The Wannabe

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Wed, May10, 2017 5:43am America/Phoenix
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The Wannabe
[Tom Black is stood outside of a sushi bar, he is just relaxing, he notices the camera and walks towards it.]

Tom Black: Hello WWX, the first question in your mind right now, is: why is the Dark One at a sushi bar? Well I ask the same question about Glorious Gaijin. He speaks Japanese and he obviously is in a way, obsessed, with the Japanese, I find this very strange. He hasn't told anyone where he's from yet he loves Asians, it's mind boggling. But, I am obsessed with something too, bringing the tag team champions down.

[He twitches his neck.]

Tom Black: glorious Gaijin, you are but a stepping stone in my career, you are part of my plan to my dark reign. You should take this as a compliment. Tom Black, chooses YOU, of all people to destroy. If you stand in my way, bad things are going to happen. Once I deal with my main enemy, who you probably all know, I will come for you. that is, if you get in my way...

[His neck twitches once again.]

Tom Black: You see, me and Bishop Polaris are the most unlikely partners to win the tag team champions, he has told me there needs to be a balance between the dark, and the light. I don't necessarily believe this, but I think if anyone would be my "Balanced" tag team partner, I have grown to know that it would be Bishop Polaris. At first I hated him, and don't get me wrong, I don't really gt along with him, but now I have seen the big picture, the Tag Team Titles, me and my partner are going to kick some ass.

[Tom Black hasn't noticed yet, but there is now a mildly sized crowd surrounding him as he makes his speech.]

Tom Black: It doesn't matter where I go, or what I think, I am the Dark One, you are not! And I will prevail. No matter if it's Tommy Lipton, Rex Mcallister, Happy Fun Time, 420, or Sophisticated Army. Me and Polaris will get the tag team titles. So, this sushi establishment, is a place where I can ask people about Gaijin. Funnily enough, nobody knew who he was, so this damn journey, was for nothing!

[He is now yelling at the top of his voice,]

Tom Black: This Sunday, I will destroy the "Superhero", and the Asian wannabe, and then, next week, I will capture the tag team championships, cementing my place in history, as the one who crushed his enemy's, won the title, an became the greatest tag champion in history! I have a lot of plans for my WWX career and they will be achieved or bad things are going to happen. Dark things. Black Things.

[He is furiously twitching now. He looks down his Sushi]

Tom Black: What even is this crap anyway?

[He throws it on the floor. Then he takes some bacon out of the bag as well. Looking in disgust, he heavily lobs it at the floor.]

Tom Black: This Sunday, you will feel the power of The Dark One. You will enter the black hole.

[He looks down at the food as if it was some sort of parasite, and stomps on it, and walks off in disgust.]

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