always been a place where I feel comfortable being myself.  Sure, I come off as a cocky son of a bitch sometimes, and I fully embrace that side of me.  After all, I'm not sure you can be as decorated as I am without being at least a little full of yourself.  But, from time to time, I'm able to show the polite, gracious, humble side of myself that doesn't convey well on television.  This is one of those times.

*Syndicate looks back over his shoulder and points to the World Championship sitting in his locker.*

Syndicate: You know why I want to be World Champion so badly?  Because of the increased paycheck?  The merchandise?  The global recognition?  The GLORY of holding gold in your hands?  No.  None of that.  What I really wake up for and the future.  A future that, as World Champion, I have a stake in.

*He chuckles, displaying humor that this video has sorely lacked so far.*

Syndicate: My favorite moment of my WWX career didn't happen in or anywhere near a wrestling ring.  It was after a WWX house show in Chattanooga, Tennessee, just thirty miles away from my real hometown of Apter.  The show just ended, and I was leaving the arena and going out to my car when I heard a voice yell out, "Sydney!"  I turned around, and there was my old high school wrestling coach, Coach Russell.  This man was my mentor...he taught me more life lessons than I can count.  He made me into the great athlete that I am today.  So I give Coach a big hug, and there's some small talk.  After a while, I ask him, "How's the team doing these days?"  And Coach responds, "Well, they just won the state title!"  I immediately congratulated him on a job well done, but then he said, "Well, Sydney, they didn't do well because of me.  They did well because of you."

*Syndicate starts to tear up.  He takes a break from telling his story, reaches over to his water bottle, and takes a swig.  After replacing the cap and setting the bottle down, he continues.*

Syndicate: I ask him, "What do you mean?" Coach says, "These boys have been watching you since you first started in LA.  You were a kid in a big town with nothing but a love for wrestling.  A lot of my guys could relate to that, being alone.  The year after you started wrestling for the UWA, we saw a passion in our wrestling that wasn't there before.  And the best part is that passion hasn't gone away."  He patted me on the back and said, "My guys love you, Sydney!  They wanna be just like you, they wanna do what you do every week on TV."

*He takes a moment, pausing to collect his thoughts.*

Syndicate: Coach Russell reminded me that night that I do have a purpose in this world.  I go in that ring and come out a damaged man each and every week, as does every other performer in this company.  I put more effort and enthusiasm into my craft than any other wrestler in the WWX, and for that, I am rewarded with the World Championship.  But that reward comes with a price.  It comes with pain, it comes with constant loathing from your peers, and most of all, it comes with a muddled purpose to continue being the champion.  I thought it was for the glory.  I thought it was for the respect and the admiration.  None of that ever materialized for me...because none of that is why I truly do what I do.

*Syndicate takes his head out of his hands and fully faces the camera for the first time tonight.*

Syndicate: I'm here in the WWX for Coach Russell.  I'm here for the boys in Apter, trying to find their own purposes in life.  I'm here for the autograph signings and the meet-and-greets.  The work I do in the squared circle isn't for me, even though it sometimes does come off as such.  It's for the future.  It's for making a difference in the lives of others.  If one person in a crowd of thousands goes home inspired by my dedication and hard work, then I've done my job.  The World Championship isn't just an accomplishment; it's a beacon of hope.

Syndicate: Like you, Kurtis, I didn't come from much.  I had to earn everything that I've ever had, as have you.  We've both sacrificed a lot to get here.  But I cannot let you interfere with my life any longer.  You know that I can beat you.  You know that I have the ability to keep you from a World title match, and you know that it might just happen.  When I'm at my best - and yes, I am at my best right now - I'm capable of anything...and that includes defeating you.

*He leans back in his chair, now emotionally calmed down from before.*

Syndicate: I'm fighting for them, the fans.  I'm fighting because I have to, because I can't let them down.  They've been there in my toughest moments, they've seen me grow from a newbie to a champion.  They KNOW me, Kurtis.  And I can't fail them.  I can't fail them.  I can't fail Apter, I can't fail Coach, and I can't fail myself.

*That steely, slightly-crazed look comes back.*

Syndicate: I won't fail.  Because my name is Sydney Maxwell Irvine, I am the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, and it is MY JOB to make sure that Kurtis Ray NEVER takes away my livelihood, my PASSION.  That's the truth, Kurtis...and sometimes, the truth hurts. the Syndicate.

*Syndicate stands up and walks back to his locker.  As he rummages through his duffel bag, static slowly overtakes the shot.*



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