The X-Factor

Roleplay Roleplay by TERRY JACKSON
On Sat, Dec14, 2013 12:27pm America/Phoenix
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The X-Factor
TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Terry "TJ" Jackson and rumors have been circling as to who Lu'Andre Xavier is teaming up with on Fury.

Suddenly, a mysterious man walks up. His face completely covered, the mystery man starts to walk past when TJ stops him.

TJ: Excuse me sir. Do you happen to know who Lu'Andre on Fury?

???: I am not permitted to disclose that information.

TJ: But you're obviously a WWX superstar. Why can't you tell me?

???: Because it is not the right time to reveal myself.

TJ: You do know that the Interim GM-

???: I know what the Interim GM said. He will know who I am in due time.

TJ: But when will you reveal yourself?

???: When it is time for the tag match to begin.

TJ: But-

???: Everyone will know who I am in due time. Now if you will excuse me, I must be on my way. My tag team partner and I have some training to do.

The mystery man walks away as TJ stands there, looking dumbofunded and counfused

scene fades

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